Shocking Psychic Predictions: Hacked Camera Phone Epidemic, Human Remains Found in Tainted Meat, & “Innernet” and “Thoughtware” Replace Internet and Software

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Shocking Psychic Predictions

Shocking Psychic Predictions are events coming up that we wouldn’t expect based on our current outlook. But many of the things we know today would have been shocking to us just a year ago!

If you are faint of heart or stomach, you might want to check other predictions on this blog instead, as gruesome or unpleasant images may arise as a result of Shocking Psychic Predictions.

But if you’re drawn to horror, sci-fi, murder mysteries, or even just the occasional episode of Dr. Who (any version)…please read on!

Tech Trends

Hacked Camera Phone Epidemic: I am not just taking about hacking into iCloud, and this is not intended to make you paranoid, but is meant more as a helpful warning. Flashes of pictures are sometimes being taken from remote sources are being kept in files by hackers who intend to use them as blackmail for financial gain. But cameras will be able to be protected and measures for prevention can be implemented. Public Service Announcements about the remote hacking phenomenon will be more commonplace 5-10 years from now.

“Internet” and “Thoughtware” Replace Internet and Software: Also referred to as “Thinkernet”, the external internet that is now accessible through physical devices will be transferred into thought-generated searches and messages that do not require speaking or typing. This will be a particularly revolutionary method of communication for those suffering from hearing, speaking, or muscular impairments.

How will it work? The go-between device looks like an external transmitter (a beam of light which acts like a translator) and will generate energy from a metallic-laced launching pad (which looks like a large solar-powered roof but acts as a solar-powered battery). The “translator” is programmed to pick up on the firing of synapses from your brain in order to read your thoughts. The “translator” will be like your own personal Genie-“your wish is my command!” The metallic-laced launching pad will come to be known as “thoughtware”, a play on the word software. The light transmitter that gathers energy from this launching pad is like a solar-powered, invisible robot that interprets your thoughts and delivers your messages to intended recipients. Sort of like a Mind-Reading Robot Homing Pigeon. But how does this robot understand what you think? You will programme it with your thoughts, much like Siri can memorize and then recognise your vocal patterns. Start thinking of names now, as these robots will be like pets to some and companions to others!

Wait, what kind of companions do I mean? As an example, some robots will be able to receive information about loved ones who have passed on and then replicate their voice, actions, and likely responses based on predictive knowledge (like predictive texting, and just as inaccurate sometimes). The robots can then generate a “likely interaction” between you and someone similar to the ones you’ve loved and lost. So hold onto those photos, videos, objects, or recordings…they could help you rebuild your past relationships. But given the chance…would you choose to spend your time with Historical Reenactment Robot Actors, or take a risk and meet new people who may be unfamiliar, but are real?

In other Tech Trend News, hologram touch screens will phase out one-dimensional flat screens on cell phones and computers. Touch screens will be phased out altogether in about 2-3 years. The holograms that appear to be floating in the air will actually be comprised of refracted light, and as such, could eventually be solar-powered from remote charging stations. Eventually this three-dimensional light will respond to touch, and you will be able to feel different temperatures, textures, and sensations of solid, liquid, or gas. You will also be able to control the transparency and density of the images; in other words, you can make the images range from totally translucent (i.e. audio only) to totally dense (so that the images look as solid as any other object or person in reality).

The next step will be reaching the fourth dimension with future technology…but more about that fourth dimension in future posts! For now, we have an important Spoiled Meat Alert!…


Human Remains Found in Tainted Meat…throughout parts of the U.S. Some at places like McDonald’s, but other products are sold at grocery stores. Despite an immediate recall, this incident will result in more animal rights due to an upsurge in vegetarianism. A saying will develop from the discovery of this tainted meat: Better no animal than cannibal! 


Stay Tuned for Upcoming News of the Future on PNN…

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  1. Nathan Fleischman on June 23, 2016 at 3:05 pm said:

    You just put forth a Soylent Green scenario.

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