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Nine of Cups is the card of the day. Travel to the future on a psychic time machine with tarot as your tour guide!

Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Psychic Time Traveller Tarot: Nine of Cups

nine of cups

News from the Future and the Nine of Cups

In future news, Nine of Cups emphasises the lifestyles of the ultra-wealthy. This card signifies upcoming journalistic investigations into the expenditures of those who live well beyond their means. I’m not bringing this up as a judgment of anyone’s lifestyle, this is a prediction of coming trends. Those who live within their means or close to it will be viewed in a more positive way by society. The tables will turn, and excessive wealth will no longer be preceived as an admirable trait. Wealth worship will decline. For instance, it will be difficult to sell off luxury items and McMansions, as the few others who can afford these items will be trying to hide their own large-scale acquisitions.* In other words, conspicuous consumption is going out of style.

In general, the Nine of Cups is about satisfaction, happiness, and having all of one’s emotional needs met. This card asks the querent to pay it forward. If you are at a time in your life where you have more than you need, whether materially or spiritually, how can you now share that good fortune with others? Your happiness will only grow by sharing it. “Shared joy is a double joy. Shared sorrow is a half sorrow”.   –Swedish proverb


Psychic Time Traveller and the Nine of Cups

On a universal level, Nine of Cups is a card about gratitude, appreciation of the natural world, and a love of living beings. There is no limit to how much love we can feel. Wealth runs out once spent, but love once spent only grows. Now is a time when climate events are asking us to focus on the love and appreciation we do have for all our environment has given us, and to stand up and speak up for its preservation. The least we can do is try to save the very life that gave us ours.

If you had a parent who raised you and became sick, wouldn’t you want to be there for them? Especially if your own survival depended on theirs? The Earth is our collective parent, the Mother who has given us everything we needed to exist. The least we can do is treat her with even a modicum of what we have been given. The time to pay our good fortune back to the land is now or never.

Eco-Activism and the Nine of Cups

While the destruction has primarily been caused by a small group, the large majority of those who didn’t cause it are the group that can save it. Those who benefit from deforestation are the last who can be trusted to do anything about it. They are also some of the ones in power. We have seen how environmental stewardship in the hands of those who profit from its destruction has turned out. This is why we’re on the path to a necessary, peaceful, international coalition endorsing global revolution. It doesn’t matter if your carbon footprint is as small as can be, we all have a duty as living beings to foster the continuance of the very kind of life we all have been given. Only once we minimise the damage that’s being done to our planet can we truly get back to the happiness of the Nine of Cups.

Self Hypnosis on the Nine of Cups

When you are taking a moment to unwind from your eco-activism of the day, try to focus on something that brings you joy. If you’re someone who is affected by your environment, you can rearrange something in your home, even if it’s a small gesture like having more library books around, or moving a plant closer to the windowsill. Or your gesture might be outdoors rather than in your home. For example, maybe you can plant trees to set an intention of giving back to the Earth. Perhaps you are more connected to your inner life right now. In that case, Nine of Cups invites you to meditate on and reawaken previous feelings of contentment, fulfillment, and gratitude. Visualise or imagine you have the life you want. Picture the Earth as healing from its current state. Then take action to make that happen. Visualisation without action is just a dream.

Alternatively, you can set an intention to rejuvenate your faith in the power of global solidarity. In times of crisis, personal happiness is most amplified by virtue of collective involvement. Solutions to overwhelmingly large problems are possible when overwhelmingly large groups get involved. Overall, this is a card about making wishes and dreams come true.


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