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Presidential Election Prediction Updates

Post-Republican National Convention Predictions

A Future Election for Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz plans to run again in the next election cycle, and will be in a better position to do so than any of the other Republican presidential candidate opponents. Cruz is also betting on the possibility that Trump could still be sabotaged and/or disqualified before November (the convention was a necessary artifice because the RNC does not want to upset Trump supporters, but they will try to sabotage him anyway and attempt to install a different candidate. Will they be successful? Stay tuned for more predictions…)

Cruz’s policies aside, years from now he will actually be regarded as the most respected out of all the Republican candidates who ran in this election cycle because of his refusal to endorse Trump. That doesn’t mean Cruz will  necessarily be any more well-liked, but there can be a difference between being liked and being respected. Kasich’s refusal to endorse Trump will also put him in a better position, but Kasich will not have the same staying power. This is far from the last we’ve heard from Cruz, and you can expect him to have connections to New Mexico and Alaska that end up being a positive association for the future of his career.

Trump Caught on Tape

Trump will soon say something incendiary which alienates some of his current supporters-and he won’t think anyone can hear, but he will be miked. He will also express an angry side of himself that the public doesn’t usually see. Great problems plague Trump’s campaign in August and make for a very hot-and-cold September. While the U.S. Presidential elections will still be major news at that time, I see an image of a white shirt with blood stains on it pointing to something getting even more coverage in news during the monthSeptember. This will be remembered in future years as a “Bloody September”.

Post-Democratic National Convention Predictions

A Future for Sanders Supporters

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Can you remember how lost you felt when you thought it was over, likeimage you would never meet anyone or fall in love again? This is what some Sanders supporters will say when they are someday looking back on today. They thought there would never be another chance to feel this way about someone again. But even bigger than following someone they believed in, a large part of a generation and many more found themselves falling in love with politics. Some of those people will one day become politicians and capable leaders themselves, and will thank Bernie Sanders for inspiring them to believe they can make a difference and for helping them to find a calling in public service. Some will say it took an adversary in the form of Trump and an advocate in the form of Sanders for a renewed interest in politics to be ignited. Whatever your opinion may be about either of these candidates, they made us pay attention. Just when climate change, gun violence, and many other urgent issues are calling for our attention, life has brought us what we needed once again-the inspiration to act.

As for Sanders supporters…just remember that, with any love, and especially the first time it happens, there will be a period of denial, bargaining, and all the necessary and healthy stages of grief. But the main difference in this analogy will be that, even though the relationship didn’t turn out the way many followers had hoped, it hasn’t ended, just transformed.

Clinton Predictions

Clinton will do well in post-Convention polls, but from now until November, polls in both major parties will fluctuate up and down and the Presidential race will be what many in the media will call "uncomfortably close".

Clinton will do well in post-Convention polls, but from now until November, polls in both major parties will fluctuate up and down and the Presidential race will be what many in the media will call “uncomfortably close”.

Clinton will soon surpass Trump in the polls after the end of this week’s Democratic National Convention. Many journalists will praise her upcoming acceptance speech for the Democratic Party nomination as some of the best public speaking she’s done so far. Some headlines will say Clinton “rose to the occasion” to “deliver” the best speech of her lifetime.

Yet this November’s election is not going to be ordinary in any way. The race will be close, almost tied. And there will be another scandal for Hillary Clinton to contend with soon, and it is something she has never had to deal with before. I see an image of her in extreme close-up, surrounded by cameras and with a bright yellow light shining on her face, as if she is being poked at and scrutinised too closely. Yet I see her smiling broadly, unrattled by the severity of these upcoming accusations. Although Clinton will overcome this conflict with her reliable resilience, it will be one of her biggest challenges yet.

Kaine Scandal

The question will be asked by October-could Kaine be disqualified from Vice Presidency due to a newly emerging scandal accusing him of cheating and dishonesty? It looks like any information that arises will be quickly subdued, but the ensuing news coverage will create additional tension by being so close in time to the general elections.

World News

Civil Rights

In the U.S. and England (and subsequently in other countries at a later date) there will be a lowering of the voting age to 16, but a compromise will be made to lower the age to 17. A change like this hasn’t been seen since the Vietnam War inspired a demand to reduce the voting age from 21 to 18. The compelling argument being made at that time was that if someone was old enough to be drafted into the war, they were old enough to vote on political matters that could directly affect them. This time, the justification will be related to environmental concerns; it’s the children who have to live with the long-term consequences of votes that can influence climate change, therefore they should at the very least have at least equal say to elders in matters of the future.

Environmental Rights

imageThere will be a great tribal leader, a young woman of what looks like Navajo heritage, who emerges in the United States to form a coalition of tribal councils that will protest environmental denigration on behalf of their Plaintiffs: all human and other species, present and future. There will be many similar protests and lawsuits emerging soon thereafter in various countries, almost always initiated by indigenous tribal members and often backed up by elders.

The protests will eventually be joined by environmental rights activists who are not of Native heritage. Watch for much media mockery when this movement first arises. This is to be expected, because a call to change is often accompanied by discomfort-and the bigger the proposed change, the more uncomfortable we may feel. But as the protests gather more backing from leaders in various communities and even from celebrities, this tribal environmental movement will be regarded as more than a fad. It is a long-term cause requiring intergenerational commitment reaching beyond the span of our own lifetime. Make no mistake about it, it will be the indigenous peoples of the world who take the first real steps to save it.

Explosion in Asia

I had a vision this week from what appeared to be a helicopter view of a bright yellow explosion that looked like it was near a nuclear power reactor. Something is already happening that has begun to set off this chain of circumstances. It almost looks like another Fukushima occurrence. The incident seems to affects Japan and South Korea the most, but Thailand will somehow suffer as well. This is both a man-made and natural problem. It looks like this occurs soon, by the end of September/beginning of October.

US News

Natural Disaster Forecast

In Natural Disaster Forecasts, expect a loud, rumbling, earthquake soon in what looks like the Los Angeles area. Underneath wood, it will feel more like a rolling than shaking sensation, at about a 5.0 and with large aftershocks of around 3.7. There will be foreshocks to this larger quake (smaller movements much like aftershocks, only before) and seismologists will soon be developing more sophisticated and sensitive equipment as a method for predicting and preparing for earthquakes.


The Swimsuit Dress and Swimsuit Suit

Expect the swimsuit dress of the 1920s to make a comeback in the summer of 2017. It will look like a hybrid between a short dress imageand one piece swimwear. There will also be a Swimsuit Suit, or “The Swim-Suit”, which will look like a three piece suit but will be made of Lycra and spandex-so you can go have a swim and then go straight to a meeting with this thing! You’ll be glad to be dressing in your new Swimsuit Dress and suiting up in your best “Swim-Suit”, as we’ll have less and less time to change with all the changes going on next year!


Stay Tuned for Upcoming News of the Future from PNN…

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  1. The Environmentla stuff happening with the The Natives si happening as I type this. Just last week, Celebrity Shailene Woodley was arrested for the Dakota Pipeline..this one prediction coming true is one that I have been waiting for! #SaveThePlanet

  2. Nathan Fleischman on October 10, 2016 at 10:03 pm said:

    “Trump will soon say something incendiary which alienates some of his current supporters-and he won’t think anyone can hear, but he will be miked.” This has come true with that sex tape.

  3. Nathan Fleischman on September 21, 2016 at 7:47 pm said:

    I believe Clinton will win, too. And I am not worried.

  4. Chris Romero on September 20, 2016 at 10:17 pm said:

    @ Nathan Fleischman

    I wouldn’t worry too much. The election is close right now. However, I think things will get much better for Hillary Clinton once the debates begin. Also, Mercury is in Retrograde right now…so, that can lead to miscommunication and other setbacks. I have a feeling Mercury in Retrograde is what’s causing all of these wacky poll numbers – I think Hillary Clinton is actually doing much better than what’s being reported. Anyway, I think Kyra Oser is right. I believe Hillary Clinton will win this November and I keep getting the feeling that Bernie Sanders is going to have some kind of cabinet position. Kyra Oser predicted that – but I noticed a few other psychics predicted that as well. For example, Jeanne Mayell (who’s also been very accurate) said she had visions of Bernie Sanders playing some kind of a role in Hillary’s administration. I thought that was interesting.

  5. Nathan Fleischman on September 19, 2016 at 6:53 pm said:

    The campaign is uncomfortably close.

  6. Nathan Fleischman on August 23, 2016 at 7:37 pm said:

    Your Environmental Rights prediction is coming true.

  7. Nathan Fleischman on August 23, 2016 at 5:53 pm said:

    You were right. Donald Trump is hiding a health condition. Here is proof:

  8. Nathan Fleischman on July 30, 2016 at 6:50 pm said:

    Who is insane to vote for a fraudster like Trump?

  9. GO TRUMP!
    Who is insane to vote for a scandalized LIAR like Hillary?

  10. Nathan Fleischman on July 28, 2016 at 8:45 pm said:

    Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight is already being called her best speech.

  11. Yes, I still predict that Hillary Clinton will win.

  12. Nathan Fleischman on July 27, 2016 at 1:37 pm said:

    You still predict Clinton will win?

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