March 26 Caucus Predictions, We the People vs. DNC, & Election Fraud Investigations

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Psychic Kyra Oser offers March 26 Caucus predictions and future updates on upcoming presidential elections 2016 events.

March 26 Caucus Predictions


Bernie Speech

Sanders will do well in the March 26th caucuses.

Hawaii Democratic Caucus

Clinton/Sanders Update: Close Race. Sanders.

Washington Democratic Caucus

Sanders will win WA in a big landslide

Alaska Democratic Caucus

Sanders Update: Close Race.


Election Fraud Investigations: Vote Count & Electronic Transmission

There will be accusations of voter fraud in Democratic primaries and an investigation will arise. A Watergate-like Scandal will erupt in June and more will be revealed by fall and winter. The details are not like Nixon’s wiretapping and burglary investigations , but parallels will be drawn between the incidents of 1974 and 2016 due to the involvement of manipulated results during a presidential election year. The voter scandal will involve a two-pronged issue of both polling problems (failing to count votes under duress) and electronic tampering, which involves an intentional alteration during the transmission of voting results information to media. The accused will spread rumours that it must have been a hacktivist group such as Anonymous, but that is not the case. This feels like a professional job. Hillary’s campaign will be absolved of any further investigations as it is discovered that private hackers were responsible for online tampering. Whether or not these individuals were hired by anyone or if there is more to the story remains to be seen, but speculation about these incidents will continue for many years to come.


Prediction of “We the People” vs. DNC: Superdelegate Class Action Lawsuit

Sanders will sweep much of the West coast, doing particularly well in Washington and Oregon. He will win more popular votes in many states, while Clinton continues to maintain a lead on superdelegates. A growing group of Sanders supporters will argue that a major conflict of interest exists in a Clinton nomination won by an edge in superdelegates, especially if she was involved in forming the system of superdelegates along with DNC party elites. The protests of Democratic Sanders supporters will culminate in an historic class action lawsuit. The plaintiff will be “We, the People of the United States” vs. the DNC. This lawsuit will claim that superdelegates are not representative of the will of the people.

While this case will heighten awareness about a long-standing electoral problem, there are several obstacles that will be cited, including the need to abolish the Twelfth Amendment on electoral colleges in order to significantly alter the elections system. The focus of the lawsuit will only be the more recent structure of superdelegates in order to expedite a hearing of the case.  As protests continue, Sanders will encourage supporters to peaceably continue to speak up for what they believe should be changed, but in the greater interest of being as productive as possible, to take the focus given to his candidacy and transfer that energy to the issues that matter. He will soon be regarded as one of the most important minds in near future politics, and will contribute significantly to various ideologies in the emerging era of a new generation. Fortunately for Hillary, she and Sanders will end up working together and this collaboration will prove to be a positive shift in the future of American politics.


Channeling “We the People” vs. DNC: Court Case Key Points

The following segments of future documents have been scanned by psychic channeling. These are some of the key points that will be presented this summer in a case demanding the abolition of superdelegates:

-Superdelegates are not and have never been in the interest of the people whom party officials are entrusted to represent as their public servants,

– Superdelegates were installed by the DNC in order to protect the interests of the DNC. Should the will of citizens as expressed in the electoral process contradict any aspiration of the elites, superdelegates contain a loophole which will at some point allow the few to oppress the many, resulting in a government of tyranny and jeopardising the pursuit of a free and just society. And while it remains the hope of most that an elected official would possess reason, integrity, and sound judgment in the interest of the greater good, these qualities are not guaranteed traits in the human condition and therefore we have laws designed to keep corruption in check,


Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson doing rewrites on the Declaration of Independence (Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, 1900)

-Any personal, professional, or financial benefits received as a result of superdelegates, whether it be to an elected official or a superdelegate or both, are a conflict of interest that places every citizen at risk of losing their basic inalienable rights. As Lincoln envisioned in his Gettysburg Address, a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” is our mutual ideal as freethinking citizens. Our government was designed to represent and welcome the participation of citizens, not only of a small group of elected officials and the privileged who support them. July 4th, 1776 represents a time when our country was founded in order that we might seek religious and other freedoms from the oppression of a monarchical society. Superdelegates bring us back to a monarchical and authoritarian society and put us in danger of being ruined by despots who can place their choices in office by virtue of nepotism and contrary to the will of the people. When elected officials are permitted access to electing themselves and others, a system of tyranny and oppression will arise and jeopardise the future of safety and liberty that founding politicians fought and risked their lives to gain during the Revolutionary War,

-Furthermore, if vote buying is election fraud and superdelegates are more influential than votes in determining elections outcomes, then the purchase of superdelegates are an even more serious form of election fraud than vote buying and must be abolished immediately in the interest of every citizen who is guaranteed representation in the United States of America,

-Both vote buying and selling threatens the conduct of fair elections and is banned in the United States as a corrupt practise. Bribery in exchange for votes is also illegal. Why should superdelegates be held to a different standard than individual private citizens? Superdelegates are bribed for nominations, meaning that those with the most money can attend an auction (i.e. dinner) and the highest bidder wins the greatest portion of the prize (control of a candidate’s votes, which historically have favoured the interests of the buyer and not of the whole),

-The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution allowing Electoral Colleges was proposed and approved of in 1787 in order to compromise with delegates seeking to protect their own financial interests by perpetuating the unfortunate and regrettable practise of slavery. Yet even after the Thirteenth Amendment was abolished, Electoral Colleges continue to exist without benefit to anyone but a few influential politicians who weren’t even elected into office by popular vote alone but by electoral colleges. If electoral colleges helped to get someone into office, it would be in their interest to keep the Twelfth Amendment in place, in case they or their family wanted to be reelected to office–another conflict of interest. Superdelegates by virtue of their very structure are modeled on outdated electoral colleges, and neither has a place in our current system. That being said, our focus in this suit for the purpose of urgent review is solely on the matter of asking for prohibition of the corrupt practise of superdelegates,

-We, the People of the United States, demand that superdelegates be revoked in the current electoral process whereby a conflict


An original draft of the Declaration of Independence, written by Jefferson

of interest resides, and instead demand that our votes be counted in this and future elections as actual and not partial votes. We will no longer accept half a vote, one-fourth of a vote, or a vote that isn’t counted at all. Voting is a necessary and essential practise for upholding the constitutional rights of every citizen of the United States, and as such, must be protected from corruption in order to maintain our union. Votes that are not counted or that can be manipulated by a purchased override based on superdelegates are a violation of our rights. In order that we might deter our future nation from oligarchy, plutocracy, and tyranny, each nomination for office must be based on the will of the people, not the few wealthiest citizens of our nation.

“…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of
the governed
, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

-From the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson (principal author), Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams, 1776.


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  1. Nathan Fleischman on December 17, 2016 at 2:00 am said:

    “The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution allowing Electoral Colleges was proposed and approved of in 1787 in order to compromise with delegates seeking to protect their own financial interests by perpetuating the unfortunate and regrettable practise of slavery. Yet even after the Thirteenth Amendment was abolished, Electoral Colleges continue to exist without benefit to anyone but a few influential politicians who weren’t even elected into office by popular vote alone but by electoral colleges.” I noticed some typos.

  2. Nathan Fleischman on March 27, 2016 at 1:01 am said:

    Sanders has won Hawaii.

  3. Nathan Fleischman on March 26, 2016 at 3:36 pm said:

    Sanders has Washington State.

  4. Nathan Fleischman on March 26, 2016 at 3:06 pm said:

    Sanders wins Alaska.

  5. timothy on March 16, 2016 at 2:06 pm said:

    Hillary won’t be indicted because they have to indicte every politician and Trump will be president. I hope she isn’t because I don’t think Sanders can win outside a college campus?

  6. Hey there Kyra this info is really incredible. What i want to ask you is if there’s a real possibility that Hillary will be indicted before she becomes the nominee? I believe this is the only way all of these shenanigans to rig the election can be avoided!

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