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Celebrity Predictions 2017

Some of these celebrity predictions 2017 are about love, and others are about a person’s love of the arts, sports, literature, humanitarian causes, or whatever that special someone you care about may be passionate about.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day Love Forecast


Kevin Durant– It looks like Durant will sustain an ankle injury that takes him out of an important game, but overall scores a lot (of points!) and has a successful year.

Usain Bolt– I see Bolt moving to London part-time, where he will also compete. I also see him being awarded a gold medal and trophy in 2017. 

Cam Newton– I predict that Newton will have a setback in the summer due to a minor injury such as a torn ligament, but it looks like he is getting better by fall and will also have grown a creative, signature hairstyle while he was recovering.

Simone Biles– Biles continues to win medals this year, and will have public speaking engagements around the world. Years into the future, she’ll have a relationship with a famous musician.

Ryan Lochte– Lochte will book a lot of commercials and print ads, landing many endorsements–all of which will make his face more recognisable in 2017.

Michael Phelps– Phelps will start a charitable organisation this year. I see a knife, meaning he could undergo surgery. The procedure doesn’t affect his swimming, but recovery time leads him to slow down on his competing schedule. I see Phelps teaching in the future and providing lessons for underprivileged children.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen: I see another child for the Brady Bündch, and this one looks like a girl. Gisele gets pregnant this year and has her baby in 2018. The baby’s middle name sounds like a flower. The other sounds like the name of a planet. The first name looks like it begins with a “T”, something like “Tyler” or “Taysa”.


Meghan Markle-  I see Prince Harry and Markle getting more serious by the fall. They’ll be traveling together, and she will be joining him on some of his official trips.

Marion Cotillard- I see Cotillard dating and being business partners with an author/poet who will write many works inspired by her. Although he started as a novelist, he will become a writer/director, creating meaningful parts for her. Their work together will be more about artistic expression than profit.

Melissa McCarthy- McCarthy will be filming later this year and next year for an upcoming feature. She’ll play more characters than just Spicer on SNL (especially when Spicer gets fired soon and is replaced with a new Press Secretary).

Meryl Streep- I predict that Streep will become even more involved in politics, becoming a voice for immigrants and refugees. She’ll soon be writing op-eds and articles on social and political causes, some of which will be published by newspapers such as The New York Times.

Emma Stone-  I see Stone being married to a director, with two loves in her life. I also see her surrounded by dogs and being dedicated to an animal-related charity.

Brie Larson- It looks like Larson will be traveling to the midwest for personal reasons soon.  She will be focused on family this year. As for acting, character work will be her first priority in choosing upcoming projects. I see a new relationship and a child for her in the future. She will date someone older than the person she is currently engaged to.

Leslie Jones- Jones will be hosting as MC for a lot of live shows, even some political events, in addition to her work on  SNL this year.

Kate McKinnon- McKinnon will play many more characters before the year’s end, and one of the most significant of these characters will be seen rowing with oars on a paddle boat. It looks like McKinnon will be playing a politician trying to escape the US by boat, insinuating that there will be jokes about the current administration seeking to become refugees in other countries after being accused of multiple crimes. She may play Justin Trudeau as he becomes one of a few new leaders of the free world, along with another character of McKinnon’s, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. While she will also become one of the new few leaders of the free world, Merkel’s career will be more short-lived than Trudeau’s, as she faces scandals and conflicts by fall that alter her role on the world stage, as well as on the ‘stage’ of SNL.

Alicia Vikander- Vikander appears to be starring in some European movies, in an upcoming trend whereby US actors will more frequently fly to Asia and Europe to shoot films.   

Viola Davis- Davis will be playing supporting roles in both theater and film.  It looks like her stepson will be getting involved in acting and/or politics.

Lupita Nyong’o-  Nyong’o will become a professor in addition to continuing her acting career.  Her life will be a balance between the academic and artistic. She will star in more period pieces, and will soon be seen in a role about a 1920s music legend in the likes of Josephine Baker.

Angelina Jolie- Jolie will become even more politically active this year–speaking, donating time to foster care organisations and orphanages, and particularly becoming a voice for children whose parents live outside the US due to recent and upcoming deportations.

Jennifer Lawrence- I predict that Lawrence will be juggling a lot of different projects, both comedy and drama, and wearing multiple hats within each production. She will work on a project with Ben Affleck, although this is not a romantic film. I see two marriages for Lawrence.

Jennifer Aniston- It looks like Aniston will start adopting children next year. She may even be doing the paperwork now.


Brad Pitt- Pitt will be more focused on his kids than his career this year. It looks like he will want to put some of his children in film as a way to spend more time together, although only one or two end up being interested. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt may get involved in directing as an adult.

Denzel Washington-  Washington will be in film versions of classical Greek and Shakespearean plays soon. Generally, it looks like Greek tragedies will be making a comeback in film and onstage later this year.

Ryan Gosling-  Gosling will be spending a lot of time with family this year, particularly with his mother. He will become an enthusiastic advocate for cancer research. In 2018, he’ll have a spiritual awakening mostly inspired by Eastern philosophy which will drive him to seek more meaningful relationships. He will say that he’s had a realisation that he’s looked for what seems “right on paper” all his life, and now he’s ready to be guided by his heart.

Leonardo DiCaprio- I see the ending of a relationship and the beginning of a new one for DiCaprio. March marks a change in his current relationship. DiCaprio will become even more involved in climate change and indigenous rights issues this year, continuing his work with the U.N. despite previous protests about his potential conflicts of interest.

Mahershala Ali-  Ali will be directing something that looks like it’s in the works for production next year.  He will become involved in several mental and physical health-related humanitarian causes, not doing it because it is trendy, but as a long-term commitment. Ali’s name will become synonymous with the word “compassion”, as he will demonstrate consistent empathy for people who struggle with serious illnesses. As for his acting career, Ali will play a couple of significant, memorable roles in this year’s films, although some of them won’t be seen until 2018.

Lin-Manuel Miranda-  Miranda will have written a new play that could be out by this fall. This appears to be a period piece with socioeconomic undertones that takes place in more than one time period and focuses on the history of economy. 

Shia LeBeouf-  It looks like LeBeouf will go to jail briefly for political activism this year, but upon being freed will write a political manifesto inspired by his stay (and also inspired by The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail). He will soon open a new political art installation that includes a hybrid of visual and performance art, with a theme of ‘silence’. When one of his installations gets shut down by authorities, another will pop up in a different location. The word that many will use to describe his activism will be ‘unrelenting’.

Donald Trump- As I mentioned in a previous post, I feel that Trump is currently separated and will be going through a divorce. We will hear more about this in November and December, including news that Melania will file, then make a motion to dismiss the divorce petition, only to file for divorce again at a later date. What was the impetus for Melania to file at this time? It will be revealed in near future news that she found out during the general elections about Trump having fathered illegitimate children while he was with Melania. Additionally, she found out that more women came forward during that time to claim that he’d subsidised their abortions.

As for other legal troubles, Trump will be going through many more lawsuits than he is involved with now. He will likely hold the title of “most lawsuits of any man in history” when all is said and done, and that would include his appearances as both plaintiff and defendant. Soon there will be what many will facetiously refer to as a Valentine from “We the People”: an attempted class action lawsuit filed by the citizens of the United States against its President. There will be a leak of tapes related to illegal Russian business dealings that trace back to the government of Russia, but most Republicans will initially protect Trump, or “plead the 45th”. To plead the 45th will be a future saying that means someone is choosing to stay silent rather than speak against an authority figure. More information will be coming to the surface over the next week in the form of incriminating written documents being leaked to the press, such as one claiming Trump should be charged with embezzlement of taxpayer funds. It will also be revealed that he owes money to not just one, but several crime organisations in the US and abroad. While many more people will be calling for impeachment this week, it looks like the momentum for filing charges will be about 50/50 in Congress. As I mentioned in a post from November, allegations of treason and espionage will be inevitable. Meanwhile, Trump’s Valentine’s week focus will mostly be on pushing for a monument to himself in the form of a large statue to be displayed on public grounds in Washington D.C.


Beyoncé will be having marriage and communication issues with Jay Z in 2017, but will be hiding it well. It looks like they will separate temporarily by next year, but will get back together. (Kyra Oser, “You Are the Flowers of My Garden”. Acrylic on Canvas)

Beyoncé-  Beyoncé will be having problems in her marriage to rapper Jay Z this year.

Adele- I see Adele producing/composing/singing on a new album with a spiritual theme. She will also be working on some songs that she’ll say were inspired by several jazz singers, including Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

Kesha- Kesha will launch a women’s rights foundation and connect it to a new album she is working on. She will be helping women to recover from trauma and depression as both a counsellor and songwriter in the future.

Kanye West- It looks like Kim will be filing for divorce from Kanye. There could be a decision to move forward by spring and an announcement to the press by sometime in the fall.

Lady Gaga-  I see Lady Gaga writing a book about her life soon.

Katy Perry-  Katy Perry will be hosting what looks like a 4th of July women’s concert, featuring herself, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kesha, Sarah McLachlan, and many performers of every gender. There will even be a tribute to artists who were featured in the Woodstock festival of 1969. The focus of this new festival will be on the rights of women, immigrants, and indigenous peoples. The Black Lives Matter movement will also have an important voice in this concert. The overarching theme beyond culture, though, will be the environment and how climate change is an issue that requires us to all work together for a common purpose.


J.K. Rowling- Rowling will publish a new book connected to a theme of dreams. I see her becoming more involved in politics and speaking in the House of Commons and at the U.N. She will be a voice for the downtrodden on a global level.

Stephen King-  It looks like King will be writing a series of short stories.

George R.R. Martin- Martin will be working on a new, epic series of novels over the next 2-3 years, featuring alien characters from other planets. I see him dealing with a heart issue a few years from now, which might slow him down, but his version of ‘slowed down’ will still be prolific. Look forward to upcoming arguments amongst fans as to which is better: his soon-to-be-published-alien-novel-trilogy-turned-TV-series or the future classic reruns of Game of Thrones.

Anti-War, Pro-Love Prediction

I had a dream the night before last that children in elementary schools would be having anti-war protests in the near future, holding up signs promoting love and peace. These will be the largest child protests in history, and while they start in the US, a trend of anti-war, pro-love, pro-art, pro-music climate change protests coordinated by children (and with a little help from their elders) will soon become a commonplace occurrence. There will even be elementary school walkouts in protest of climate change, with some activists who are young enough to be in kindergarten.

Coming Soon!

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  2. I predict that we will be invaded by headless space alien zombie unicorns.

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  5. Interesting predictions here 🙂 spirit show me that Trump will be assassinated October time, so I too see a physical separation from his wife but for different reasons… ?
    Love and light to you!

  6. Thank you for your predictions Kyra. Do you see Leonardo dicaprio marrying ? And will his next relationship be the one?

  7. Nathan Fleischman on February 16, 2017 at 1:12 pm said:

    What about predictions that Trump will be assassinated?

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