Human Consequences of the Climate Crisis

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I migrated in February, 2018 due to climate change. Since I experienced the human consequences early, I want to tell you about it from the perspective of the future so that you can be more prepared for what’s to come. My hope is that in telling my story, I might bring more awareness to the urgency of the climate emergency.

Human Consequences of the Climate Crisis


Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

I will be sitting outside of Parliament and fasting on Fridays until 1) the U.S rejoins the Paris Agreement, and 2) the U.S and Canada reduce carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. I’ll also be striking on Fridays from working, shopping, and school until the U.S. and Canada reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions. I was inspired by Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future school strikes and an Extinction Rebellion founder, Roger Hallam, who went on a successful hunger strike so that his university, King’s College London, would divest from fossil fuels.

In the following recording, I’m going to talk about what the future of a climate crisis might look like for you, based on where I’ve been and where you may go. Of course there will be some differences in each of our experiences. Consequently, we’ll all be exposed to changes in varying degrees. Here is my story. Thank you for listening:



Global Climate Strike, September 20th, 2019


Fridays for Future and Global Climate Strike

Please join us for Fridays for Future school strikes and the Global Climate Strike on 27 September, 2019:


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