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March Astrology Predictions: Personal & Global

Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces features prominently in March astrology predictions. (Kyra Oser, “Clouded by Storms”. Acrylic on Canvas)

If you’ve been curious about March Astrology Predictions for yourself and in relation to the globe, you can read further for some details on what to expect in the next month. Please note that the predictions for general readings below will vary somewhat depending upon details of your chart.

General Reading: With Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces and Venus conjunct Mars in Aries, March will be a time of endings and attempted new beginnings. You may be looking for ways to integrate more meaning and perhaps even spirituality into your career. With Mars in Aries, a new Moon in Aries starting today on the heels of this Sunday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse, and Mercury moving into Aries March 13th, there will be a tendency to want to either start a new relationship or add a new element to the one you have. However, with Mars entering Taurus (where it is in its detriment, and therefore uncomfortable) March 9th, and Mercury moving into Taurus March 31st, your plans could get stalled by slow-moving Taurean tendencies. Basically, if you have big plans, you may have an opening of opportunity to start taking action during the first two weeks of March, but you might have to wait until Mars moves out of Taurus and into Gemini on April 21st to continue a new creative project, hobby, or take more significant steps in working on the improvement of a relationship with someone important in your life. If you are just starting to date someone, there may be delays in the latter part of March, but the degree to which your situation might be on hold would depend on your natal chart and progressions.

If you feel things are stalled in your love life, this month would be an excellent time to take up a new (or old) solitary hobby like sketching, painting, cooking (Taurean interests) or studying history (to prepare yourself for the book-loving emergence of Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini, which is due to arrive for a short period from June 6th-20th…but you will want to be armed with lots of information so you can fully enjoy this 3 week Renaissance of the spoken word and the exciting challenges it brings!)

Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces also makes the time from now until March 13th an excellent window of opportunity to develop your intuition by trying psychic exercises, astral travel, lucid dreaming, or just recording your dreams in a journal more often. If you are new to psychic phenomena but interested in developing your intuition, you can start with an accessible book like You Are Psychic! by Robert A. Sanders, Jr.

Mars in Taurus

Global Reading: Sun conjunct Mercury (the messenger planet) in Pisces (associated with secrets) points to an attempted suppression of truth in more than one major governmental power, most notably this month in the U.S., U.K., and Philippines. There is an opening for legal action to be taken regarding investigations of the 2016 U.S. elections after the week of March 20th and into April, when we have Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries, a sign associated with beginnings and action.

Mars in Taurus, however, slows things down, and Venus Retrograde in Aries will complicate matters, creating obstacles in moving forward on newly published revelations with the help of near-future media. As accusations escalate and denial builds, expect betrayal, blame, and several officials stepping down at higher levels of government in order to avoid further scandal, particularly, in the U.S., U.K., and Southeast Asia. Hidden/unseen aspects of large institutions also indicates the emergence of a shadow government composed of unofficial leaders, particularly in the U.S.

If you feel stuck in what feels like a waiting period after the ending of a job or relationship, an opening of opportunity for new beginnings may arise once the Sun moves into Aries March 20th. The degree to which that beginning may be available and the area of your life in which it takes place would depend on other aspects of your chart.

As the Sun moves into Aries and out of Pisces during the end of March, expect resignations from some department heads in the U.S. administration due to the uncovering of audio recordings and written documents related to Russian collusion during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The matter of Trump’s involvement is more complicated, and it does not look like there is any voluntary resignation from him or any other administrative official in the near future–but rather a sustained, unrelenting pressure to step down, one by one, due to compiling accusations and multiple pending lawsuits. Mars in Taurus can be interpreted as not only an abuse of power (as Mars is a planet of powerful positions and therefore is problematic for those in power when in its opposite, Taurus), but also a stubborn refusal to take action on the part of those in power. Many of you have asked about the potential of impeachment proceedings, and I will speak to that in more detail when I publish US Predictions Part II: Invasion of the American Empire and discuss the upcoming invasion. Meanwhile, it looks like cities across the U.S. will be filing suits against the current administration, particularly in specific cases defending immigration rights.

Venus retrograde in Pisces will mean more denial, and especially denial about a relationship built on criminal activity (Pisces rules prisons and large institutions, and Venus is a planet of relationships). With Jupiter (planet of truth) conjunct Scorpio (sign of the detective) October 17th, there will be no escaping the many layers of currently hidden truth that will be publicly announced, mostly in the form of written documents, by October and November.

Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio November 9th, as well as Mars moving into Scorpio under the sign of Sagittarius December 9th, will be a period during which the truth will be virtually inescapable. Think Edward Snowden, whistleblowers, and independent investigative journalistic work that, while revealing what is hidden, also puts the whistleblower and journalist at risk. Expect a repeat of something like the 2013 Snowden incident around the time of November of this year. Despite the tensions between truth and what attempts to remain hidden, many positive lessons will have been learned for all of us from multiple international scandals that are brought to light around the time of the holidays in 2017.

Check back or subscribe for more details on March astrology predictions relating to your own sign and chart.

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    Donald Trump is under FBI investigation for possible collusion with Russia. Comey has also denied that Trump Tower was wiretapped.

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    Looks like Jeff Sessions might resign.

  11. Gary Kizzen on March 3, 2017 at 2:00 pm said:

    Kyra, Good afternoon on this Friday, March 3, 2017. I, for one, and I am sure that many other of your followers are looking for your prediction and/or forecast of what the United States Stock Markets will do this year. Will the Bull Market continue or are we in for one big Major Correction? Your thoughts, your sense, your feelings, I will appreciate you filling all of us in on just what may happen. Sincerely, Gary

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