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The Coming Stock Market Crash, The Pope’s Heart Attack, Will and Kate’s Baby, Another Terrorist Attack and More Psychic Predictions for 2015

los angeles psychicCelebrity Los Angeles psychic Kyra Oser is a series regular psychic on the popular daytime TV talk show Kababayan L.A. and has recently been featured as a Past Life Regressionist on WE TV’s My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and as a Tarot Card Reader on Tailgating With Kato Kaelin. Kyra is also is a Certified Hypnotherapist and graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Kyra’s psychic predictions for 2015 will be fascinating for anyone interested in economics, entertainment, new developments in science and technology and world politics. Read further to see what’s in store for us in 2015.



In July 2015 I predict there will be a stock market collapse. It will start in Asia and ripple worldwide to affect the housing market. This is an aftershock of the 2008 Recession. My predictions also show there will be signs of an economic decline in June but most will ignore them, thinking it is just a temporary setback and a market adjustment. July will make it clear that the problem is more significant than initially anticipated. In the long-term, these economic setbacks trigger a heightened awareness of climate change and will be a short-term sacrifice that promotes long-term environmental benefits. Financial setbacks will force us to be resourceful and not wasteful.  We’ll live in a simpler way out of necessity and subsequently will do less damaging things to the environment. Climate change won’t disappear, but it will be mitigated.


My psychic predictions indicate Will and Kate will have a baby girl, followed by a second son in 2017. As for names? Parents will want to go with something traditional. The girl will have a name that sounds like Diana or Di, in memory of Princess Diana. The next boy they have will be favored for a name like James or Charles.

Another psychic prediction is that Pope Francis develops a heart condition but overcomes it with expert medical help from a particularly effective surgeon. Pope Francis indirectly paves the way for future female priests in the Catholic Church, even though he is unable to directly support this movement as he would lose the support of those he needs to advocate other causes, especially those who placed him in his position.

Science and Technology

Astronomy: I predict progress in discoveries about the nature of dark matter and negative space.

Global Warning/Warming: ‘Plant Power’ will be generated from greenhouses as an alternate method of redistributing energy and maximising resources.

Communications: I predict 3D hologram/video images that can be interacted with being developed by a company in Japan, possibly Sony or something that sounds like ‘Sacho’ or ‘Seiko’, and eventually will partner with Apple. Old movies and photographs can be used to reproduce 3D images of those who have passed on and can be interacted with in conversation, much like Siri from an iPhone. Rudimentary multidimensional replicants will be shown throughout the year, primarily at various exhibits in Seoul and Tokyo.

Medical Technology: My psychic energies show unexpected developments emerge in the management of diabetes. Gestational diabetes is making progress towards a cure.

I predict laser surgery will be developed to help minimize back and arthritis pain and in our lifetime laser technology will be able to eliminate chronic pain.


I predict outbreaks of what looks like a form of Rubella, originating in West and Central Africa as well as parts of the Middle East, featuring prominent skin rashes and restricted breathing. Fortunately, many cases of this illness prove to be quickly cured.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) will continue to increase in outbreaks before a solution is found via the development of a more effective vaccine.

My psychic energies show an outgrowth of Tuberculosis that has merged two diseases into one and developed into a third mutation of the original illness becomes apparent in 2015. My predictions show this may start in or around Mumbai, India, later spreading to Europe. This disease can be eventually contained, although it is very contagious and will be referred to by some epidemiologists as an emerging ‘plague’. Initially presents itself with symptoms of the flu, later including an itching at the bottom of the feet and eventually palms of the hands, accompanied by coughing and phlegm. If not treated, it can shut down the immune system. Will be given a technical name that sounds like “lyochoparesis”. Vaccines will be developed for treatment and should be available by January, 2016.

World News

Armenia-Eastern border is especially vulnerable to Russian invasion by October.

China– Two leaders emerge and one will conquer. They look like brothers and will engage in a dispute led by their respective followers.

Egypt-Ground conflict developing in the North in connection with Israeli/Palestinian relations.

Germany– Major boat gets capsized in an accident. Some will say it’s national karma for the WWI sinking of the Lusitania 100 years ago.

Iran-Remains intractable on nuclear treaty. More luck in the summer of 2016.

Isis-Will get worse before it gets better. Damascus is involved. A solution may not be apparent for about three more years in Syria.

Israel/Palestine-Treaty or Accord talks in August or September (not with Hamas), but not represent the will of the people on either side. Agreement is limited and is more in favour of Israel.

Libya-An abuse of power amongst highest ranking government officials will be revealed.

North KoreaKim Jong-Un is dealing with diabetes, a blood condition, and high blood pressure. Retaliatory threats are deferred when a tsunami/earthquake occurs off the West coast of Japan (May, 7.2-7.6 on the Richter Scale)

RussiaPutin develops signs of a hereditary heart problem, becoming very ill by November.

Ukraine-Border continues to move farther West as Russia encroaches, although Russia is unable to dominate the Western region.

United States-Another terrorist attack? My psychic predictions indicate a plane leaving New York for Paris, a Boeing 747, the numbers 16328 showing prominently in relation to the plane. Could be United or a major airline, departing from JFK Airport sometime between 7:40-8:40 am EST on or around March 16th. Mid-flight attack on plane over the Atlantic, initiated by two men aboard the flight, one of whom is dressed as a steward and may in fact work for the airline or has worked for the airline and kept the uniform, one whose name looks like “Jof(h)ar Saloureezi”. There are 4 others who are assisting this attack from a radical organisation that started in or around Lebanon.

Obamacare will continue despite legal efforts to deny its federal power in favor of state preference.

Attacks on Congress become more physical as protests escalate and one prominent politician could get injured as a result. Unprecedented uprising resulting from socioeconomic (and, in future years, environmental) discontent that is echoed with similar sentiments in protests throughout the U.K. These demonstrations will eventually successfully bring about a change in several worldwide policies regarding the relevance of national borders, the right to live without poverty, and the Earth itself as a living entity to be granted the same rights and privileges we afford to ourselves as humans.

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