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Thank you for visiting my psychic art gallery. In my experience, channeled art can be created while in a state of self-hypnosis, meditation, or following a precognitive dream. I was trained by Bay Area artists Chester Arnold and Mark Perlman and minored in Fine Arts at Sonoma State University.

Creating one of my first paintings. Age 3, Philadelphia, PA

Some pieces have been sold or donated, but others are still available as signed, limited edition prints or originals. More art is displayed on my blog. Many of the paintings below were displayed for one year in a group showing at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood, CA.

*A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Climate Crisis Causes

Painting Channeled Portraits on the Set of Zodiac Girls

Psychic Art Gallery: Portraits, Landscapes & Future Structures Channeled with Hypnosis

Psychic Art Surrealist Portraits

These portraits were channeled by putting myself into a state of self-hypnosis, making a sketch without planning, and not removing my pencil from the canvas until the last part of the sketch meets the first. So each of these paintings started as a monolinear sketch, then the lines were filled in with colour.

Impressionist Portraits

Afterlife Portraits

Afterlife portraits are compiled from a description and (if available) photos of your loved ones. Those who have crossed over can be featured in the portrait with those who are here. Surrealist elements can be added, such as in the portrait of Emma with her husband, Tom, an artist who passed some years before I was commissioned to make this portrait.

Precognitive Dreams

The following are from dreams that had precognitive elements, already came true, or both.



Historical Buildings & Structures of the Future


Faeries & Sci-Fi Fantasy Art


Still Life Paintings

Celtic Knots (2009)

Please check back periodically for more psychic art.

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