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News from the Future Q & A: Animal Rights & Climate Change Predictions 2018

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Thank you, everyone, for your continued patience while you’ve waited for my next post. Today I’ll mostly be focusing on Climate Change Predictions 2018, but also touching on yesterday’s Trump-Kim talks, an upcoming revolution in the US, the dissolution of corporations, how to become a psychic, how to become an activist, the upcoming activism of Meghan and Harry, and the spiritual wisdom of Mr. Rogers! But since there have been some enquiries about my absence, I’d like to take some time to address your concerns. Since I recovered from my most recent foot surgery, I’ve moved to Canada. I will be starting my doctoral studies here in the fall, but I’ll continue to update this blog and offer my services whenever possible.

“To See through a Window in a Tree, On an Island in the Windy Sea” Vancouver Island, 5-27-18 (Pencil & Ink on Paper, 8.5″x11″)

There have also been times when I’ve been unable to write due to a medical condition. Sometimes I experience a mild anaphylaxis which includes temporary muscular paralysis and facial/throat swelling in reaction to the heat and sun. As you can imagine, it’s very hard to write when you can’t move or breathe much!  While these symptoms can sometimes be limiting, it’s not considered life-threatening. And despite my occasional respites from writing, I want you to know that you’re the most important part of what makes this blog happen. I need you to continue being a part of this so we can keep it going, whether that’s by being a reader, sharing posts online, or posting more of your comments and questions. And when I’m sometimes unable to interact with you here, perhaps you can just think of me as exploring other dimensions of the past and future…so that when I come back, I’ll have even more visions to tell you about! By the way, if you’re ever need of predictions while you’re waiting for me to post my next article, I’d also recommend checking out Jessica Adams’ astrology blog.*

I often can read even when I’m unable to write or speak, so please continue to post questions and observations at the bottom of these posts or on Twitter. Speaking of social media, sometimes I have just enough strength to post a brief prediction on Twitter or Facebook, so please feel free to check for updates on one of those forums between post publications.

In today’s News of the Future, I’ve included Animal Rights and Climate Change Predictions 2018, plus answers to some of your questions from previous posts. I’ve also added a quick note about my availability, for those of you who have been asking when I’ll be offering sessions again.

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Q & A: What’s the next big news for Meghan and Harry?


A. I am seeing Meghan and Harry working together as equals, more as public servants than just royal figures. Some of their advocacy work will involve environmental issues, and others will be focused on human rights issues of freedom for oppressed and economically disadvantaged women around the world.

US News from the Future

US States will exponentially increase their lawsuits against the Trump administration. In Trump, the world will unite against a common foe and fight harder to reverse climate change. Yes, climate change is currently said to be irreversible–but even that statement can be reversible when new scientific discoveries are at play. For more on Climate Change Predictions 2018, please see below.

In US Education News, expect a revolution in teaching methods beginning over the next couple of years, where creativity and practicality become more important than maintaining tradition. Classes on gardening, foraging, recycling methods, healthy relationships, effective parenting, and healthy cooking will be as mandatory in the future as algebra is now.

Over the next month or two, I see increased media interest in what constitutes abuse. Controversy over parents in the US who legally name their child “Unplanned Pregnancy” during a relationship dispute (Pregnancy being the middle name) will spark the issue.

I am predicting that a central work registry will be proposed in the US, but will fail to take off in any formal way due to widespread protests. However, the registry will still exist…just in private, and will be uncovered during a period between about 3-6 years from now.

We are on the verge of an uprising, but in many ways this one will be more peaceful, brief, and accelerated than in previous centuries, mainly due to the expediency of social media communications. Of course today’s net neutrality repeal could slow down that communication, but don’t expect that to last. I see the repeal being contested at the state level, one state at a time.

This year will bring a Summer of War that intersects with a Summer of Love in a resurrection of the spirit of  Vietnam War-era protests. In this upcoming, nationwide (and eventually international) Peace March, I see people putting down guns and walking away as a symbolic act. There will be corporations who are working on boosting their tarnished images, and who offer an incentive to turn in one’s semi-automatic weapons in exchange for less potentially harmful safety items. These guns will be melted down, and the metal used to create memorials to mass shooting victims. I see signs and T-shirts at this rally reading “Hugs, not guns.” Many celebrity musicians, some of whom performed at  Woodstock, will be performing, and some student speakers from the March for Our Lives protest will be in attendance to talk about the next phase of the Great American Peace Movement that I wrote about back in 2016.

Decades from now, future articles will describe these times in America as being both cursed and blessed with “an electric, magnetic feeling”. Although magnets are so extreme that they only attract or repel each other, depending on each one’s position. And electricity does give off a lot of energy…but can become dangerous when put in the hands of irresponsible people.

I see a future Time magazine cover with a drawing of Putin playing chess, featuring Trump, Kim, and Duterte as three of his pawns. The person Putin is playing against is somewhat hidden in a shadow, but looks like it is the shape of Earth.

Economic News from the Future

The astrological evolution of Pluto in Capricorn will bring about a system beyond government, beyond corporations, and eventually culminating in a movement for the separation of corporations and state. Expect a popular satirical short-form film to be uploaded on YouTube this summer, featuring people who are forced to join themselves with corporations in a polyamorous (yet loveless) marriage arranged by the government. Imagine being a Bride of Blue Cross, or Groom to Home Depot Credit Services. This film will highlight how none of us have been able to escape our ties to the corporate world, and its themes will precede a decades-long movement that will attempt to initiate a mass divorce between the public sector and corporate overlords, particularly banking corporations.

Q & A: What are some shortcuts to becoming a psychic?


A. There’s no magic pill or shortcut to doing the work and putting time into improving the craft. In my experience, the important things that have helped me are: 1) taking risks–but only once you’ve ascertained that the person you’re reading for is both trustworthy and appreciative of the work, 2) not being worried about what other people think, 3) having empathy–if you can see and feel from someone’s POV, you might have a better chance of reading their future, and 4) honesty/integrity. Honesty as in admitting to yourself the reality of what you’re seeing, yet at the same time having the compassion to tell someone unwelcome news in as caring a way as if that person was yourself (i.e. being delicate about delivery). 5) Practise. Being a psychic is like being an athlete, only in the mental sphere. You have to keep using your muscles to make them work at their best and so you can be prepared for greatest challenges. I can only do my best and have more control of my psychic “muscles” if I practise regularly. Without practise, my abilities will atrophy, which means I’ll have to work harder in the future to make my muscles strong again.

Spotlight News from the Future: Animal Rights and Climate Change Predictions 2018

We’ll be moving into a period of more climate strife, but less oppression. A future Time magazine cover will publish a heading like “Why Can’t Humans Have it All at Once?”

If you’ve been one of the oppressed, especially if those injustices go back many generations into your ancestry, as an unknown source once said, “Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens.” Expect miracles. For instance, I am seeing our first First Nations president in the US within the next 15 years or so. Changes are coming, and the earth will be healing, little by little.

But before that healing takes place, climate change will become virtually uncontrollable in many regions. Actions need to be taken before we are so overwhelmed by environmental circumstances that we are powerless to control the conditions. 2018-2019 will be the two most singularly defining years so far that determine whether we act up or give up. I see action. We are at a point in humanity where our collective fight for survival is more threatened in the long-term than perhaps any time before. The difficulty of navigating bureaucracy combined with our universal trait of human complacency will cause many to wait until it’s too almost too late. Some will deny climate change even as they are being flooded, and others will give a religious justification. As for the religious component, it’s understandable that we would try to explain away circumstances by putting a positive spin on it. We all need a little hope to give meaning and purpose to these wonderful little lives that we’re blessed enough to experience. Yet avoidance won’t help. 2018-2019 will reveal an unavoidable amplification of climate change. And the more we wait, the quicker the changes will happen. Entropy will accelerate these changes, so the sooner we act, the better, because the longer we wait, the harder it will be to get our head above water (sometimes, literally). Yes, we can think globally and act locally, but it will soon become even more urgent to coordinate internationally so we can more effectively implement collective action.

We are in the beginning years of what will become the second largest migration period in history. Some will be said to be “chasing Earth”; migrating from region to region in search of a place that’s as close as can be to the world we once knew. A mass loss of stuff and subsequent questioning of what material things mean will result in the next phase in our current epoch…getting rid of, transforming, and creating a new version of the material world. Uranus in Taurus will help us to create a new kind of earth in an inventive, inclusive way. We’ll be questioning why we have what we have and why we continue to hold onto it. When you have too little, you learn to appreciate the little things, too.

Near-future planetary impact will give us the gift of putting everything into perspective, and yes, I am talking about an increase in asteroids.

Animals will play an especially important role in helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

Eventually only fur from animals who died of natural causes, along with vintage furs, will be legal in many parts of the Western world.

Future DNA studies will demonstrate even closer links between animals and humans, resulting in a change as to how animals are treated. I see animals eventually sitting side by side with people, rather than in a hierarchy we have come to know which dates back to the Elizabethan Chain of Being. I believe you’re right in thinking this system is about to change. The Chain of Being supported the “Divine Right” of kings to rule and of peasants to serve. The system attempted to make sense of difficulties encountered in a post-plague Europe, but also kept the rulers in power and subjects in obedience. Kings were considered to be closest to God in this chain. There’s currently an attempt to keep this hierarchy in place, but as you can see from movements aimed at egalitarianism, the chain has already begin to be broken, and there’s no turning back. The ever-increasing gap between the very few rich and many poor will continue to highlight a need for a change in the system. Once we’re down to just one or two people who own more than half the world’s wealth, there will be an international revolution like we’ve never seen before. Of course, as in the case of climate change issues, the longer we wait, the harder it will be to fight the growing economic disparity we’re witnessing with every passing year.

Abandonment of the Great Chain of Being (which most people in our contemporary world and throughout modern history do not benefit from, and therefore would not see as great!) will change the world in several ways:

First, royalty and religions will be questioned and, while not entirely abandoned, will be radically restructured over the next 20-30 years.

Secondly, economic and gender equity will be fought for–and largely won. As you can see, a gender-based revolution is already underway, to be followed by an unprecedented global demand for economic opportunity.

As scarcity decreases, gender equity rises, and robots become more commonplace, there will be a worldwide questioning of the ethics of how we treat animals. When robots’ rights are questioned, it will be difficult to ignore the treatment of animals, who have a shared history and more commonalities with humans than robots.

Rising environmental activism will incorporate some of the most significant animal activism we’ve seen so far. After all, we are all an extension of nature.

There will be contentious division about carnivores, even over the next 2-3 years. More will be against eating animals as time goes on, but there will also be a strong voice of advocacy for meat-eating as a health benefit. Studies will go back and forth, some showing meat eating to be detrimental, others highlighting the benefits. Overall, we will see more rationing, waste reduction, and responsible use of animal products over the next few decades. Outright slaughter will become illegal and replaced with euthanasia. I see cows at least being given anaesthesia prior to any incisions. Speaking of cows, it will become taboo to eat red meat and eventually will only be done in secret and by smaller segments of society, although this change will likely take another generation or more. But if you love red meat or feel it’s helpful for your health, not to worry…there will be a 3-D printed, non-animal version by the 2050s that is not a “fake meat” made from other foods like we have today, but a realistic replica comprised of nourishing vitamins and cellular DNA replications that will possess an indistinguishable taste, smell, and texture from the meats we now know.

As for your question about species extinctions, that will be a difficult problem to solve, but not an impossible one. Some species will unfortunately be lost–but the good news is, advancements in cloning science will allow us to both recreate and reinvent posthumous versions of many of these species. This prediction neither diminishes any of the lives that will be lost, nor excuses the mistreatment of animals, and is not an endorsement for the neglect of species that are currently going extinct.

Entertainment News from the Future

The near-future of cinema will be predominantly experiential. Live theater will sometimes intersect with film, whereby the audience becomes actors and the actors, at times, live Tweet responses to the audience. The line between performer and audience will become increasingly blurred. Cosplay will meet cinema and incorporate numerous sensorial elements: foods, scents, and 360 degree projections on walls surrounding the audience.

Another version of cinema will be a “choose your own reality” film with alternate endings that can be manipulated by the viewer, in a control-freak’s dream version of virtual reality.

There will also be options for “selective hearing” and “selective viewing”. Basically, there will be a remote, as well as a phone app, that allows you to manipulate which parts of a movie you see and hear and which person’s point of view you want to explore as a main character, in a virtual-reality-meets-cinema experience. This trend will result in audience members having more personal, rather than collective, experiences. On a psychological level, a more interactive  viewing experience will be healing for those who suffer from PTSD. An opportunity to “rewrite” the past and retell stories will instigate a feeling of control that replaces the powerlessness experienced by victims of violence, war, and domestic abuse.

Q &A: How to Be a Political Activist

Thank you for your question, Sara. It’s not just a question of whether or not anything will change. I believe it’s inevitable that everything will change. The more obvious the problems become, the more urgent it will be to expedite solutions.

I don’t think there’s one answer to your question that will apply to everyone. For those with social gifts, activism might manifest as public speaking, social media, and motivating friends to keep voting by going in groups and having an after-party. For those who don’t have time to coordinate events but want to participate, activism might be about showing up to as many protests as possible on the weekends and keeping up-to-date on reading articles about their top two concerns during breaks on weekdays. There are a few ways to tackle this important question, although there will also be other ways that aren’t listed here (and if anyone things of some, please list your ideas below! You can answer these questions, too!):

  1. Find Your Gift. What are you good at? What does it make you happy to do? Are you artistic, do you like to make signs? Are you a gifted writer or speaker? Are you good at being service-oriented and showing up to volunteer events where there is a clearer sense of direction than if you were trying to be a lone activist? Think about the skills you can offer, and want to offer, as an activist that you think would be of the highest benefit to the group and in helping to improve the issue that concerns you. If you don’t know what your activist gifts are, just think of the abilities you already have, then imagine them being used in service of a cause. But which cause do you choose?
  2. Prioritise Your Cause. Choose the top two or three concerns you have about the world today. Let it be something that comes from a place of love, rather than obligation. Intuition can be more helpful than logic when you’re finding a dream to follow. Sara, you mentioned healthcare, treaties, and nuclear war. If your top concern is the US withdrawal from the Paris accord, you can put environmental advocacy as the #1 priority on your list, and so on. It’s important to know what your anchor cute is, the one you would chose to work on above all others. Some categories may overlap with your anchor cause, which can simplify your advocacy strategy. You really only need to choose one cause, as you’ll find it gets more specific the more you volunteer, make phone calls, write, or attend meetings and protests. Eventually, it will shape into something that makes sense for who you are, what you’ve experienced in life, and what you’re gifted at.
  3. Reach Further and Further Out, and Keep Reaching Out. One of the biggest ways you’ll be able to make a difference is by coordinating with other people who also want to change the world in ways that you do. The more you reach out in a specific area of interest, the more people can keep you up-to-date on opportunities and events that help promote your cause. For instance, if you feel it’s most critical to continue to examine the potentially devastating effects of nuclear threats, you can start by visiting http://www.icanw.org. Once you have more information about the organisation, you can find local and online groups with similar concerns. You’ll be able to do so much more, so much more quickly by working with people who also care about your cause and are willing to take action on it. Groups can also keep us motivated so we stay involved longer and have more fun along the way (if it’s not fun, you might want to find another group!)
  4. Stay Flexible Yes, “stay flexible” is an oxymoron, and therefore contradictory. But the contradictory oxymorons I’m really concerned about are these members of Congress who are sending you form letter replies. If one tactic doesn’t get you a result after multiple attempts, try another technique. And keep doing research on and experimenting with new methods of connecting to officials until you feel something starts to work. You can call, show up at local representatives’ offices to ask questions or protest, or if letters are your preferred method of communication, submit your letters as op-eds in addition to mailing them. Sometimes a congressperson does not intend to change their votes no matter what constituents want, perhaps because they are beholden to corporate or other interests. This isn’t the case for every person in Congress, but as we know, it happens. Until there is campaign finance reform, there will continue to be candidates who got to where they are because of contributions from moneyed interests. And those congresspeople will implicitly owe those same campaign contributors a vote or two that will help bolster their corporations. So what do you do when your member of Congress is “owned” by a corporation or organisation, rather than being beholden to the will of the people?   This has been a problem ever since lobbying has existed as a legalised form of bribery. Other than protest, media influence, and outright revolt, some activists might choose campaign finance reform as their top priority cause. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing, and when it’s not working, try doing it in a different way or doing a different thing, but stay focused on your cause and intended result.
  5. Visualise Your Goal This is another fun part of activism. How do you hope the world will look, or how do you think it will feel emotionally, with the changes you hope to make? Meditate on it, do a vision board, and let yourself fall in love with the future you’re working on making with other good people in this world.

Q & A: What did Trump and Kim hope to accomplish at their Best Buddies Singapore Summit yesterday?


“Hawkish Awkward Club Meets for Doomsday Clock Talk and Pub Walk”

Kim felt unpopular while he was living in the US as a student. He developed an “I’ll show them!” complex, and now wants to get revenge for being bullied. All he’s ever wanted was to have a cool best friend and be accepted by the popular crowd. South Korean leader Moon’s idea to make Kim feel included in local events, along with some help from Secretary Xi of China, was a clever tactic for giving Kim what he wants–acceptance–in order to be able to mollify and better influence him.

Bogus POTUS represents the domineering bully who Kim often outwardly resented, but secretly wanted to befriend. Getting the ultimate US bully to accept him, especially considering that he felt bullied while studying in the US, is a great unconscious thrill for this seasoned dictator. It is also a thrill for Kim.

Introducing the “BFF Dictators Coin Collection”. Comes in your choice of two different (mental) cases!

So why did Trump meet with Kim today in Singapore, other than to claim a victory for peace and justify minting his Best Buddies Coin Collection? I mentioned the answer to this briefly in a tweet, and I can get into this topic more deeply in another post if you’re interested. But here’s a preview for now:

Putin’s been manipulating Trump and Kim all along, and was the original mastermind puppeteer behind this meeting. He hopes to form an alliance between Trump and other leaders he’s financially supporting, which includes dictators Kim and Duterte. The truth will come out in the end, as there will be charges of treason and subsequent imprisonment of multiple characters in the play of Trump’s illegitimate rise to power…and we will witness the halls of the White House being replaced with the walls of a jail house.  Then, just like that, Hocus POTUS will (almost) magically disappear.

Science & Tech News from the Future

The next generation will be a time of miracle babies.

Studies will soon be published about the deleterious effects of social media withdrawal.

Speaking of social media, we will soon read news reports about the manipulation likes and dislikes on social media, particularly Facebook. Believe it or not, this era of ours will be looked back on as a time of innocence, when people freely, publicly disliked statements without having to worry about the repercussions of exercising that freedom.

Expect a mass browser history release within the next year or so, in the biggest breach of online privacy to date…so think before you click. And make sure that the texts and emails you send are messages you’d be okay with sharing in public. Your words of today could become your PR of tomorrow. On the bright side, at least you won’t have to be paying a PR agent!

Fabricated online evidence will be uncovered by future cyber-detectives by zooming into documents and differentiating pixels on the edge of screenshots. So be honest about what you post, unless you’re prepared to repudiate anything pixellated that you may or may not have manipulated.

Q & A: My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 8. Now that my daughter’s starting school, I’m worried she might be showing signs of it, too. How will children with autism and learning disabilities be treated in the future? Will it be a better world for them, or will they be more discriminated against?


A. Previously unrecognised, extraordinary abilities in people with what we now call “learning disabilities” will become more acknowledged, and even celebrated, by mainstream media. Instead of always being defined as a learning disability, people with significant aptitude in uncommon areas will be referred to as demonstrating “unusual ability”, “rare abilities”, or exhibiting “empathically or emotionally gifted traits”, and “extraordinary creative or adaptive aptitude”. The world will be getting more accepting, and differences will be perceived as an opportunity to offer inclusiveness. Exclusion will become an old-fashioned concept.

Q & A: What Would the Spirit World Have to Say About What’s Going on in the World Today?


It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood of life when we try out loving and helping instead of the alternative. As the saying goes, “Try being good for 30 days. If you don’t like the results, you can have a 100% refund on your misery”. If you have someone in your life who doesn’t want to be there for others, you can ask that person: Why not try helping and see if it feels good? You can always change your mind if you don’t like it, but you might actually gain something if you give it a chance. People often don’t like to be preached to, so if you relate to the above saying you can always share it as a personal experience.  There’s a reason early societies often used storytelling (other than that they hadn’t invented writing yet!) Stories, theatre, and art can convey more powerfully and memorably than pontificating. As the long-winded Polonius demonstrates when advising his children Ophelia and Laertes in Hamlet, little can be said with much, but much can be shown with little. I just noticed how long this caption is becoming.  *IRONY ALERT*

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”― Fred Rogers

Those who help are driven by love, and those who hurt are often motivated by fear. In a sense, it comes from the same place. Whether it’s from the perspective of the spirit realm or an earthly place or the nature around us that can connect us back to spirit, there will always be a force of good in the world.

With any revolution of consciousness, there is a fight. Something is lost for those in power so they attempt to grab more money and power out of fear of losing their position. A revolution does not come without discomfort, but a revolution can be peaceful. Unfortunately, the one we are undergoing will not be entirely without conflict. I don’t believe it’s fate when people are hurt. It’s the consequence of irresponsible and sometimes reckless behaviour on the part of others. Nor is karma a justification for the social hierarchy or suffering. But I’ll save my views on karma for another post, or you can use the search bar on the upper right of this site to find more articles that address karmic relationships.

When you ask about the same evil force, well, there are many ways of describing a force and I don’t think any of them would be wrong. We are each able to perceive a higher consciousness and the spirit world in our own way, because every one of us has a personal relationship with the spiritual, emotional, and natural worlds. It’s like when you fall in love with someone-no two relationships are exactly alike. I think this can be true for energies, forces, and spirits. A recent increase in oligarchies and authoritarian power means there may be an increase of people giving into fear instead of love. But that does not mean love is not the more prevalent force in the world. Love has always won out in the end when it comes to our collective humanity and basic need to help each other.


Q & A: Reader Answer to Doreen Virtue Question

Q. What happened to Doreen Virtue? Did she really have a “religious awakening” before she came out as a Born-Again Christian about a year ago? Or did she just sense a new audience to market to with evangelical Christians in the US?



Thank you, Diana, for submitting your answer to the above question from a previous post.

Stay Tuned for Trump Predictions Fall 2018-Coming Soon!

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  3. Jesse J. Tripp on June 27, 2018 at 11:15 am said:

    Will the uprising occur this summer between now and October?

  4. Jesse Tripp on June 26, 2018 at 4:45 am said:

    You predicted that the ousting is coming. Last year, you said it would be at that time. But I strongly believe that it’s going to be this year and what will happen to the families? Will they all be reunited in the end?

  5. Peg Malone on June 25, 2018 at 1:18 am said:

    Thank you, Kyra, for your response to my, and our , questions. Your insights and words were helpful and encouraging to me. Wishing you the best in all ways. Take care of your precious self. Pego

  6. Jellybean on June 24, 2018 at 1:05 pm said:

    Thank you for this update Kyra. When I was in college I didn’t have time to do anything besides study, so please take as much time as you need before you come back to the blog. I’m not going to ask anymore questions until others have their chance to be answered too. Praying for your health! ?

  7. Jesse J. Tripp on June 20, 2018 at 10:19 am said:

    Will the recent attempts for a Disney-Fox merger inevitably fail?

  8. Jesse J. Tripp on June 19, 2018 at 11:45 am said:

    There are some states starting lawsuits against the President. I think you predicted that particular one.

    I loved this article so much. I’m anticipating the next one.

  9. Jesse J. Tripp on June 18, 2018 at 11:03 pm said:

    Okay, you tweeted that the UN and the US will have problems over the next few weeks. Will it be the moment that everything finally explodes and the government is ousted completely? I’m just wondering if it’s actually possible that one of the reasons that the “President” will be ousted is because of the US-UN crisis.

    No hard feelings, Kyra. Good luck with your doctoral studies.

  10. Jesse J. Tripp on June 16, 2018 at 11:43 pm said:

    This is something strange: Sessions tried to justify the immigrant apprehensions with religious justification. It’s wrong.

    What do you see after a wrong saying like that?

  11. Sharon on June 14, 2018 at 8:49 am said:

    So great to see your post, Kyra! Thank you so much! Praying for your health issues. Your move to Canada and your doctoral program sound very exciting!

  12. Jesse J. Tripp on June 12, 2018 at 4:55 pm said:

    What will be THE day when the so-called “President” is finally ousted?

  13. Jesse J. Tripp on June 12, 2018 at 12:59 pm said:

    About time, Kyra! I hope you’re doing alright in Canada. Good luck with your doctorate!

  14. Your health issues sound awful and I’ll be praying for you! Canada is a wonderful place to live, especially now. Thank you for these updates! ?

  15. PA, your financial system and tax reform question that I posted above will be a preview question for a future post. Thanks for your patience!

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