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Predictions 2016: Part I

Los Angeles Psychic Kyra Oser offers Predictions 2016 for Celebrities, Politics, Health, Science, Fashion, and Fads of the Future.

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Republican Party Divides into Two Parties, Bush Wins Republican Nomination, Trump Tumbles, Rise and Fall of Ted Cruz, Clinton Wins Election,  Sanders Secretary of Treasury. Plus, the Coming Neo-Renaissance, Plague, Nanobot Implants, Topless Top Hats, and More Psychic Predictions for 2016!

los angeles psychicCelebrity Los Angeles Psychic Kyra Oser is currently Host of America’s Love Channel on KKNW and has given many accurate celebrity psychic readings as Host of 5 seasons on CBS Radio’s Zodiac Girls featuring celebrity interviews, Host of The Luv Channel, Co-Host of CBS Radio’s Zodiac Divas with actor Butch Patrick, and Co-Host of The Astrologer’s Daughter on KKNW.  Kyra’s interviews have been featured on Wetv, Alpha TV, Kababayan L.A., Tailgating with Kato Kaelin, and more, and she is featured in numerous radio show interviews, podcasts, and magazine articles throughout the world. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Kyra’s psychic predictions for 2016 will be fascinating for anyone interested in celebrities, health, new developments in medical technology, astronomy, fashion, and U.S. politics, and more. Read further to see what’s in store for us in 2016!

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Justin Bieber Expect a drastic physical transformation with a new look, including dark hair and edgier clothing. Prepare yourself to see a darker side of Bieber. Basically Bieber with darker clothing. He will present you with his new fashion line this year, meaning he is selling shirts with his picture on them.  As for Bieber’s love life, there will be unrequited love as he is more interested in someone than she is in him. He will have an on-again-off-again relationship with another woman, we’ll call her Woman #2, but B continues to pine for the unattainable one-his #1.  When the woman of his dreams gives him a chance, it’s off with Woman #2, but Woman #1 grows bored of The Biebs when her Ultimate Dream Man (Man #2) pays her some attention. Instant karma for J.B.! Bieber will settle again for Woman #2 at the end of the year. It’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream-er” for The Bieber, where the woman he loves loves another who doesn’t love her back, and nobody gets the one they want-at least not until the spell is broken in 2017.

Selena Gomez There is death around Selena in the form of a serious car accident. She ends up being quite lucky.

Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrity Predictions 2016: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer will portray five characters through one vehicle. It is as if she’s playing a character who has multiple personalities, and it looks like she’s filming a remake of a classic in black and white, à la “Three Faces of Eve”. But in this case, five. In Jennifer’s love life, there will be two people she is flirting with, although she is not particularly involved with either one.  She feels conflicted as part of her wants children and strongly wants to settle down, yet she is not quite ready and still wants to have her freedom. Someone significant will be there for her in a couple years. She wants someone without any drama, as she’s had plenty of relationship drama. In August she’s at a wedding, this could be both a scene in a movie she’s filming and a friend’s wedding that she participates in as a bridesmaid. Jennifer almost gets married in an impulsive moment, which will demonstrate part of her acting out her inner conflict between family and freedom, but she ultimately decides she’s not sure about this person.

Amy Schumer Amy absolutely will not have to worry about romance. Her confidence will attract many suitors. Yes, that previous sentence sounded like a fortune cookie, but this year, Schumer will be one fortunate cookie!

Beyoncé  Beyoncé is looking to have a third child and will consider adoption.  Beyoncé will suffer from a leg injury this year, and while she’s recovering it makes her think about charity work and and family. As a result of her injury and increasing compassion for those with physical limitations, she seeks to be involved with a charity organization where she can be face-to-face with children who suffer from paralysis and mobility disabilities. She will also be involved with helping to create a children’s book about hope in frightening times.

The Kardashians  Kim purchases a white house that looks like The White House. Is this a subconscious decision based on Kanye’s newfound interest in politics?


Celebrity Love Predictions 2016: Blake and Gwen

Blake and Gwen  Blake will be changeable and easily bored when it comes to romance. Gwen’s heart will be broken as he pulls away and dates a younger woman who has a 5-year old daughter. Blake hurts Gwen, but when she agrees to separate, he realises he is deeply loves her and is willing to try and make it work again. Still, he remains conflicted as he is coming from a religious family background that values the closeness of commitment, yet is enticed by the trappings of fame. It’s like he’s living two lives as two people, and I am not talking about him being Man #2 (please see Justin Bieber predictions, above).


Democratic Candidates: Close Race, Closed Case

Hillary Clinton- Hillary wins the Democratic Nomination and Presidency in 2016.

Political Predictions 2016: Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders- Bernie runs a promising, electrifying, surprisingly close race with Clinton. I say surprising because he will have had far less media coverage, but still will manage to gain tremendous support beyond what is currently projected in 2015. There will be a natural disaster in March and again in May that turns more attention to the climate change aspect of Bernie’s campaign and quickly brings him new followers while motivating the old ones to vote. While Clinton will suffer yet another scandal and it will look as if her campaign is in jeopardy by July, she pulls through due in part to her connections. She will offer Sanders and Warren a place in her cabinet. Warren refuses but Sanders considers Secretary of the Treasury, carefully weighing whether he would better serve the common good of the people as a Secretary or Senator.


Political Predictions 2016: Bernie Sanders in a very close race with Hillary Clinton

Republican Candidates: It Soon Comes Down to 5

Rand Paul will be the next major candidate to drop out of the race, followed shortly thereafter (and nearly simultaneously) by John Kasich. Ben Carson will continue to drop in polls and will fade away in media coverage.

Chris Christie becomes more relatable and grows on many people. He will announce in 2016 that he is writing an autobiography and this book will help him to gain more credibility as he admits what he’s learned from his mistakes. Remorse over previous political blunders will inspire Christie to make amends to the public by helping those who cannot help themselves. Christie’s increased interest in social programmes will make him more moderate throughout his career. He will suffer from a heart condition that pulls him out of politics earlier than he would like, but he will ascend to the twilight years of his political career with much more respect than he’s been given during the last few years, and the word that will be most associated with Christie in the future is “redemption”.

Carly Fiorina will hold onto the race for as long as she can, even while dropping more and more in the polls. Part of the reason for her grip is that she is being encouraged to stay in the race by the RNC, who initially likes the idea of her running as a Vice Presidential candidate. However, as the RNC is vetting her, they feel she is not as dynamic as would be needed to gain support and they decide to go with a more flexible personality; it’s Bush or Rubio they have in mind. But Bush does not want to be the Vice Presidential nominee.

Ted Cruz Ted will soon surpass Trump to become the Republican frontrunner-at least Ted-porarily. Cruz will rise to the top quickly and fall just as fast. In about 3 months, a scandal from prior work in Texas will threaten his campaign and cause him to drop out of the race despite being promising in the polls at the time. Media will portray him as being a shoe-in for the nomination, but all that changes when one woman speaks up about the physical abuse and overheated, disease-infested conditions that have sometimes resulted in the death of Texan women being held in prison under false charges for a number of years. What does this have to do with Cruz? It will be made known that he was aware of these abuses and injustices and had more than one chance to do something about it, but chose to ignore the problem. His negligence will ultimately be blamed for the death of some women, a few of them even having been pregnant at the time. While he was not the one having the most oversight in this situation, he will be the highest level official who can be blamed. An African-American woman (who was falsely imprisoned and has become an attorney since her release) will pursue this case and bring it to public attention by March, although these abuses are already being looked into. It seems that the incidents in question started occurring as much as 15-20 years ago. The scandal escalates to a legal conflict that will result in Cruz being asked to drop out of the race. He won’t drop out right away, but will wait a while and drop out for what he says is another reason. He will say “I’m taking time off for my family”, and he will convince himself that’s the reason. He’ll try again with a new public image in another 4 years.

Marco Rubio We’re now down to three, but Rubio is not ultimately the Republican Presidential nominee. He may be perceived by the public as having the necessary attributes on paper, but there will be complications that are beyond his control. To begin with, the Republican Party prefers the appeal of Rubio to Bush, but Rubio will be less available and Bush will refuse to run as a Vice Presidential nominee. I’ll get into why Rubio will be less available in a moment.

Jumping back to earlier in 2016, there will also be a prevailing sentiment amongst some in the RNC that Rubio isn’t projected to stand on his own and get more votes than Clinton. Why not? The party will look for someone with something Hillary has–name recognition. Someone with a famous last name. Someone closely related to a former President. Someone like…

Jeb Bush. But Rubio is an important component in the quotient. Rubio will be asked to run as the Vice Presidential nominee instead. When Rubio is unable to follow through due to family and health issues, another Vice Presidential candidate is assigned to Bush. The RNC will regret being too hasty in not waiting for Rubio when Jeb loses the election, and many supporters will lament this mistake.

marco rubio

Political Predictions 2016: Marco Rubio

jeb bush

Political Predictions 2016: Jeb Bush





2016 Republican Strategy= Minority+Celebrity.  The RNC wants to get Bush as the nominee with Rubio as his running mate, attempting to combine the beneficial external traits that Hillary has on her own: female+celebrity status. However, this plan is partly thwarted when Rubio’s personal life becomes complicated and Bush is the last one standing, even if right now in 2015 he seems like he’d be the last one you’d think would be standing in the end.

What could be important enough to pull Marco Rubio away from a successful Presidential campaign? I had a vision of Rubio being pulled away from the podium by a magnet, the magnet being a family tragedy on two levels. One situation related to his wife and a daughter, another directly affecting him. I see illness and a skiing accident. He recovers and tries to continue the campaign, but by then another Vice Presidential nominee has been announced. The party ultimately uses the story of Rubio sacrificing his own career for the needs of his family to magnify any support he was already garnering, save him for the next round in four more years, and focus their attention on getting Jeb Bush into some comedy improv classes. Just kidding about the comedy improv, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary has an acting coach, so Jeb, please remember that the best strategy for knowing your competition is learning to play their game. Speaking of, I would love to see the two of them in the ever-popular comedy improv game Three-Headed Broadway Star or time-old improv favourite Party Quirks as they warm up for a Presidential debate.

But What About Donald Trump? Speaking of actors, I didn’t forget about Trump, I’m just placing him in a category of his own as he will end up standing alone and without the support of the Republican party. Trump’s campaign is more calculated and less random than it may appear to be, and is the mastermind of several strategist-publicist masterminds who have been hired to alter public perception at will. When Trump starts to drop in the polls, he will purposely make an even more outrageous proposal that rivals his previous public propositions. When he offends most parents and many adults with health issues by proclaiming that, as President, he would assign “firing squads for the fat” in order to combat childhood obesity, well, he has purposely sabotaged the campaign so that he can get out before he gets too low in the polls. He will also make an offensive comment about people with disabilities being “unproductive”, a “drain on the system” and will allude to Nazi practices of mass extermination in a thinly veiled manner (he is hiding some recently discovered medical issues himself, so on a psychological level he is also projecting a fear that his own conditions will render him useless to society). Trump ultimately abandons the party rather than being pushed out, stating that, “I don’t have to be treated this way”. However, this technique of quitting before being fired is something he had planned to do this all along since he decided to run as a Republican candidate 1) for the publicity and advertising opportunity it provides, and 2) because he knew he wouldn’t win against Clinton with the amount of support she already had in pursuing the Democratic nomination. And he’s more used to firing than being fired, so he will reject the Republican party before being rejected.

Trump will go his own way and revisit his original threat to make a third party run (“promises are promises but things have changed and I will not subject myself to that sort of treatment”, he will say), but he does not follow through to the time of elections because he will drop in the polls, so the triumvirate will initially look like Clinton, Bush, and Trump, and then will come down to Clinton and Bush by November. This star-studded trio is indicative of how the 2016 Presidential race will ultimately be diluted into a celebrity popularity contest. The one with the most advertising will win, and the one with the most financial backers will have the most advertising. Therefore…the issue of offices being up for sale will become undeniably more obvious in the 2016 Presidential campaign than it’s ever been before. Campaign finance reform will soon take centre stage as a political discussion, and if Bernie takes that position as Secretary of the Treasury, we just might see something done about it.

Health and Science

High volumes of minor diseases will be used as antidotes to fight major diseases, including some types of cancer. Rapidly replicating colonies of serious illnesses will be fought by blending a mixture in a petri dish consisting of one similar, yet lesser, illness to the type the patient is currently fighting, and one minor illness that will serve as an antidote. The combination that is deemed most effective for that particular condition will then be injected, much like an inoculation. The similar disease is the first line of offense: strong enough to fight fire with fire. When the major illness is weakened by its similar “sister” disease, what remains of the original disease will be replaced with the antidote–the most minor illness of the three. At this stage, the patient is considered stable and will be treated for the least serious of the three illnesses. This type of treatment will be called something like Combative Medicine. At first the success rate might be something like 30 percent, and it looks like this technique will soon be used on some cases of  Ebola.

This solution is comes at just a time when a new plague is threatening to take more of the population than what we have normally been used to in our lifetime. There will be a plague this year which will be a smaller version of the upcoming Great Plague of 2018, an infectious disease spread by contaminated water and associated with the residual effects of flooding. The Plague of 2018 will unfortunately result in a significant loss of life unless there is more action taken to diminish the effects of climate change and rising sea levels within the next year or two.

Speaking of rising, people will start to be genetically programmed for height alterations during the next couple of years. It’s going to get even harder to find clothing for my 4’11” self. Does anyone know of a good tailor for genes?

Drugs will be developed that can be administered through people’s ears with a vaporizer. Just when you thought you were running out of orofices! Certain drugs will be able to permeate the organ of the skin, therefore providing a milder form of medication than oral or injectable options. Some of these substances will be administered through an isolation chamber where vapors of curative substances are inhaled by way of steam, and other treatments will be concurrently infused with both vapors and topical solutions. Pleasant scents similar to aromatherapy accompany the treatments and make the experience more relaxing and less invasive to other organs when chemicals permeate the skin rather than being ingested. Plus it will be like taking drugs in a steam room at the gym. Have a great 2016!


Don’t be an anti-biotic…learn to love a lemon!

As for other scents, lemons become trendy as antibiotics and more.  Not to say it’s a lemon of a year, but key elements in lemon combined with other elements will be used to form a hybrid antibiotic–part nature, part lab, part Limoncello (please see above section on inhaling drugs). Something related to antibiotics will be discussed in helping with diabetes and possibly other endocrine issues.

Medical Technology

nanobot mechanic

Medical implants evolve from stationary to mobile and self-regulating. Tiny moving nanobots will be programmed to keep our bodies functioning from within, like little doctor dolls. For instance, these minibots will be able to prevent heart attacks by fixing narrow arteries as soon as they become weak. “Nanobot Mechanic, at your service. Let’s get to the heart of things!”

Nanobot implants will be so adorable, you’ll want one as your pet! Or maybe several of these Automatic Body Mechanics. Imagine tiny robots that are almost too small to be seen and who each are programmed to do a specific job, such as making a diseased heart function properly. But this isn’t just an implant, it’s a nanobot mechanic who is like a little personal doctor on call for you 24/7 and who will immediately fix things when they break. These nanobot robodoctors will only be called to action if needed in order to prevent surgical procedures and life-threatening events. These mechanics can be turned on or off by the patient. Even when they are working you often won’t feel it as they will be configured to not disturb the nerves. How convenient it will be to make it to your 9 am meeting for a presentation with Corporate while simultaneously getting stomach surgery. Just don’t eat any doughnuts ’til the doctor’s done!

When it comes to world hunger, 3-d printing providentially provides more resources just as we need them to combat climate change. 3-d printers will be making water in just a few years. Upgraded versions of 3-d printing will also move humankind in the direction of eradicating hunger. 20-25 years from now, starvation will be a baffling memory and we will wonder how it could have ever been that resources weren’t proportionately allocated to every living being for the entire history of humankind.


A planet that looks like peanut butter will be discovered.

outer space stars nasa nebulae 1934x1934 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_11In June of 2016, astronomers find what they think is a black hole, but it goes off into another dimension, so it might be called a loop hole. It is a beautiful route with a protective layer around it. There are planets in this system and it is more than a galaxy. There are fast and slow planets which age fast and slow, and shifting gravitational pulls allow them to intermittently interact, almost looking like they’re dancing around each other in a planetary pas de deux.

One planet has rainbow colours, white sand, and extraordinary clouds. There is some kind of life that will be discovered there and the sands make music as they whip in the wind. We will see it with cameras before we ever get there. There is an algae-like substance in water which is colonised by tiny water beings. This is a planet without conflict as the little creatures are loyal to one another and supportive like a  family, maybe becuase it is in such early stages of life.

Further exploration of other, closer planets will help us make more medical discoveries. Things that are scant on Earth are abundant elsewhere. We will discover and benefit from life saving elements, but it comes at a cost when life will be lost as we explore farther reaches of the universe in search of resources. The periodic table will soon include more elements.

Somewhere in Africa, I see a zebra, a cheetah, and a giraffe. This is not the setup for a bar joke, but an extinction emergency. The killing of animals is escalating and extinctions will be happening at a faster rate. Impending droughts combined with an increase in hunting will create an urgent short-term need to find solutions to extinctions. Even as this is happening, cloning, replication, and a huge leap forward in fertility biotechnology will give us a second chance to save some of our rapidly dwindling species.


In Fashion Predictions 2016, a shifting, changing hair color which changes with temperature and light will soon become available. Jeans will have “cookie cutter” shapes such as stars and hearts cut into them…kind of like Lucky Charms!

Clothes will be comfortable and there will be fringes in a Native American style. Baggy clothes, pioneer skirts, and wide, tight belts will make a comeback from the early 2000s. The theme this year will be comfort with oneself, and as self-acceptance becomes more prevalent,  clothes will expand to become looser and accommodate all body types. Form-fitting clothes that are designed for limited body types will no longer be the primary mainstream choice. However, a reaction against larger, genderless clothes will take place in the form of a feminine Neo-Victorian retro revival, featuring long skirts, corsets and Victorian/Edwardian hats with bows.

plant hat

Fashion Predictions 2016: Men’s open-top hats with space for letting your hair hang out, not fall out. Future jokers will call these hats “The Convertible” or “The Topless Top Hat”.

As for accessories, men’s hats will gradually come to have an open top on top of a top hat. The top part will also look like the pot of a potted plant. It becomes pot-pular to have hair sticking out of the top of top hats like a garden planted atop of your head.


Spontaneous drumming on the streets will become more noticeable by the fall of 2016 but will already be popular in major coastal cities of some Western countries by the summer. There is a community feeling of anyone being welcome to participate. The drumming becomes a prayer for some, and for many is a collective envisioning of the better world we can have when interconnectedness is acknowledged, appreciated, celebrated, and sustained. Cases of depression are reduced due to this communal prayer practise, a movement some will call “Push the Boundaries” or “Play to Participate”. Transcendentalism, Thoureau, and getting back to nature become prominent cultural themes. Climate change contributes to planetary appreciation while people band together in groups and move out of isolation into a neo-tribal, post-communal phase that arises out of reaction to terrorism. Random strangers will meet this way.  Some will become friends, some fall in love, some change each others’ lives for just a day. Spontaneous, improvised sessions arise and increase in popularity, sometimes fighting with city noise ordinances. Native American ritual emerges out of this and is practised on city streets by groups who are not of native origin, not as a mockery but in an attempt to make spiritual connections to nature by way of Native tradition.

native drum circle

Street pow wows become popular. Anyone peaceful is welcome to participate, and the ritual brings back a sense of safety and community while increasing awareness about climate change.

The tribal drumming participants wear loose-fitting clothing from around the world to demonstrate solidarity with international unity. The global clothing and meditative drumming will become interwoven with an anti-war movement that piques from 2018-2020. This peace movement will be the most vibrant and mobilising we’ve seen since the Vietnam War, and will quickly become international. There will be less sex but more exercise and psychedelic drugs will have been replaced with Google Images on iPhones, but the underlying message and intention is the same: love, peace, and respect for life.

As a reaction to an increasingly disproportionate emphasis on math and science in Western education, there will be a neo-Renaissance in art. This will be evident in 2016, but will be more publicly acknowledged as an established movement in 5 years. Talented artists many haven’t heard of yet will soon be coming to forefront. Minimalism in art will go out of style in 2016 and will be replaced by detailed-oriented pieces that are time-consuming to create and include traditional techniques, but with an emphasis on contemporary content. As art practitioners integrate current interest in mindfulness and meditation into their work, art is used more and more as a form of meditation accessible to anyone. “Everyone’s an artist” will be something you’ll be seeing soon on T-shirts (maybe not in Bieber’s 2016 fashion line, though…unless it is a self-portrait!). The coming neo-Renaissance will provide some natural, productive solutions to loneliness, lack of direction, depression, and violence. Some noticeable differences between the New Renaissance that is emerging in its early stages by next year and the one of the 14th-16th centuries will be that this time, everyone is welcome to participate, the movement will increasingly include collaborative works, and the motivation for creating art is more about a spiritual journey and how it connects us to one another than it is about the final product.

Check back soon for Predictions 2016 Part II, including Economic, Business, and Global News predictions.


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