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Forgive Your Soul Mate

When you feel that someone is your soul mate and they’ve done something you disagree with, it’s hard not to blame them for disappointing you. For instance, you’ve agreed to be in a committed relationship, but 6 months later he accepts a job offer in another city. Your relationship is suddenly up in the air.

Past Lives

Here is the English translation of Kyra’s interview in the May, 2015 Edition of Priekavos Magazine in Lithuania: What is past life regression in simple words?  All of us have lived before we were born, but as other people. Think of the birthday candle that you try to blow out, but the flame just keeps

How Can I Find the Best Psychic?

If you’re looking for the best psychic, the answer can vary from person to person. Sometimes it depends on the connection you feel when you’re talking to someone. You may find that there is more than one effective psychic out there for you. Perhaps one psychic serves you well for a certain period of your

Pet Psychics: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Help for Your Pet

Pet Psychics: How to Find the Best One for You Pet Psychics are an intuitive who reads pets and animals, both living and those on the Other Side. The best pet psychic for you will be someone who can tune into your loved one and accurately describe something about them, whether it’s something in the present

Let it Snow: Family Expectations, Holiday Meditations

Today’s Blog Entry Written by Kyra Oser & Jordan Musen, who share a tree at the holidays… ‘Tis the season to find a reason…not to visit your relatives! But it doesn’t have to be that way, once you’ve learned some of these meditations for managing family expectations. Sometimes holidays can be even more stressful when we’re single

Life and Afterlife Coaching: Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing Exercise for Channeling from The Other Side: Don’t expect or hope for any particular outcome. Write as if no one’s going  to read it. Write just because it feels good. Pray to have your ego removed and to channel what is meant to come through for the highest good of everyone concerned. If you have

ESPNN: National Crime News

ESPNNFeaturing  Tomorrow’s news, today.  We’re the newest of the news, reporting it before it even happens!                                ESP News Network… where the forecasters become the newscasters! In the ongoing unfortunate case of carjackers in Philadelphia who crashed into and killed three children two

Life and Afterlife Coaching: "Are Women More Spiritual than Men?"

Spiritual is anything that is not physical.*Gender is physical.Therefore, gender does not dictate spirituality. * definition:  spir·it·u·al  adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or consisting of spirit; incorporeal. 2. of or pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature. Source: Kyra Oser Blog Feed

How to Know When a Break Up is Coming Up

Life and Afterlife Coaching: How to Know When a Break Up is Coming Up On our most recent episode of Zodiac Divas, we spoke with special co-host Butch Patrick about our topic, “Break Up Signs & Break Up Lines”. Here are some of the signs: 1) He/she is no longer around. Hasn’t called in weeks/months/years, 2) No effort

Life and Afterlife Coaching: Compliments and Complaints

 “When you feel compelled to complain, give compliments instead…”   On our most recent episode of Zodiac Divas, we brought up the debate of whether or not people with opposite beliefs or interests can have a long-term relationship. There are people with an insatiable wanderlust for travel, and those who are happy to stay home. There are

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