Predictions 2016: Clinton Running Mate Julian Castro, Stocks Plummet Tomorrow, & World War Looms After Biggest Oil Crisis Since 1970’s

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Predictions 2016:  Clinton Chooses Running Mate Julian Castro, Stocks Plummet Tomorrow, & World War Looms After Biggest Oil Crisis Since 1970’s

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Julian Castro as Running Mate Widens Appeal of Clinton’s Campaign

Clinton chooses running mate Julian Castro, Secretary of HUD, after a narrow victory in the primaries.


Watch for stocks to crash hard tomorrow morning in China, and for another major sell-off to occur. As I blogged about recently, there will be an oil crisis bigger than anything we’ve seen since the first and second “oil shocks” of 1973 and 1979. This will be followed by a temporary boost in the economy by November.


Oil Crisis and Shortage Coming By Summer. Get Out Your Bikes!

Government officials and journalists will frequently be using the terms “banking reserves” & “federal reserves” to describe the cataclysmic changes in banking that will occur this summer.
We’ll see self-serve department stores in 2017. Camera-eyed robots will be monitoring purchases.

U.S. Politics

There will be a near tie in polls between Sanders and Clinton as many influential politicians begin to endorse Bernie during the next two weeks, but Clinton will ultimately gather more delegates to win the nomination.
jeb bush nikki haley

After an unusual turn of events where Rubio has to step out of the race after the nominations, Jeb Bush considers Running Mate Nikki Haley. He ultimately doesn’t go with her, but does choose a female candidate.

After Rubio soars in the polls but cannot continue in the race, Bush becomes the nominee by an unusual turn of events and will eye Nikki Haley as a running mate but ultimately doesn’t choose her (see earlier blog about Republican candidates Cruz and Trump’s future scandals and mutual self-destruction). Check back for more updates on future news in who will be the Republican running mate.

Global News

An international conflict escalates into worldwide war by the summer of 2017, but doesn’t become an official World War until October of 2017. The war begins in mainland Europe, an extension of conflicts brewing in the Middle East and Syria. Russia is a party but takes advantage of the war by grabbing territory in the Southern Caucasus region of what looks like Azerbaijan. The U.S. enters this war at a later date at the encouragement of Great Britain. For more on the impending World War, please visit my recent blog about Depression Predictions in 2016 and other updates in future news.


Scientists will soon announce that there once was a Superplanet which included Earth and other nearby planets in our solar system. Experts will make this discovery by gathering materials from other planets that are similar to elements

superplanet blog

Pan Planet Theory, or “Panet Theory” will soon be announced by top astronomers

naturally occurring on Earth. Scientists will offer an analogy about the Pangea theory, where all the land on Earth was assumed to be connected  before splitting into separate continents. And so the Earth is even more a microcosm of the cosmos than we thought.


Anthropologists will soon be saying in the news that our ancient ancestors didn’t drink and eat at the same time like we do.
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  1. When do you feel the market will make a short bounce from here many thanks

  2. Dear Kyra, Your insights into the Economy and Geopolitical tensions are a great help in preparing for the immediate and medium-term future. Thank you for your generosity. Cheers. Mike smith

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