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A one second gratitude quote is like taking a med for instant peace*. It’s more meditation than medication, but the idea is the same-gratitude diminishes pain and gives us a chance to live the best life possible. Before we get to our quotes (and your meds!), let’s talk a little bit about what gratitude can do for us.

The Magic of Gratitude

With gratitude comes acceptance. When we accept life as it is, we are more likely to accept ourselves as we are. Self-acceptance brings acceptance of others and increases the love in your life. When you appreciate what you have, you’ll tend to get more opportunities. Who would you rather be around-someone who complains or someone who is thankful? Connection, abundance, and serenity can be yours in a second or less. Anytime you need a dose, just come to this page for your meds (meditations, that is).

Love, prosperity, and peace. These are just some of the things we’ll gather together on our one second journeys. Are you ready for some instant grati-tude-ification?


Detail from Peace and Prosperity (1896), Elihu Vedder

One Second Gratitude Quotes

“Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.” -Author Unknown

Gratitude is the gift of gifts.

ABC’s: For each letter of the alphabet, say something you’re grateful for. (if you’re like me, you’ll fall asleep before you get to Zzzz).

Write something you are grateful for on the calendar every day…in one second or less!

At any moment, we can choose fear or love. Choose.

Now choose again!

Confusion is a gift from the Cosmos, blocking us from making a decision at the wrong time.

“God gave us the gift of memory so we might have roses in December.” -James M. Barrie

What if every day in your future was filled with the things you do today? What would you do?

What if this day was yours?

Now that the day is over, I can take a moment to thank this life for bringing me to life.

You can check this page periodically for updates with more One Second Gratitude Quotes. And remember…anytime you want to feel better, you are just a second away!

*Please consult with your physician regarding all health concerns.

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