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Nine of Swords Reversed is the card of the day. Travel to the future on a psychic time machine with tarot as your tour guide!

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Psychic Time Traveller Tarot:

Nine of Swords Reversed


Nine of Swords Reversed

News from the Future, Eco-Activism, and the Nine of Swords Reversed

In future news, the Nine of Swords Reversed can indicate sobering realisations and events. We are in for more shocks about the environment and upcoming threats of global war. However, you can choose to perceive these alarming events as a call to action. Awakenings are capable of preventing even worse circumstances. If you’ve been searching for a higher calling or purpose, it’s here. Eco-activism is a cause that will require an immense volume of collective effort. It is the Mother of all causes, the Mother Earth of all issues.

Service as Solution to the Nine of Swords Reversed

There will be some whose psyches are particularly vulnerable right now, even a couple of world leaders who may give into despair. Try not to give up right before the miracle happens. If you can stay focused on being of service for the next chapter of this adventure, you will likely fare better as we embark on a different kind of era than we’ve ever encountered before. Service is one way to keep the mind off of obsessions about oneself and the future. Another resource I have found to be helpful is the informative and solution-oriented audiobook, This is Not a Drill.

Nine of Swords Reversed asserts that we have to do all we can to stay as mentally healthy as possible during even the most challenging of circumstances. I have seen self-hypnosis alter mental states into a more positive and motivated frame of mind under especially trying times. Transformative thinking is immensely achievable for those who are willing to undergo radical psychological change. Hypnotherapy is one approach, but there are other techniques as well. Please keep reading for more tips about mental trips.


Psychic Time Traveller and the Nine of Swords Reversed

It’s inevitable that we will all have fears and resentments throughout our lives, but they can also be shifted with actions and exercises.

Fear Exercise for the Nine of Swords Reversed

While some fear can help us survive to a certain extent, and panic is certainly currently called for, an unhealthy version of fear may paralyse or depress a person from taking action. If full-blown terror has been interfering with your productivity lately, an emotional shift might allow you to function again. In that case, it is possible to turn over any fears or resentments that may come up during this time of climate crisis. For instance, you can ask in meditation that fear be taken from you. I did this the other day when I felt paralysed because of the intentional burning of the Amazon rainforest. I didn’t expect anything from the exercise. The next day, I woke up feeling acceptance about what had already happened, and motivation to take action in the present. Without this exercise, I will often replace one worry with another, but that morning I felt an open emotional space where the fear had been. The removal of such a significant fear was surprising to me.

Perhaps the relief is temporary, but I can turn it over again if that happens. This feeling of acceptance of what has already happened didn’t stop me from wanting to take action now or in the future. Actually, it gave me more energy with which I can continue to speak and act. I don’t have to fear that losing my fear will cause my fear to happen. I can only know if I am more effective in the absence of fears if I experiment with having them removed. After all, it’s easy enough to get that fear back if you feel you need it again.

Resentment Exercise for the Nine of Swords Reversed

Resentments are another feeling that can drain one’s energy. We need all the energy and time we can assemble for this climate emergency. When I feel a resentment against someone come up, I pray for that person for about two weeks. Even if I don’t mean it at first, at some point the positive wishes become effortlessly sincere. I ask for that person to have all they would want and all that’s in their greatest good. Eventually the resentment is lifted. If the feeling comes up again, I can send them positive wishes, and again the resentment dissipates until it disappears. Ultimately, this exercise in forgiveness can also act as a catalyst for self-forgiveness, increased self-love, and a magnified love of others.

Advanced Assistance for the Nine of Swords Reversed

In some cases, this is a card about getting emotionally overwhelmed, sometimes to the point of depression. If you’re at that point, it’s imperative to reach out for help. There are support groups, 12-step groups, and some hotlines which can offer free help, even in the U.S. Mental health help is not affordable for many in the U.S., where therapy sessions can be highly costly and unattainable. Sometimes it is a choice between having a home or getting crisis counselling. I have had some experience with this system.

For instance, when I was going through a divorce many years ago, I traded some of my paintings at Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic in exchange for two years of counselling. I got the idea from Van Gogh, who sometimes paid his rent this way. These paintings were certainly not anywhere close to Van Goghs, but the clinic was open-minded enough to accept this arrangement and subsequently auctioned off my paintings at their events.

Phone Meetings, Hotlines, and the Nine of Swords Reversed

Finding mental healthcare in the U.S. can require some creative thinking, but if you are in need, please keep searching for free  clinics, support groups, and hotlines. There are 12-step groups for many issues, and we all have issues. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. Most 12-step programmes have phone meetings in the U.S. Many 12-step phone meetings also provide international numbers so you can call in from other countries. The only cost is however many minutes your phone company charges you for the call. While it is possible to send a small donation, it is not mandatory, and newcomers or those who are unable to afford it right now are not expected to send donations.

I don’t know of many hotlines in the U.S., but there are local hotlines for teens and LGBTQ, as well as a national crisis hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. Additionally, you can try 211 for local resources.* Self-care is crucial in times of stress, especially if you spend a lot of time engaging in service or eco-activism. Keep in mind that you will be able to help most when you are at your best. When you take care of yourself, everything gets taken care of.

"Family Reunion" Acrylic on Canvas. This is one of the paintings I traded for counselling.

“Family Reunion” Acrylic on Canvas. This is one of the paintings I traded for counselling.



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