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Self Hypnosis for Credit Debt Relief

Hypnotherapy for career success can help you expand your options and bring you closer to the life you’ve dreamed of. But if you’re struggling with debt that’s affecting your mental, emotional, or physical well-being, self hypnosis for credit debt relief can help you before you start investing in hypnotherapy. Once you’ve achieved your goals toward debt relief and are in a position to save rather than debt, hypnotherapy for career success can be another step in helping you move closer to achieving your aspirations.

In the following exercises, you will be reprogramming your unconscious mind by changing internal and external habits. While self hypnosis exercises generally need to be maintained in order for you to stay financially fit (just like going to the gym!), new experiences create different behaviours that can become increasingly automatic over time.

The first steps to self hypnosis for debt relief include ACTION EXERCISES:

Long Term Goals, Short Term Goals, Expenses, and Savings. If your financial planning isn’t working out, try a different action to get a different result.


Gratitude Attitude and The Actor.

The final step toward debt relief is SEEKING SUPPORT:

Choose one resource from the list toward the bottom of this article that feels right to you so that you open your mind to new solutions while holding yourself accountable for future financial choices.

Try to just choose one from each category that speaks to you for now. It’s helpful to keep it simple and take this process of debt recovery one step at a time. If you tackle too much of it at once, you might feel overwhelmed or even discouraged. It took this long to get into debt, so it’s not likely that you’ll solve it all in one night. As time goes on, you may find you’d like to switch out one exercise or group from each category for another. There’s no deadline and you can go at your own pace.

Although these exercises do not offer an instant relief from debt, you will find hope as you take these steps to live your life in a different way, alter your perception on success with the help of self hypnosis, and reach out for help to share your experience with those who have gone before you on this journey to recovery from debt. Solutions will appear where once there were only problems. As you become willing to change how you interact with money, you’ll notice a remarkable shift as your material concerns transform into an opportunity for a lifelong path of spiritual growth.



Write down 1, 3, 5, and 10 year goals.


These will relate to your 1 year goal. Write a short term goal, and next to it, a small action you can take toward the short-term goal. The action should be realistic and manageable. Take the actions one at a time. The more manageable your actions, the more likely you will be to take them and not get overwhelmed.


Get clarity on spending and income with the expenses exercise. If you keep track in writing of what you’re about spend on each purchase, you’ll be less likely to spend it. First, you will become more consciously aware of how you are spending your money, and therefore make more conscious decisions about what to purchase. You will naturally look to alternatives (i.e., getting a prepaid cell phone plan for about $40/month instead of continuing to pay over $100/month for the similar services from the same company). Additionally, you will find that if you are not motivated to write down a certain purchase, you probably didn’t need that item anyway.

In a small notebook or in the notes of your phone, write down each purchase for the day as you make it (or keep the receipts and spend a couple of minutes recording them at the end of the day). On each line, write:

Date, category, item, amount.

At the end of each month, tally spending and income and look at the difference. Are you spending beyond your means or are you able to save?


Open several no-cost, high interest savings accounts. Label each one as a goal. Even if you open a savings account with just $1, you will be setting an intention to continue in the direction of saving rather than spending.

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” -Benjamin Franklin



Happiness is not getting what you want, it is wanting what you get. Focus on what’s positive that you already have, and you’ll find that more positive things come your way. We get more of what we focus on.

As you’re trying to fall asleep at night, go through the alphabet and think of one thing you’re grateful for from every letter of the alphabet. I fall asleep before I get anywhere near “Z” every time I try this so I start with the letter I left off with the previous night.

If you prefer a written exercise, you can do this on paper or with a friend and make it a habit. You can’t really overdose on gratitude!


Feel what it would be like to have your goals already realised. How would you walk? How would you talk? How would you spend your day? What if this day was your own? Act as if you are where you want to be and you’ll find that life follows your lead. Bring the body and the mind will follow. Recent studies have shown that changing your posture can alter your physical, mental, and emotional state of being. And a change in even one of these aspects of your life will affect your behaviour and therefore bring about different events and choices in your future.


If you’d like more detailed instructions on the process of self hypnosis, please CLICK HERE.



One of the most effective resources for relief from unsecured debt is the 12-Step programme Debtors Anonymous. Phone meetings are also available. CLICK HERE to find out more.


BDA is a subsidiary of Debtors Anonymous. Business Debtors Anonymous offers the same 12-step help but with a focus on debt relief for business owners.


SCORE is an organisation that offers free small business advice. You can also meet with business owners who volunteer as SCORE mentors.

MENTAL BANK SEMINAR from Hypnosis Motivation Institute

If you’re not ready to reach out in person but feel more comfortable with online connections or courses, you can start reprogramming your unconscious habits with a system for self hypnosis that takes about 5 minutes a day. There’s no charge for this free online mental bank seminar offered taught by Professor George Kappas and offered at HMI, the same school where I received my certification in hypnotherapy. CLICK HERE to take the online class and learn more about reaching goals while taking control of your financial future with the power of self hypnosis.

Once you’ve reached some of your goals and have practised as many of these exercises as you would like, check out Part II of this series on Self Hypnosis for Financial Freedom: Do It Yourself Career Coaching.

Wishing you all the prosperity, freedom, happiness (and credit debt relief!) that your ever-expanding capacity for inner joy can contain!


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