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2021 Predictions: News from the Future Tarot

Today’s News from the Future (est. 2010) offers 2021 predictions. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future on a psychic time machine, with tarot cards as tour guides…

Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

15 November 2020

Dear Reader,

I’m posting some predictions for next year but due to my ongoing health issue it’s not going to be in the most organised format and I won’t be engaging in much editing. I think it’s more important to get you this content and not worry about the structure. The extra effort I’d normally put into editing will be going towards my health. Thanks for your patience, and for all your recent thoughtful messages in support of my recovery from these recent burst appendix complications.

Wishing you health, happiness, peace, love, and a safe, joyful holiday season,


Holiday Tips for Psychic Gifts

The holiday season for 2020 will be unusual, so why not experiment with an atypical way of finding gifts?

If you want to test your psychic abilities, you can think of someone you’d like to make (or purchase) a gift for and ask to be shown more details when you reach a deeper state of consciousness in your chosen meditation practise. You can ask to be guided to the right gift, whether through intuition or heightened clarity. Once you’ve set this intention to be led to a gift rather than using your logical mind to decide on one, you might get inspired to create or find something unusual for a loved one, or perhaps you will be shown more details in a dream. When I’ve tried to “divine gifts” like this, I’m often led to making something or finding an item of sentimental value for someone, and sometimes it’s something that can be found in nature. I prefer to make art, write a poem, or find something vintage because it’s more unique but also better for the environment when I produce and consume fewer materials.

It’s okay to practise tapping into a higher source with something fun and meaningful like the holidays of Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or other holiday shopping. 2020 will be a year when families need to be distant from one another for safety reasons, so in the absence of physical closeness, this seems like an opportunity to become more mentally and emotionally close to others through meditation or dreams. This is also a way to train your psychic powers…if someone says the gift has meaning, and you divined clues to help you find it through channeling, isn’t that evidence of picking up on someone else’s thoughts, feelings, or experiences?

Time Travel Tarot Trip

The flyer I made when I was doing tarot readings in Woodland Hills, CA (2000). Happy memories of when we used to sketch posters and flyers by hand!

Today’s psychic time travel tarot tip addresses how to make New Year’s predictions. When I started to have flashes of precognition as a child it was sometimes accidental, and other times intentional, but I hadn’t developed a system for controlling when those predictions would happen or what they would be focused on. I just knew that I would have dreams that were like short films which would later happen and looked exactly like they were in my dream. It was like living an experience twice: once in a preview, and again through interactive, three-dimensional reality. I’d look back at my dream journal and every detail would match, right down to location, circumstances, descriptions of the environment, people’s appearances, and, sometimes, the exact words they would later say. Have you experienced this?

Other times, I’d sing a song or bring up a subject and that song would come on the radio within minutes or we’d turn on the TV, and the subject I described, such as older people playing chess in a park in New York, would come on the TV soon after someone else changed the channel. I remember being in a film appreciation class in high school and I suddenly and inexplicably felt compelled to sing the Bob Seger song “Beautiful Loser” out loud. I’d never sung that song before, I just heard it playing in my head all of a sudden and sang along. Minutes later, our teacher turned on a documentary that featured Nixon and Watergate, and the first song playing on the soundtrack, in honour of Nixon’s resignation, was “Beautiful Loser”. Some of the students turned to me and asked if I knew this was the video he was going to play (I didn’t, and we didn’t tend to watch documentaries in this class), then asked if I’d seen this video before (I hadn’t). It wasn’t a song that was normally on my mind and I hadn’t heard it on the radio since I was a child. It just randomly started to play in my head at that moment. My mind typically replays songs, film clips, and long-term memories in all five senses throughout the day. However, when those inner experiences later intersect with specific external realities that match my previous thoughts in both detail and temporal congruency, it would be illogical to dismiss these uncanny and unlikely connections as mere coincidence.

When I was a child, I didn’t know how I was doing this or the steps to take so I could make predictions happen again at will. By the time I was a teenager, I had deduced that the predictions often happened in dreams, so there had to be some connection to my unconscious mind and/or the collective unconscious. Was I supposed to just wait for them, or could I seek them out? Would it be ethical to intentionally try to make predictions or was I interfering with something that might be none of my business? On the other hand, if it was truly none of my business to peek into the future, I wouldn’t be shown these things in advance in the first place. I concluded that it would be ethical and not harmful to others if I investigated techniques for intentionally inducing psychic experiences. If I wasn’t supposed to know or see these things, I wouldn’t have been led to them in the first place. While I didn’t understand these experiences, I’d seen my dad and grandmom doing this often enough to know it was real and natural and normal. It took a while for me to realise that this was not an accepted practise in mainstream society.

The News Channel

My family was very passionate about politics. U.S. politics were discussed every day, and often more than any other subject. My parents had been protestors during the Vietnam War and my father nearly served in the Navy in Vietnam after initially escaping to Canada and returning to the U.S. only to be enlisted anyway. He was able to talk his way out of it on the way over and they actually sent him back to the U.S. while he was on his way to Vietnam (he was very gifted at using logic and persuasion). I might not be here today otherwise. My mother’s parents left Italy right before Mussolini came to power. Most of my father’s family was murdered in the Holocaust. They knew that political problems quickly become personal issues.

In other words, both of my parents were vigilantly aware of governments that suppress freedom and it seemed like they had concerns about authoritarianism possibly taking hold in the U.S. They weren’t wrong, nor were both sides of my family wrong to leave when fascism was on the rise in early twentieth-century Europe. My father’s family left by the late 19th-century, already having detected the signs of an opening for authoritarianism to take hold in Germany, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Maybe it’s because of them that I was able to feel that authoritarianism would be continuing to rise in the U.S., which partially prompted me to move to Canada, a place I’d never been to before, nearly three years ago.

At the same time as I was experimenting with psychic channeling, the news was on TV more than anything else in our home, and newspapers were frequently being read. By the 1990s, our TV was almost always turned to CSPAN during dinner and we usually watched Congressional hearings. I thought it was so boring to listen to these Congresspeople discussing and debating their side of an issue at the podium and then taking and tallying votes, especially when there were so few close-ups and it felt like we were watching these broadcasts from a distance. I didn’t yet appreciate how this experience was highlighting the importance of participation in a political process. I remember my mother taking me into the voting booth in Philadelphia to show me how it was done from at least the age of five, if not earlier, and her telling me that voting was one of the most important things I could do.

I had an interest in being a newscaster when I was a child until a friend told me I’d have to read from a script and wouldn’t be able to provide my own commentary and she didn’t think I’d like that. She was right, I didn’t want any job where I wasn’t free to think for myself. Somewhere along the way, my family’s interest in U.S. news and their tendency to project themselves into the future made it feel natural for me to combine the two. When I started cohosting a show on CBS Radio, it seemed like the right forum to start predicting the news instead of just reporting it. That’s around the time when I began this blog. The flyer above is something I made to promote tarot readings in Woodland Hills, CA in 2000. While I was mainly making predictions about personal lives, people were becoming interested in predictions about the new millennium so I was starting to get an increase in questions about the news.

A Less Stressful Psychic Process

While the previous section of today’s post was more anecdotal than instructional, I’ve been exploring the psychic process with you by recalling the circumstances under which it developed for me. Here are some of the practises that have helped me to gather visions and premonitions at will:

1) The process is less stressful if I’m okay with not seeing anything or picking up on more information. If I pressure the information too much it seems to gets blocked. Perhaps it’s just not the right time to explore. You can come back to it later. Similarly, pressuring someone to answer questions in a relationship, and having expectations of how they should behave, can shut that person down and stop them from sharing with you. Trust and acceptance are helpful in relationships and also when interacting with psychic phenomena.

2) I try not to do this with any expectation of an outcome for myself: not fame, wealth, attention, admiration, or to be validated. As soon as I hope to “get something” out of a situation, the flow of information is interrupted and access to premonitions temporarily closes off. You have to truly set aside your ego, perhaps letting it know it can take a break or vacation, and do this purely for the purpose of being of service to others. If you want to do this to get something for yourself, you’ll block the work from being as effective or you might not pick up anything at all. You can ask yourself what your intention is every once in a while to keep yourself in check.

To tell you the truth, there have been many times when I would have preferred to leave this work behind. Is it fun to sometimes see into the future? I don’t know any other way of life. I suppose I would miss it if I didn’t. For a long time, I thought precognition was what everyone was doing in their head. I was shocked to learn this wasn’t necessarily typical, at least not at the rate that it was happening to me. Did my dad enjoy having premonitions? I never thought to ask him, but it felt like we were a couple of circus freaks being dropped into a culture where it’s considered crazy to see into the future at all, and I sure do miss having him around to talk to about this. He understood my involvement in psychic phenomena better than anyone because I learned it from him. I’m glad I have you because I know just about everyone reading either appreciates or understands what it’s like to have psychic experiences. Thanks for continuing to read and post your comments on this blog.

I’ve done everything possible to avoid sharing my psychic predictions but kept getting asked to do it. At this point, I’d rather be making art, writing something creative, or studying. However, it seems like there aren’t enough people demonstrating, teaching, and accepting these techniques as reality yet. It feels selfish to keep this information to myself.

I also have no particular interest in climate striking or activism but I do it because 1) I can, 2) I’m concerned about the welfare of future living beings, and 3) it might help. I feel divided between my obligations to society based on the privileges and abilities I’ve been given, and at the same time I have a strong desire to seek my own happiness by participating in the arts and scholarship. I’m trying to do it all, but I know I’m not alone in feeling challenged by the need to balance responsibilities towards myself and others. Maybe you can relate.

3) I’ve learned to ask specific questions before I embark on a vision journey. I ask to be taken to a specific time period and place. Then I use a technique that’s like past life regressions, only in reverse: it’s a hypnotic progression. I use a process of self-hypnosis which I learned while studying at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Then I use something like a past life regression, only I give myself the suggestion of moving forward in time, stepping out of a tunnel or time machine and into the year 2021 (I can even ask for a specific month), looking down at my feet, seeing what I’m wearing on my feet to ground me in the experience, then looking around to observe my environment through as many senses as I can gather. If I see, hear, smell, taste, or touch something in that environment, any one of those senses is enough to pick up information about the future. In these hypnotic experiences, I’ll often turn on a television to watch the news or go to a store and read the headlines, noting the date that’s printed on the newspaper. It’s important to stay focused on your mission and not get distracted or let your mind wander into fantasy.

You might not like what you see, but you’re a psychic news reporter travelling to the future so you can come back to the present and say what you saw with as much accuracy and objectivity as possible. You’re not doing this to create an intended emotional effect. How other people react to this is none of my business. That being said, I believe in the importance of gentle and kind delivery. This work should not be harmful or hurtful to anyone and there are ways to report any information with both optimism and compassion. It helps to communicate with people in the way you’d want others to talk or write to you, or to connect with people the same way you would if they were a family member or friend. This approach also might make people more open to listening to you.

4) One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made was to be persuaded to change my answers based on observers who didn’t like what they were hearing. If I keep looking, I might get pushed further into the future to a time when things change to this person’s liking but I’ll no longer be exploring the near-future time period I was initially seeing. This can create problems with the reporting of timing because then I’m being shown overlapping, and sometimes conflicting, events.

5) I’m still experimenting with the possibilities of exploring timing under hypnosis. I mentioned looking for a date on the front page of newspapers when you progress to a future day under hypnosis, but you can also look for calendars or turn on your future phone while under hypnosis to observe the date before you continue your time-travelling exploration. It’s important to ground yourself in one day at a time, then one moment at a time, when you’re psychic time travelling. Otherwise, you might get too much information at once which tends to make the location and timing of events unclear.

6) If you’re interested in exploring precognitive dreaming as a form of premonitions, you can give yourself a suggestion to travel into the future within about thirty minutes before going to sleep. This is a time between waking and sleeping when the unconscious mind is more open to suggestions. Don’t expect an immediate outcome as you might not be meant to see or experience anything for a while. Which brings me to Tip # 7…

7) Have faith. Putting pressure on yourself to get results out of fear of not getting results can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Relax, take it easy, and know if you do the work without expecting any outcome or benefit for yourself, you’ll pick up what you’re meant to know when the time is right. I’ve found this to be true so far. The more you practise psychic time travelling in order to explore the news of the future, the better you’ll get at it. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that it’s like going to the gym: building muscles and getting stronger takes time and ongoing practise. You can’t call on a muscle to lift something for you when you haven’t worked out in years. The more you meditate, put yourself under hypnosis, or records your dreams, the more often you’ll be likely to experience visions.

2021 Predictions

1) Global Politics: Queen of Pentacles Reversed

According to this card, 2021 will be a significant year for women on a global scale. I think there will be extremes in the U.S in this regard. In some ways, I see certain sects of people moving backward in terms of suppressing women’s rights, even as large segments of society continue to move forward. This will be a time when more women start their own businesses and I predict a movement towards female-run co-ops and online businesses operated by women from distant cities who mutually benefit from these collaborations in many areas of business and finance. This movement contributes to incerased independence for women and children.

The work-home balance will continue to be challenged since the lines between the two have become more blurred during this pandemic. Questions of who is responsible for the safety and well-being of children becomes a more prominent discussion next year, with a call for more family members, especially men, to get involved. There will be an increased tendency to use the term “exclusive parent” more often than “single parent”, partly because someone can be parenting on their own while still participating in relationships.

During this period, there will be a questioning of hierarchy in religions and educational institutions, and later on (but notably more controversially) in the family structure itself. Children will take on more decision-making roles than before.

There will also be an emphasis on the need to expand disability rights, especially the right to earn additional income while on disability without losing one’s healthcare, the right to control one’s own finances, and, eventually, the right to emigrate without being discriminated against due to medical needs. Financial and migratory suppression diminishes the quality of life for people who are disabled, and they are essentially criminalised for having a physical condition that’s beyond their control. It’s hard enough for someone to deal with the restrictions of a disability without being given additional limitations which only further suppress their freedom. Feeling stuck can be a trigger for depression, and for those who are susceptible, feeling trapped in more ways than one only compounds feelings of being imprisoned in an inescapable situation. This issue is already being highlighted due to this month’s publicity of the Britney Spears conservatorship case.

Further images associated with this card: This card highlights the need for financial independence, emphasising self-care, conflicts between raising children and working, sacrifices people make to have and raise children, and a familial system that needs to be revised so it can also benefit women. What benefits women, benefits the whole family.

2) U.S. Politics: Page of Swords Reversed

Page of Swords Reversed indicates lots of political plans that don’t happen as promised, resulting in arguments and divisiveness, even within one’s own party. I see another form of division: states splitting off from each other by structures that look like tall, white or light grey concrete walls, perhaps due to the pandemic but it seems like there’s another purpose behind these barriers.

In terms of civil rights, there will be a call to enhance freedom rights for children and animals. You can expect a questioning of videos featuring children that are posted on social media without their informed consent. The main question will be: how can children give consent without experiencing duress when they’re dependent on the people doing the posting for their survival? Even if it’s not considered to be a biased situation, not every child is being asked for their permission so that will be a key issue. I’m not making a judgment on this either way, just reporting what I think writers will be discussing in future op-ed articles and on social media. Furthermore, should children be able to choose co-op living instead of staying with their family of origin? What if there is no abuse in the family but the child just doesn’t feel a connection or interest and instead wishes to explore other cultures? This will be a very controversial discussion.

There will also be the start of a new sector of the animal rights movement: the right of animals to choose their freedom. They’re non-verbal now and can’t consent to human ownership, but what will happen when technology assists animals in developing a voice? While that advancement is yet to be developed, the progression of AI in 2021 will bring up questions about the ethics of animal ownership. I’m not questioning it myself and I can see how it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, I’m just reporting on what I see in the future based on this tarot card.


When I was a child in Philadelphia, I was watching the news one afternoon and I saw a politician giving a live talk at a podium. At the end of the speech he pulled out a gun and shot himself to death in the mouth. Robert Budd Dwyer’s tragic on-air suicide has been returning to my mind lately and I hadn’t thought about him for many years. This prompts me to predict that there will be more political suicides, especially next year. Why next year? Because I didn’t start thinking about him again until I started writing this post about what’s coming up in 2021.

Another interpretation of this card is that we have a two-party system: capitalists and fascists. Fascists couldn’t exist without the support of capitalists. Capitalism in the absence of social democracy is an imbalanced system that ignores the needs of the people in favour of corporate interests. This reality of two corporate parties that support each other in not giving power to the people and get away with it by engaging in performative politics will become more accepted in the mainstream in 2021 and less of a fringe idea. The near-future rise of third parties will challenge the current system of two right-wing prties that essentially work for the same corporate overlords.

I see progress in the U.S. but I also see simultaneous catastrophe, with both of these phenomenons happening at the same time in the same country. In some ways, it might feel like living in two time periods at once: the Middle Ages and the future. This experiential opposition will be highlighted by the presence of something like a feudal system filtered through corporate experience and combined with the growing power of materially-focused evangelical churches. Without capitalism, religions and cults that take advantage of people would have a hard time staying in business. People wouldn’t be so impoverished of resources that they’d need to turn to cults as a last-resort measure for material support.

A very clear image I’ve been having of the future is that of red flags being unfurled on balconies across the US. In this dream, looked like the Communist flag of China, but it’s not just about China or communism. The people draping these red fabrics over their balconies looked happy to be doing it, almost like it was a triumph. We might eventually have communism and fascism coexisting side by side. This vision makes me think of two countries coexisting in one space.

Further images associated with this card: Lots of talking and making promises but not taking acting, empty words, empty promises, not acting according to one’s values, plans that don’t come to fruition, a need to find more accurate and less combative ways to communicate.

3) U.S. Post Election Prediction: The Hermit

Thank you for your question, Ava. 45 was banking on the possibility that his legal team could challenge mail-in ballots that were postmarked by Election Day but received after Election Day (for instance, in Pennsylvania, where some ballots were postmarked on Tuesday but received by Friday). Legally, these votes are valid when they’re postmarked on Election Day so challenging this point was a lost cause but gave Trump time to stall and sow more doubts in the minds of his followers and some Republican political officials.

This challenge of results is something he’s approaching as a multi-pronged effort, and the last-resort component in his strategy is a plan to bribe or make promises to electors if they change their vote to defy the popular winner of the state. While bribery and promises would be illegal, Trump will have these electors approached by a third party and he’ll deny any involvement, saying to the press, “It’s got nothin’ to do with me”. In this backup plan that I channeled, 45 hopes Republican electors will defect in an unprecedented move when official ballots are cast. His hope is that a dispute about electors would fall to the US House and Senate and end up in his recently-stacked Supreme Court. The problem with this plan is that it won’t go off as hoped as some key states like Pennsylvania will have governers that refuse to allow electors to cast their votes in defiance of the popular winner. They’ll try to switch out the renegades for more honest electors. Still, Trump will try everything he can to maintain his brand and build an audience. A true entertainer ’til the end.

45 is perpetuating the myth of a fraudulent election so he can appear to emerge “victorious” when rebranding himself for his new news channel which News from the Future (oh look at me I’m self-promoting, Trump is not the only one who does this…let me not judge others lest I be judged haha) predicted he would create in an article from 2016. Ironically, it was the 2016 elections where he supposedly “won” which were actually disrupted. When all else fails, Trump will say he’s been betrayed by his own party, by the very people he brought to or kept in power. Trump’s connection to Putin has not gone away, and that wasn’t a collective fever dream caused by global heating. Putin has threatened him and his family and others in power, so Trump is in a lot of trouble. It’s payback time. The irony is that in agreeing to suppress other peoples’ freedom, Trump will have lost his own.

It might feel chaotic and unsettling to watch this drama transpire on the news in real-time. All I can say is, go where the love is. That can be a good direction for life in general, at least it has been in my experience.

For Post-Trump-era predictions, please see my post from 19 September 2017. The screenshot below is taken from this article and might provide some context for some of the lessons we will have learned from this presidency.

19 September 2017: Post-Election Trump Predictions

Further images associated with this card: Isolation, introspection, the need for self-reflection, more lockdowns and quarantines, heightened spirituality arising from extended solitude.

4) Economics: 3 of Swords Reversed

In 2021 predictions for economics, this card indicates letting go of an old system in favour of a new, more forgiving one. The heartbreaks generated by hardship will need to be overturned if we’re to function as a society. When one person is suffering from poverty, no one is truly free. Therefore, innovative attempts to overcome the suffering of poverty are indicated. Meanwhile, this outcome won’t occur without a global loss of some kind. There are economic disruptions indicated in other card readings I’ve done that are evident even by January, so saving instead of making large purchases is indicated for the rest of 2020. Post-election chaos and uncertainty will continue through January’s U.S. inauguration plans and beyond and this could rattle the stock market.*

Further images associated with this card: forgiveness (in this position, could be related to debts or loans), letting go of resentments toward self and others.

5) Global Health: 5 of Swords Reversed

This card refers to a loss where the person in the losing position will not accept defeat. While this might sound like Trump, 5 of Swords Reversed shows up in the position of health. Is it possible that Trump’s refusal to accept that these were legitimate elections somehow causes more problems with managing the pandemic? That could be, especially considering he’s stopped Biden and Harris from receiving intelligence briefings and could attempt to block further access during the remainder of his time in office.

In terms of global health, this card means more losses of life and lockdowns, but it’s also a sign that people will not give up hope and new solutions will be implemented. Be prepared for a possible second spinoff disease that spreads worldwide as well, creating new concerns about which pandemic should receive the most attention and resources. Much of responsibility will fall on us to be conscientious by wearing masks and following your local safety guidelines. But don’t despair about the long-term outcome…this card is ultimately about solutions, forgiveness, and improvements.

Years ago, I had a dream that I was in a combination of the plays Waiting for Godot and No Exit. I remember telling a professor about this, thinking that perhaps it was related to my theatre research. Maybe it will be, but I also think it was a premonition about this pandemic. In the dream, I was trapped in a home with other people and we couldn’t go outside. At the same time, it felt like we were waiting endlessly for something to end. At the end of the dream, the walls came down and we went outside. Many people went their separate ways but were okay with that. Domestic life would be forever changed, the family structure would be challenged, and a new kind of society, more communal and inclusive than before, would develop. Which brings us to the theme of the next tarot card, The World Reversed…

Further images associated with this card: Attempt to rise above conflict yet rising tension is indicated, the opening of old wounds, attempts at reconciliation, trying to move forward with forgiveness after a period of crisis.

6) Climate Crisis: The World Reversed

This card makes me want to sing a line from the musical Hamilton: “The world turned upside-down…”. Similarly, when The World Reversed turns up in a reading, there is bound to be a revolution in the way we live. We might see bee breeding to restore ecosystems, an increase in communal living, and climate disasters that result in forced migration which will cause many to roam in search of livable land like our ancestors did in prehistoric times and prior to the development of agriculture. There will be flooding at a rate like we’ve never seen before and some Biblical-level climate disasters, all caused by corporate and governmental negligence. Noah’s Arc is Noah joke. This year will have such serious climate ramifications that the climate emergency will virtually dwarf this pandemic by comparison. I am not minimising the health emergency, it must be taken seriously, but I am saying there will be more pandemics and even bigger problems if we don’t address the climate crisis with real actions based on scientific knowledge. We’ll have to take notice and take these events seriously. It won’t be possible to ignore them for much longer. Floods, fire, famine, and pestilence will fill future news headlines this year. But don’t give up, the sooner we work on this, the better the outcome. If you only want to read the good news, scroll down to entertainment predictions, trends, global relationships, and the conclusion. Choose your own adventure!

Further images associated with this card: Delays in travel, trying to find shortcuts to address the emergency, governments and corporations causing delays and worsening the crisis. Necessary steps are not being taken, leading to more problems.

7) International Conflict: Death Reversed

International conflict can heighten with the presence of this card, yet in the reversed position, it’s an indication that things could be worse. In other words, there will intervention to mediate a brewing struggle. Death Reversed in the position of international conflict indicates that there will be a threat of global war but just as much effort to stop it. However, battles will be inevitable. This conflict will eventually result in a call for peace and nuclear disarmament. This is the card of a “close call”.

Further images associated with this card: Plans get reversed, initial resistance to change, healing through nature, transformation, fearlessness.

8) Technology: The Lovers Reversed

Technology could revolutionise relationships this year, causing some couples to question their reasons for continuing to connect. Lovers Reversed next to Death Reversed can be interpreted as relationships that get radically revised with new approaches, and others that come to an end. Yet Death Reversed is a positive card, so these terminations are truly new beginnings in disguise that reshuffle the world in wonderful ways. Couples (and triples) in long-distance relationships that waned during the initial lockdown will particularly be looking more locally for partnership.

Speaking of triples and polyamory, coupling normativity and couple privileging will also be challenged in 2021. While a trend toward polyamory will continue, consciously chosen singledom will be given more attention and, eventually, acceptance. The idea that being single is somehow a loss instead of a gain will be questioned and explored in multiple sociology and psychology articles of 2021.

Further images associated with this card: Breakups within countries, regions, and personal relationships, rejection of toxicity or power dynamics in relationships, abolishment of hierarchies in favour of increased cooperation.

9) Entertainment: The Empress Reversed, The Star

The Empress Reversed

Empress Reversed in the position of entertainment news emphasises the need for more female and maternal representation in the arts. The Star is a card for entertainers, and it showed up in the entertainment position of our tarot news reading. This is going to be a big year for entertainment but a tough one for mothers (and possibly other parents) who work in this field. There might be an elevated conflict between work and family life that’s generated by this pandemic. However, a revision of family life where work becomes more intertwined with the home will bring about some solutions, despite initially creating some conflict within the family structure while we adjust to this different way of life. The nature of work will be questioned overall, which is helpful for inviting criticism and revisions of the currently prevailing predatory capitalist system.

In music trends for 2021, expect more media interest in the genre of Horror Music, mixed with circus sounds, using sound bytes from politicians (especially from the 2016-2020 U.S. administration), and spooky sounds from home life that reflects feelings of being trapped indoors during the pandemic. This genre feels like listening to unrealised political promises combined with horror films and set to a dance beat. I know you can just get this from flipping quickly through various news stations, but at least this musical version is something you can dance to!

Further images associated with this card: Financial and domestic issues being revolutionised and reflected through popular entertainment.

The Star

Further images associated with this card: Faith, connecting to a higher purpose, seeking a more spiritual, meaningful way of life. Living fully and purposefully.

10) Trends: Queen of Wands

The Empress becomes The Queen this year and more women will be seeking to live out their dreams with a different kind of support from communal bases than ever before. This card also predicts that there will be an emergence of more female leaders moving into powerful positions than ever before in the history of Western civilisation. Large groups of young girls will become more involved in activism, primarily insired by climate activist Greta Thunberg, and with a special focus on racial and environmental justice.

Further images associated with this card: Courage, especially as both demonstrated and supported by women. Following one’s dreams, especially the pursuit of creative ventures. More people demanding to do work that’s fulfilling. Rebellion against the old capitalist system of doing mindless work to earn the bare minimum needed for survival. Protests against busywork at school.

11) Global Relationships: The Devil Reversed

The Devil Reversed is about leaving toxic relationships or connections based on material needs rather than spiritual connection. 2021 is a year when people of every gender will be leaving abusive relationships. No, not everyone will, but you’ll notice more people waking up and gaining their independence. The idea of what constitutes a traditional family unit changes radically this year and leaves us with more choices on how to operate within relationships and in our own homes by 2022.

Further images associated with this card: Moving on from unhealthy work and personal situations, rejection of materialism, becoming globally disenchanted with excessive wealth.

12) Conclusion: The Magician

What a delightful card to end this annual reading on. I was excited when I shuffled the deck and The Magician showed up on top because this is a card with a positive message: no matter how difficult your external circumstances may be, you can alter your perspective and change your inner life in pursuit of something better, which ultimately increases your chances of creating and attracting a more meaningful life.

“Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”-Dale Carnegie

One message of this card is that I can’t control other people, places, and things (nor would I want to–that’s a lot of work!), but I can shift my ABC’s: attitudes, behaviour, and choices.

I spoke more about how to use The Magician card for manifestation at a YouTube event with astrologers Jessica Adams and Penny Thornton so please click this link if you’re interested in working more deeply with The Magician (or The Lovers) card. The tarot reading occurs during the second half of our broadcast.

Further images associated with this card: The power of manifestation, positive thought, expression of positive feelings, optimism, and external changes prompted by a willingness to explore inner transformation. Putting beliefs into action when the opportunity arises.

In conclusion, our tarot card reading on 2021 predictions indicate that there will be an overturning of past traditions in favour of a more matriarchal, collective, inclusive future…but this can only happen if we isolate before we congregate again, keeping in mind that in order for our dreams to manifest, we must continue to be mindful of others and stay concerned about how each action potentially affects every living being. If you live with karma in mind, treating others as you would yourself, a dear friend, or close family member, you probably can’t go wrong and we’ll all stand a better chance of succeeding at survival.

I’ll be wishing you all good things for 2021 and beyond!

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  1. On the other hand, if it was truly none of my business to peek into the future, I wouldn’t be shown these things in advance in the first place.

  2. Jesse J. Tripp on November 21, 2020 at 9:23 am said:

    I read up on your strange dreams about “people living in subways,” looks creepy. There won’t be a nuclear attack, will it?

  3. Jesse J. Tripp on November 16, 2020 at 12:21 pm said:

    If you have any predictions about the idea that movie theaters will be saved soon, which I hope happens, please let me know.

  4. anthony forzano jr on November 16, 2020 at 9:16 am said:

    sorry to hear you have so many health problems. look into being a raw food eater. for 55 yrs i have not seen a doctor or i have i been sick. i am going on 87 i will pray for you. great predictions

  5. Jesse J. Tripp on November 15, 2020 at 8:23 pm said:

    Okay, I’m going to at least try to do some writing this week… especially since Mercury Retrograde Shadow is finally about to end it’s run for 2020 on Thursday.

    I hope I do well with my writing. I am slightly autistic, but I hope I do good writing screenplays or graphic novels; in any case, who knows?

    Thanks for the predictions for 2021. Wish you well not only recovering from your appendicitis but also continuing both your schoolwork and climate protests.

    I just hope the Northeast of the United States gets lucky during this year against the flooding. If there’ll be a problem, I’ll need some way, say, to be safe and sound from it all.

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