The Goal Contract: Three Steps to Future Success

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The Goal Contract: Three Steps to Future Success

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

In Part I of this series on finding your future success, we talked about how to write six-month plan for your dream career, creating columns for visions, goals, and actions. We also covered some ways you can substitute having a “vision” for other senses, feelings, or experiences, because you don’t have to be visually-oriented to be able to manifest your dreams.

Part II will be a discussion of your long-term goals, and how to create a Goal Contract in order to “seal the deal” with your unconscious mind.

Visions, Goals & Actions Chart: Long-Term Plans

Once you’ve completed the six-month action toward your goal in the upper right box from Part I, you can make a check mark next to it (or anything that indicates it’s been completed). Then you can work on the next goal in the one-year column below. If it feels too daunting to take a long-term action on your goal, create a new short-term action for your six-month goal, and keep completing one action at a time toward a new goal every six months until you are ready to visualise or imagine where you’d like to be a year from now.

future success

Consider writing or pasting a picture with little details of your vision on your chart, such as “I’m sitting on a cosy chair on a balcony overlooking a field of gardens. I’m enjoying a strong, flavourful coffee with the love of my life as we sketch a bouquet of flowers together. We’re having so much fun that we can hardly stop laughing long enough to catch our breath”. The more detailed your description is, the more your unconscious mind will believe it, expect it, and continue to seek out that experience whenever possible. That’s partly because we tend to repeat the experiences we know, and you can create new experiences that you would like to repeat by envisioning or feeling them before they happen. (Kyra Oser, 1989. Oil Pastel on Paper)

Let’s go back to the example from Part I, which included a goal of taking a trip to Paris in six months. If you’d like to take your goal a step further, picture or pretend you’re in Paris a year from now. What would you be doing? How would you ideally like to feel? Peaceful? Excited? Inspired? Fulfilled? The details and feelings would be briefly described on the one year line, under the visions column. Then think of what small actions you could take over the next year to make your vision more likely to manifest.

If you’re ready to experience the advanced part of this exercise, all  you have to do is visualise, imagine, or describe where you’d like to be five years from now. Then pretend you’re in the moment of that experience, acting as if you’re feeling that feeling you’d like to be having in the future. Try to stay focused on the category you’ve chosen for your first chart. In the example below on Diagram A, the category might be described as “travel” or “relocating”, but there are no limits to how many categories you can use for this exercise. It’s best to choose one category per chart.
In the lower right box, add some actions you can take over the next one to five years that will help you work toward your five-year goal.
future success

Diagram A: The Dream Chart. In the middle and lower boxes of your chart, you can add one-year and five-year visions, goals, and actions.

The Goal Contract: Commitment to Future Success

If you’re ready to lock the suggestion of your dream career, trip, romance, artistic achievement, or health aspiration into your unconscious mind, you can add a dimension to your Dream Chart called the “Goal Contract”. All you have to do is turn over your Dream Chart, and write, preferably in cursive: “These goals, or an upgraded version, have now been set in motion and are manifesting for the common good of all involved”.

Cursive writing creates an ideomotor response that connects to your unconscious mind, but you can still make an effective goal contract if you prefer to print, type, or write your contract in an app on a notepad. Then add some gratitude to the contract, with something like: “Thank you for everything I have.” An attitude of gratitude attracts even more to be grateful for. You have now created the first part of your Goal Contract.

All you have to do to complete it is sign and date the contract at the bottom of the page. A signature not only represents a commitment to your goals, but it also signifies that you are making a contract with your unconscious mind. Even if you forget about this Goal Contract and set it aside for some time, you might be surprised to see that you manage to achieve some of these things (or other, even better, but similar events) without having to exert too much effort. That’s partly because we naturally gravitate toward what we believe we can have, and a contract creates an expectation. The Goal Contract is positive reinforcement that signals to us in a lasting way that we believe in our potential enough to take the time to make a formal commitment to our aspirations.



Dilemma: I don’t know where I want to be years from now! Can I just work on goals for the near future until I figure it out? Like for tomorrow? 

Solution: Sure. If a six-month goal isn’t comfortable, try starting with a one-month goal, then working your way up to a six-month goal. Or take it one day at a time, working on one day or one-week goals. There’s no incorrect way to do this exercise. Everything I mention is a suggestion with the intention of giving some structure to your dreams so you have a better chance of merging your inner world with external possibilities. Dreams often don’t come to us with accompanying instructions, but a contract and chart gives your unconscious mind something close to guidance or instruction.

Dilemma: Now I’m bored with my goal. Where do I go from here? 

Solution: If you no longer feel inspired to continue working on your goal, that might mean you’ve outgrown it, or maybe it’s naturally transforming into something else. In that case, you can start a new goal with a new vision and action on a different sheet of paper.

Dilemma: I have a lot of goals. Sometimes I don’t even get started on anything because there are too many things I want to be doing. Where do I begin? 

Solution: If you have many goals, choose the one you feel most excited about and inspired to create. If you have enough time to work on multiple goals simultaneously, use a different sheet of paper for each visions, goals, and actions chart. This exercise is meant to be fun. However, if working on more than one goal at a time is stressful, ask yourself one question: which of my visions would I want to be living if I could choose to be doing only one thing today? If it’s still not clear to you as to where to start, focus on priorities. Ask yourself which goals are the most time-sensitive. If you have a dream that would be easier for you to do now than maybe two or five or ten years from now, start with one that either has a deadline or that you have the most chance of achieving in the near future.

Upgrade from the Universe

Sometimes the outcome of your goals won’t look the same as what you’d hoped for. The current chapter of your life and the best things that can come of it might require a different plan to be beneficial for everyone involved. If your goals are being rerouted but you still feel strongly about them in their current form, it might just be that you need to try a different action to get the results you want. Yet if you continue to encounter obstacles to meeting your goal, keep in mind that when you ask for something, the answer is never “no”. It’s either “yes”, “not yet”, or “your life is in the process of being upgraded”. As you continue on the path to finding your dream career, ideal love, ongoing educational enrichment, or meaningful retirement, your objectives may transform into something bigger or more unusual than what you’d planned on. Sometimes our goals get remodeled by the Cosmos. Other times, a calling will lead the way. The force of a calling might feel like a horse-driven chariot that suddenly propels you onto an unexpected path toward a higher purpose. If you stay flexible about things that are beyond your control, it will become increasingly apparent that the Universe gives us frequent upgrades to our plans…and often in ways that are better than what we would ever have imagined for ourselves.

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