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Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Once you’ve accomplished your goal of no longer accumulating unsecured debt** as we talked about in Part I of this series, you may can devote more time to your dreams–starting with some career coaching. In Part I we also worked on Action Exercises, Self Hypnosis Exercises, and Seeking Support. In this update, we’ll work on additional actions you can take to make deep changes in the way you think so that you can be free to live a different life than you’ve ever known before. 

Step 1. Find a Mentor

If you’ve found a retired mentor at an organisation like SCORE, you can also look into finding a mentor who is currently working in your field, someone you admire and who is where you would like to be someday. This person would ideally be doing either what you specifically aspire to do or something close to it (i.e. if you are looking to produce, they might be producing or directing commercials, or even running a marketing and advertising agency). Let them know what you sincerely admire about what they’ve done, and what you would like to learn from them if they are open to being a mentor. A mentor will often say they benefit from the relationship because it feels good to give back and have a higher purpose, or to have the opportunity to pass on what they have learned. 

If you can work for them, even part-time, all the better. You will be getting a free education while earning something that can buy you more time to pursue your career. But either way, it will be a learning experience and you will be building a relationship with someone who can check in with you about your goals (which helps with motivation) and who can celebrate with you when you have accomplished actions toward your dreams.

If the first mentor you go to becomes busy or unavailable, keep seeking out more mentors, but stay in touch with the old ones. Try not to get discouraged if this happens, it is often a sign that you will be getting even more help if you don’t resist the change and continue to seek out additional advisors. It’s okay to have many teachers with various perspectives. 

Step 2. Join a Professional Group or Organisation

Now that you know what you want and have the support of a mentor, you will have an idea of the people you want to connect to who can give you even more support as you move forward into a new way of life. Seek out a local group of people who work in the field you’re most interested in and who meet on a regular basis. It will take some research and you might need to visit several groups before you find one that feels right. You’ll know it’s a good group for you when you feel better being in the room with them than before you arrived, you feel even better once you’ve left, and you’d rather go back to meet this group than be anywhere else in the world at that moment. Stick with people who are honest, successful, and who care about each other. These will be the type of people you can learn from. 

Step 3. Try Self Hypnosis for Success 

Train your mind to think in new ways so you can get more of the changes you are looking for. You get more of what you focus on, and self-hypnosis will help you stay focused on achieving your goals. CLICK HERE for more on how to do self hypnosis.

Step 4. Practise Prayer & Meditation

Practise faith in the wisdom and direction of the Universe by talking and listening to the will of the Cosmos. Build your relationship with Spirit, Nature, or a Higher Consciousness by keeping an open channel of communication.

Step 5. Pay it Forward

Once you reach your goals, or you’ve let go of old goals because you’re happy with where you ended up, you might consider becoming a mentor yourself. The relationship will keep you focused on what’s meaningful, grateful for what you have and how far you’ve come, and will continue to benefit you with positive feelings of self-esteem.

Step 5. Troubleshooting

If you’ve taken the first three steps but still feel stuck in moving forward on certain goals, the three articles below offer more techniques for self-hypnosis:

“The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’ Part I” 

“The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’, Part II: Removing Obstacles to Prosperity”

“The Secret Behind ‘The Secret’ Part III: Finding Love and Fame with Past Life Regression Therapy”

Once you’ve cycled through the three steps (goal setting, finding a mentor, joining a group, and self-hypnosis), repeat the cycle: Check off actions you’ve taken toward your goals and add new actions, check in with a mentor, meet with your group regularly, and continue your self hypnosis exercises. 

Just keep taking the next small, indicated action one day at a time, and let life take care of the details. Try to detach from the results and you will find the journey easier and more enjoyable along the way.

If you’re concerned that reaching your goals is taking longer than you anticipated, think of the acronym LAG: Love, Acceptance, and Gratitude. Continue doing what you love, accept where you’re at, and be grateful for how far you’ve come since you began. The success you achieve on this journey toward manifesting the career of your dreams will be on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual (and whatever other levels we haven’t yet discovered or defined!). Try not to judge your progress only based on the physical, as you will have grown and made progress in many other ways.

“We’re responsible for the effort, not the outcome.”-Author Unknown

Last of all, and most importantly, be persistent. So many people quit the game before collecting their prize! If you have an ability and a positive attitude, it’s only a matter of time before opportunity meets skill. And when you do have a stroke of luck, you will be able to create something lasting because you will have confidence from knowing what you want and working toward it in steps. The one bridge you can build to make sure you will be ready when you meet that opportunity is in the form of little actions you can take right now, just today without worrying about tomorrow. When favourable circumstances come your way, you will be ready because you will know how to build bridges. Perseverance wins out in the end.

“Showing up is 80 percent of life.” -Woody Allen

As you continue on the journey of career success one step at a time, you also have the option of expecting miracles. We get more of what we focus on, so why not notice the miracles? There’s nothing to lose, but you might gain a world of wonder.

“Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens.”-Author Unknown

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**Please consult with your stockbroker or financial advisor regarding financial choices and investments.

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