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Election Predictions 2020: Tarot Card Reading

Today’s News from the Future is a compilation of election predictions 2020 for the upcoming US presidential elections. Imagine we’re psychic time travellers, being transported to the future on a psychic time machine, with tarot cards as tour guides…

Hypnotherapist & Psychic Kyra Oser

Dear Readers,

Happy Halloween! For something really spooky, I thought I’d bring you predictions for the 2020 Presidential Elections.

I’ve missed writing to you, and I hope each of you has been well despite the isolation and global changes we’re experiencing this year. Update: I was rushed to the hospital in July with a severely perforated appendix and nearly died. But I’m back from the dead, and just in time to vote for the 2020 elections!

Near-Death Experience: To Be Continued…

As for my recovery, I’m still fighting a serious colon infection that resulted from my hospital stay and which I’ve had for over three months. Side note: my burst appendix is genuinely the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me because it caused me to have an elaborate eight-day near-death experience in which I travelled to the afterlife, met my father’s ancestors, had a life review, was shown the reason behind every event in my life I ever questioned and was given information about multiple higher purposes for myself and others. More details on that later.

Gifts of Life and the Afterlife

Overall, I stayed in the hospital for twelve days (fortunately for me it happened in Canada and not the U.S.) and I’ve had four complications since my emergency surgery. While there is no guarantee of my recovery from this (hopefully) final complication, I’ve already benefitted immeasurably from these recent health events. In addition to being provided with heightened insights and diminished fear, my near-death experiences gave also me the gift of a more significant version of joy than I’ve ever known before. Subsequently, I’ve been spending time on what matters to me, which is mainly 1) striking and fasting for the climate and 2) writing. I’ll continue to post more details of my recovery journey on Twitter and Instagram.

A Story from the Other Side

During my hospital stay, I contacted friends to tell them I felt my father crossing over. I knew my afterlife experiences were somehow connected to his life because I was shown this plan by his ancestors during my near-death experiences. Some of you know he’s been seriously ill for many years.

Lanny Harris Oser (29 December 1948-5 August 2020). This photo of us was taken in front of one of our apartments in Philadelphia.

Incidentally, ten days after I was released from the hospital, my dear father passed away due to brain cancer.

Thank you to each of you who has been a source of support and comfort throughout the course of his complicated illness. During one of his hospital stays last year he expressed a wish that involves you: “You have to tell people about these techniques. Not everyone knows what we do, it will up to you to teach them”. He was referring to our family’s methods of developing and using psychic abilities, particularly prognostication. This activity was passed down from his mother to him and from there me and my sister practised what he taught us–but apparently it’s been passed down for hundreds if not thousands of years through our tribe. However, it was taught by example rather than in a written tradition, so I’m working on ways to theoretically describe the methods we’ve been practising so I can share them.

How to Make Psychic Predictions About Elections and More

One method I can share with you tonight is to believe in your mind’s ability to go much further than what you’ve been told is possible. Perhaps precognition was experienced more in my family because it was normalized, believed, interwoven into our lives without questioning its origin, and ultimately it was framed as a positive and natural experience. I’ve learned that attitude matters if you want to develop something more or explore something you haven’t ventured into before.

Additionally, the more you practise, the better you’ll become. You can’t exercise just a few times in your life and expect to be magically blessed with ongoing muscular strength. Similarly, if you want to invite premonitions into your future, be open to them with the receptive awe of a child, read about the subject from people who have experienced precognitive thinking, document your experiences, and, most importantly, do not give up no matter what circumstances you may encounter. If you find it difficult to do this work without tools, turn to tarot or another modality you feel drawn to so you can receive communicative clarity and external help.

Finally (for now), if you haven’t been practising psychic techniques throughout most of your life, you’re going to have to work harder to make up for the lost time. But it’s never too late to start on something you’re genuinely interested in pursuing. Do it for the benefit of others and you’ll find even more support along the way. If you have helpful intentions, you will be helped; this is true for many things in life.

Preview of the Future

In future posts, I hope to elaborate more on these psychic techniques by honouring what my dad taught me. I’ve continued to stay in my PhD programme on a full-time basis and I’m still working as a university teaching and research assistant, so I remain busy but I’ll check with you whenever I can. While I’m in school, I will be able to post on social media more often than I can blog. For now, I’m seriously ill and taking a potentially life-saving antibiotic which is causing severe reactions, so I want to apologise if this post does not represent my best work.

Speaking of social media, check on Twitter for details about an upcoming YouTube show which I will be co-hosting with bestselling author and psychic astrologer Jessica Adams, who recently appeared in an interview on ITV’s This Morning show and on the cover of Daily Mail for accurately predicting the coronavirus.

1) Election Predictions 2020: Initial Outcome

4 of Swords Reversed: Civil Unrest

election predictions 2020

I doubt anyone is surprised by this card showing up for election predictions 2020, particularly considering how politically fragmented the country is right now. 4 of Swords Reversed indicates that results will be stuck in limbo for a while. There will be cheating on a massive scale and in even more ways than we witnessed in 2016. Despite this conflict with determining election results, there will be victories along the way in the form of new successful downballot candidates.
Further images associated with this card: Communication difficulties, misunderstanding, two sides not listening to each other, major transformation, and inner strength as a product of recent struggles which will be needed to navigate upcoming instability.

2) Conflict(s of Interest)

6 of Pentacles: It’s All About the Money

election predictions 2020

6 of Pentacles indicates that there have been payments, both known and unknown to the public, which are determining the outcome of this election. The manipulation of this election will be nefarious and multifaceted. You will likely see the word “donors” repeated frequently in future news articles that look back on this election.

In another sense, this card is about a call to end the ever-growing disparity of wealth which is enabling an increasingly problematic imbalance of political power.

Further images associated with this card: charity, generosity, sharing of resources…although in the position of “conflict”, this is not being shown as a good thing. An unfair distribution of wealth is going to contribute to conflict, especially considering the meaning of combative meaning revealed by the previous card, 4 of Swords Reversed.

3) Republican Candidate

10 of Cups Reversed: Familial and Party Disharmony

Until ranked-choice voting is an option and gerrymandering is eradicated, we’ll be stuck with voting for either right-wing or extreme right-wing choices in upcoming elections. In future times, the electoral college will be seen as yet another way to suppress the votes of underrepresented people. While the pendulum will swing to the left in future times and this phenomenon has only begun to exert its influence in the House and Senate, we will experience a further loss of human rights in the meantime. Women’s rights will especially be targeted and some of these guarantees of equality will be temporarily lost.

The Handmaid’s Tale Nightmares

For the past few years, I’ve been having acutely realistic precognitive dreams about women in the U.S. dressed in clothing from the novel The Handmaid’s Tale. In these nightmares, there is an increasingly puritanical approach to governing backed up by a well-funded theocracy. People born into privilege will have access to the services they need, while the majority will be denied access to abortion and other women’s rights. Yes, human rights are already compromised for those who aren’t privileged but get ready for this problem to become more extreme.

The downfall of this party’s power will be its upcoming infighting and an inability to work together towards a common goal. If everyone’s objective in a group is to look out for themselves, that system cannot hold its power for long. Refusing to consider how personal actions harm others is how we got to this point of neofascism intersecting with religious extremism in the first place.

Further images associated with this card: infighting, unwillingness to get along, divorce, estrangement from family or group, “every man for himself”. This card also indicates a higher percentage of voters than ever before leaving both major parties following the election.

4) Democratic Candidate

Queen of Wands Reversed: Election Results Contested

According to this card, the Democratic Party will be involved in a legal battle to contest election results. This card is predicting that while Biden wins the most votes, the Republican campaign will actively sabotage election results in multiple ways, which means there’s no agreement or backing down on either side. It won’t matter who gets the most votes; rampant cheating will throw the election results into question once again. Gerrymandering and the electoral college won’t help ensure a fair process either…they never do.

In other words, while Biden technically wins the popular vote, Trump’s campaign will claim elections interference. This card indicates the likelihood that Trump will make a public claim, in which he refuses to accept the results because the election was “unfair” to him. However, it will be the Republican campaign which is actually interfering with the results in a classic case of gaslighting made possible by mass ego-syntonic behaviour and carried out through social media propaganda. He will be quoted as saying the system is “against me” and that “we” (a nod to his followers) “need to fight back” and stand up for what’s fair in order to save democracy. Of course, his call for freedom is a way to achieve the exact opposite: he intends to suppress democracy. The press and freedom thereof will be particularly suppressed following the election. I know this isn’t the most positive prediction, but keep in mind that I’m not saying anything new. There are reasons I moved to Canada a year after he was “inaugurated”. I could foresee the political and environmental situation would be worsening.

Future Perspective on Present Times: “Remember ‘Bloody November’ “

There will be bloody protests in and following November, which will trigger the Trump regime to send in the National Guard. This period will be remembered in future textbooks as “Bloody November”, a month of events that feature violence and instability. Who will save us then, the UN? How can all other countries intervene when the US and Russia possess the most nuclear weapons in the world and the US is now essentially allied with a Russian authoritarian government? Of course, there will be cheating, since Republican enablers got away with it last time and have had four years to get better at it. Speaking of the word “bloody”, remember “Bloody Sunday” in 1972? There will be comparable protest marches resulting in preemptive arrests where citizens aren’t given access to a fair trial. You can also expect 2021 articles looking back on the election to draw parallels between the “Troubles” that ensued in Northern Ireland during the late 20th-century and what we’re on the brink of in the US. There will be a division of the religious and secular that results in the beginning of a pseudo-Civil War.

Mutual accusations, unclear results, and attacks from each party, both literal and figurative, is part of the reason why civil unrest will ensue. More specifically, a woman is being shown in this card as a force in trying to persuade this case to move through the legal system:  most likely the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. The state of Pennsylvania will be critical in this case. There will also be especially contested results in Florida and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Massachusetts. Despite these efforts to resolve the conflict through courts of law, the overturned Queen of Wands reveals at least an attempt at a second term. While I see headlines that say “Second Term?”, notice the question mark after this headline. This election will be even more stolen than the last one…unless enough powers can successfully intervene. Will the Queen be able to enforce the correct election results, or is justice destined to be jumbled? Based on the following card, it doesn’t look good.

Further images associated with this card: envy, misogyny, petty disgreements based on gender discrimination. Groups of women who pursue justice.

5) Short-Term Outcome of Election Predictions 2020

Death Reversed: Long Delays Without Resolution

election predictions 2020

Ruled by Pluto, this card indicates that while the outcome could be more uncertain and problematic, there will be a long delay with no clear agreement or accepted resolution to this election. Yes, this means a constitutional crisis, but Death Reversed is better than the upright version of this card, so there will be help along the way from lawyers and Congresspeople.

Ultimately, this election will be looked back on as a breakdown in the longest-standing democratic system in history…and the official start of a revolution. Protests will ensue. Sadly, this card foretells a loss of life due to violence, although there will be moving and voluntary protection of life from everyday people throughout various communities which lessens the scope of that loss.

Further images associated with this card: averting a near-disastrous outcome. Transformation of consciousness. There will be some who resist impending change and others who refuse to accept reality.

6) Spiritual Lesson

6 of Pentacles Reversed: Getting Money Out of Politics

Here is the part of election predictions 2020 which offers a glimpse into the higher purpose of these upcoming events. If wealth continues to determine election outcomes, the long-term implications will be dire for all of humanity. We will pay the price in more ways than one. This undeniable realisation about the corruption of accepting political bribes from campaign donors is what the 2020 and 2016 elections will most potently reveal. Financial corruption in politics hasn’t improved so we’re being offered another chance to overturn this unfair system that perpetuates class warfare. Until campaign finance reform is enacted into law, the problems caused by money being involved in politics will only increase and worsen.

In another sense, the persistence of legalised political bribery where corporations influence lawmaker decisions through lobbying or campaign contributions need to be reformed with urgency so we can take advantage of our narrowing window for ameliorating the destructive effects of this climate crisis. More lessons offered by the outcome of these elections is further explained below, where I drew the 9 of Swords Reversed.

Further images associated with this card: underhanded exchanges of money, planes and flights involved in carrying out covert operations, tax issues, debt, charities that operate as a front for money laundering.

7) Long-Term Outcome of Election Predictions 2020

Page of Pentacles

This is a card that represents the emergence of help from a younger generation that wants to eradicate the presence of money in politics. The presence of a Page of Pentacles in this reading reiterates and amplifies the 6 of Pentacles and 6 of Pentacles Reversed that were revealed in this tarot reading. Three out of eight of the cards highlight a need for systemic reform in the area of money in politics. This card also predicts campaigning for campaign finance reform in the U.S., mainly led and inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Further images associated with this card: this election provides a major opportunity to overturn financial corruption by moving from a hierarchical system to a more collaborative, egalitarian version of allocating global resources. It had to happen in the US, a hotbed of unmitigated capitalism, for this Uranus-in-Taurus monetary shift to expeditiously manifest in the interest of future human rights and the well-being of our climate.

8) Long-Term Benefit of Election Outcome

Nine of Swords Reversed: Recovery from Trauma Leads to Better Times

election predictions 2020

In terms of long-term election predictions 2020, this is a positive card about recovery from hardship, heartbreak, and isolation. Recovery of trauma leads to better times–if spiritual lessons are heeded. More specifically, the increased protests generated by upcoming political troubles generated by election results will serve as much-needed training for upcoming climate strikes. It’s no coincidence that both political unrest in the U.S. and climate disasters are increasing at the same time. The U.S. is one of the worst polluters in the world, contributing to climate change when it could afford to do the opposite in preventing it.

Further images associated with this card: therapy, recovery from emotional troubles, revelations of collective fears in order to overcome them, self-improvement, overcoming depression. Know that help is out there if you reach out. Like the Page of Pentacles, this is a hopeful card related to a productive transformation of global consciousness.

“…today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” –Dale Carnegie

Radical Change is Wholly Inevitable

The words “radical”, “holy”, and the term “holy war” will be cited as instigating factors in upcoming unrest. Yet there’s a positive perspective on the transformations our country is currently undergoing. When near-future events are considered in a spiritual context, the breakdown of our political system is initiating a heightened awareness of political problems that can no longer be as ignored as they have under more than forty years of neoliberal rule. It’s easy to be complacent when circumstances are moderately (pun intended!) tolerable but almost impossible to ignore injustices once it starts to affect you personally. Religious extremism and corporate corruption have eroded human rights by infiltrating both parties but it’s also made activists out of many of us who wouldn’t have gotten involved otherwise. I am one of them. Now I spend my Fridays fasting and striking instead of mindlessly shopping at the mall. I can’t pretend that I didn’t enjoy my old corporate-worshipping life, it’s just that I’ve been fortuitously catapulted into a much more meaningful, spiritual, and surprisingly fulfilling version of my life by participating in climate strikes. Perhaps these recent times of growing right-wing extremism have made an activist of you, too…but it’s just the beginning. We will need hundreds of millions or, ideally, billions of activists to combat the greatest threat to life in all of human history: the ever-emerging and continually accelerating climate emergency.

U.S. Election Predictions: Conclusion

In conclusion, our tarot card reading on election predictions 2020 indicates civil unrest, cheating, riots, and revolution, followed by the eventual overturning of our present system resulting in future improvements.

Revolution of Consciousness and the Election Process

There is no clear winner so the biggest bully will exert control with the assistance of the National Guard. In a way, both major parties are mirroring each other in that they have become bullies in different ways. One seeks to change or circumvent the law to further their own agenda while the other frightens the populace into supporting them, no matter how ineffective they are, by emphasising the imminent danger of their opponents. Neither is ideal for our current climate, so in the absence of ranked-choice voting, perhaps it’s more a matter of choosing the best of the worst.

The biggest danger in human history is the climate crisis, so which party will be more helpful in protecting the environment? Before I cast my overseas vote, I checked which candidate climate scientists and prominent climate activists have endorsed and ultimately agreed with their collective suggestions.

While this year, even more so than 2016, does not indicate a fair election process, the act of voting and demanding yours is counted will still be necessary for retaining what we have left of our democracy.

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  1. Your “prediction” was more like a projection of your hopes and wishes. The cheating took place alright, but not by Republicans..they were sent home and the liberals got busy. You’re a terrible psychic because you can’t be objective.

  2. Peaches on November 28, 2020 at 2:54 pm said:

    Trump won – loony liberals stole election!

  3. Jesse J. Tripp on November 15, 2020 at 4:16 pm said:

    One thing I really hope, Kyra, is that there is indeed a cure and everything begins to go back into order.

  4. When will Trump accept these results? It’s been a week and all of his lawsuits have been dismissed or thrown out?

  5. Jesse J. Tripp on November 11, 2020 at 6:01 am said:

    And thank you for the answer, Kyra. Miss you, though.

  6. Yes, Nathan, it’s good news and you called it a few days ago.

  7. Hi Gina! Good to hear from you. Not to worry, there will be a positive outcome. It will help that media now won’t be giving 45 as big of a platform with which to manipulate public opinion. Most news outlets are coming through by supporting the truth which is partly self-preservation…4 more years of this would have meant the end of freedom of the press. So while there will be delays and chaos, there will ultimately be more progress than anything. Now part of our job is to hold this new administration to more progressive policies and abolish the electoral college so we don’t get another fascist in the White House.

  8. Nathan Fleischman on November 7, 2020 at 10:51 am said:

    Biden has officially been declared the winner.

  9. Hi Krya – I hope you get better soon. Crazy times. I hope the dems will fight for the White House.

  10. Nathan Fleischman on November 4, 2020 at 10:42 am said:

    Biden is the clear winner now.

  11. Jesse, Trump is doomed and will be forced to leave office.

  12. You might initially see news headlines that say: “Trump Wins” but don’t believe it. There’s a vast web of cheating at work and things aren’t as they first appear. He’ll declare victory despite many votes not being counted. Expect delays, attacks, violence, and confusion.

  13. Dartha, I see an uprising over this election. I think Trump will (unrightfully) force himself into office and Biden will be (illegally) prevented from taking office. The cards foresee a long legal battle and protests like we’ve never seen before in the U.S.

  14. Dartha vance on November 1, 2020 at 6:54 am said:

    Will Biden Eventually win

  15. Jesse J. Tripp on November 1, 2020 at 6:08 am said:

    So his “second term” might never happen, if Jessica Adams is right. Just wanted to clarify what it means.

  16. Just to be clear about the results of this reading, Trump will try to take a second term, despite Biden having won more votes. Many votes will remain uncounted and some of the ones that are counted will be dismissed by his campaign as “elections fraud” due to supposed “tampering”. The Republican Party, according to these cards, will insist that these elections were “illegitimate”.

  17. Jesse J. Tripp on October 31, 2020 at 11:44 pm said:

    Will Trump be forced to leave the White House as a result of this whole fiasco that’s about to take place?

    Hope you get better.

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