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Mailbag Q & A: What Happened to Otto Warmbier? Plus Global, Science & Celebrity Predictions

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Today’s post answers questions brought up by what was in the news this week, including the tragedy and mystery behind what really happened to Otto Warmbier in North Korea. Also included are predictions for near-future news.

Your Questions

Thank you for submitting your questions. If I didn’t answer your question, it probably means I don’t know the answer or it might be mentioned in a future post. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your insights and questions.

Warning: Graphic Content

Global Predictions

Q. Any predictions of what you see coming in the next week or month in World News?

A. I see the word “neutral” written in white chalk and suspended above a map of China. It looks like China is trying to remain neutral for as long as possible in an upcoming global conflict that could involve North Korea, South Korea, the US, Russia, and other countries.

In US News, I sense the word “treason” being mentioned more often on TV and radio broadcasts than at any other time since the fall of 2016.

I predict Trump will be caught with a “confession” on tape that a member of the press was able to trick Trump into making by appealing to the actor with extensive flattery. Trump also trusts this journalist because he thinks of them as a friend and fellow “politician”, but he will feel betrayed once the recording has been released. Trump will also feel used, in that his “friend” has political ambitions and partially shares the recording publicly to make a name for himself. Whether this journalist intends to or not, the release of these tapes seems to slightly expedite further Senate hearings and FBI investigations.

Trump will engage in seemingly humanitarian acts in an effort to raise his poll numbers. On the other hand, he’ll also attempt to declare war with the hope of increasing his popularity. Either way, the narrative he will attemptto create is himself as “hero” in the story of America. Regardless of these efforts to improve his public image, we are about to see some media sources describing Trump’s story as the downfall of a “King”. And as with traditional tragic kings of ancient Greek dramas, his downfall will be hastened by a tragic flaw. In Trump’s case, future historians may cite this flaw as a lifelong lack of accountability that resulted in an inability to take responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions.

Speaking of a fall from power, I believe British Prime Minister Theresa May will hint at the possibility stepping down amidst protests (primarily about Brexit) this summer, and more serious talks of an impending resignation in the news around July. I see her holding onto the post as long as she can, but a failed Brexit will further diminish her popularity and hasten a departure from office.

Watch for an upcoming news exposé about US graduates faking their own deaths and living underground to avoid unmanageable student loan and, in some cases, healthcare and other mounting debts. Future sociologists may refer to this phenomenon as a self-imposed debtor’s prison.  One of the students looks like she will be interviewed in silhouette to maintain her anonymity.

I have an image of a black car in the middle of a junkyard with exposed silver metal near an open roof. The car looks like it belonged to an entertainer or politician and has an old-fashioned style that initially looked like the 1970s. Then upon second glance, the car looks more like it’s from the 1940s. There is something about this vehicle that provides evidence surrounding a mounting political crime involving the US mafia, the Russian mob, and a few familiar faces from public office. This car is likely related to a missing link, and possibly even a murder, that occurred as a result of collusion in the 2016 US elections.

I see a round of nuclear testing, threats of war, and multiple international conflicts brewing. Turkey, Russia, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Great Britain, and the US will be mentioned frequently in near-future Global News. Germany will also be in the spotlight, although it looks like the reason has something to do with small metal boxes at airports with cell phones in them. I see an airport crime in a city that sounds like Munich or Berlin. The incident seems connected to a phone that makes it through security and might cause an explosion.

It looks like there will be mention of a fight for states to have the same rights as corporations,. If a corporation has the rights of a state, can a state be owned by a corporation, then donate that ownership back to people in an attempt to diminish governmental oppression? This is the proposal that is likely to be put forward by major corporations like Exxon-Mobil. This marketing scheme looks like it would come in the form of a state election proposal, and will seem reasonable in its promise to give the “power back to the people” by making each individual state an “organisation of the people”. In reality, it is just another corporation looking to buy land and amass more wealth, with no plans to return the power to any people when doing so would mean less profit.

North Korea Mystery: What Happened to Otto Warmbier?

With the tragic passing of University of Virginia student Otto Wambier this week , there has been a lot of speculation about what would have caused an otherwise healthy young person to fall into such a serious coma. I am going to do something which is similar to making predictions, except the thoughts travel to the past instead of the future. It’s like remote viewing, only the self-hypnosis takes the psychic viewer not just to another place, but another time.

Q. Were the Charges Brought Against Otto Warmbier by North Korean Officials True?

A. I have an image of Otto Warmbier taking the wrong floor in a Pyongyang hotel at night. When he went by another route to get back to the floor where his friends were, he passed through a hallway that led to executive offices. Unbeknownst to him, this was a forbidden area and officials made a habit of taking notes on any foreigners who might be exposed to “state secrets”. I see a system where officials working in the hotel report “suspicious activity” to a supervisor in their district, and so on up the chain of command until the notes reach the desks of state officials. I think that these hotel supervisors (whose duties seem more akin to that of soldiers) had recently been warned to keep a more watchful eye on foreigners due to escalating international tensions and an increased paranoia at the upper levels of North Korean government. For Otto Warmbier, it was a case of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The hotel supervisor who initially filed a complaint about seeing a foreigner walking through the hallway had some explaining to do when that report atypically went to a higher office than expected. Fearing possible punishment himself, I hear the supervisor claiming he saw Warmbier looking at a poster in the hallway. With more than one propaganda poster on the wall and being lost in the wrong part of the hotel, nearly anyone walking by could see what was on the walls out of their peripheral vision.

Then a series of questions from the upper ranks began: “What was he doing to the posters? Was it vandalism? ” Again fearing punishment, and knowing there was no graffiti on any poster to back up a claim of vandalism, the hotel supervisor said “He was thinking of stealing a poster.” I’m picking up on some additional, leading questions from the supervisor’s supervisor, such as “Was he thinking of stealing the poster, or was he trying to steal the poster?” To save himself from being admonished and possibly sent to prison himself for wasting the time of state officials, the supervisor who lodged a state complaint told himself that a crime was probably being planned for later in order to justify his decision to lie about Warmbier. The supervisor further convinced himself that if Warmbier was in the wrong part of the hotel and happened to be looking at a poster, he must be there to scope out their esteemed propaganda poster supply so he could come back later and take one as a cherished souvenir. “Yes”, he finally lied, “the student [Warmbier] was trying to steal a poster”. The presumed “footage” of Warmbier trying to take a poster was staged and filmed as a scene by hotel officials after Otto Warmbier’s tour group had already departed from North Korea.

Q. What Was Going on at Otto Warmbier’s Trial?

A. Due to the artificial nature of the proceedings, it won’t likely come as a surprise to you that North Korean officials crafted a script for Warmbier to read on camera. I think he was promised a more lenient sentence and better treatment in exchange for a public confession of his supposed “mistake”. If he did not read the script, he was told that there was no chance of being sent home. Warmbier read the prepared statement after having been told a public apology might yield a reduced sentence or possibly even acquittal, neither of which turned out to be true. I perceive the story about stealing a poster for a friend’s mother in exchange for a financial reward as being fabricated by North Korean state officials in an attempt to make questionable allegations plausible and later justify imprisonment.

Q. How Was Otto Warmbier Injured While in Captivity?

A. What would cause a healthy, mentally competent 21-year-old to suffer extensive loss of brain tissue? As I’m sure you can imagine, any images associated with a question about brain injuries can be unpleasant, so feel free to skip to the next question if you’d rather not read any details.

I see more than one incident involving torture, but I am going to focus on the one that caused irreparable physical damage. The most detrimental incident appears to have been an attempt to produce some kind of “confession” from Warmbier. I see a prison guard/soldier who got carried away with his orders. This soldier projected that, by getting someone from an “enemy state” to confess to a more significant crime, he might be able to set a valuable example, impress those ranked above him, and possibly obtain a promotion to improve his lot in life. I don’t think this soldier was enacting the torture alone, as another one seemed to pop in and out of the cell, but the opportunistic guy looking for a promotion seemed to be in charge that day.

In this more violent incident, I’m picking up on false accusations ranging from an attempt to pick up an apple that fell on the ground to “spying for the US government”. If a detainee under investigation confesses to any trumped-up charges, it looks like that person will be subjected to harsh punishment and possibly execution. Conversely, if a prisoner refuses to make a signed or videotaped confession, there will be ongoing torture in an attempt to obtain the confession that is sought by the state. Neither choice is good, but the former is almost certainly terminal, while the latter is only possibly terminal. Unfortunately in Otto’s case, that possibility became a reality.

I see the following description occurring in a small, shadowy cell with grey and black scratches on walls covered by paint in some places and metal in others. The strongest vision I have about how he was injured is what looks like a reverse form of waterboarding, where the prisoner is standing up and his head is being forcibly and repeatedly dunked into a water-filled vat or barrel. I see this happening while his hair is being pulled back to get his head out of the water each time. That would mean this likely happened at a time before his hair was cut at the detention camp. I hear too much wet-sounding choking and some throwing up of water. The more time it was taking to get answers he wanted to hear, the longer the assailant kept Warmbier’s head underwater in an attempt to force a confession. At one point, the two torturers miscalculated and kept his head underwater longer than was safe. The soldier was so obsessed with his plan that he became enraged and increasingly aggressive when it wasn’t going his way. This soldier’s ambition and neglect on the part of another soldier is what seemed to have nearly killed Warmbier that day.  As for what looks like the initial injury contributing to his coma, it seems like some kind of near-drowning asphyxia that cut off the oxygen supply to his brain for too long, resulting in cardiac arrest, permanent brain damage, and quadriplegia.

Did the soldier ever get his promotion? He more likely got an execution. The intention was not to put Otto Warmbier’s life in jeopardy while under custody, which could potentially cause an undesirable international incident. By the time upper levels of the Kim Jong-Un regime were informed of this dreadful and irreversible injury, officials attempted to cover up the near-fatal assault by injecting Warmbier with sedatives. While North Korean officials claim Otto was depressed after being sentenced, I don’t get any images of suicidal tendencies, nor does it look like a prisoner in one of these high-security facilities would be given independent access to the high volume of drugs he was being given after the injury. It looks like North Korean officials infused his system with just enough sedatives and mild levels of toxins or some type of spoiled liquid to mimic an attempted drug overdose and food poisoning, being careful not to administer a potentially fatal dose. The enforced drugging of Otto Warmbier by the North Korean regime was a calculated cover-up designed to provide future explanation for the young man’s harrowing condition, without having any intention of mentioning the torture that caused him to end up in that state in the first place. Why Otto Warmbier was sent back to the US when he was is perhaps a topic for another post at another time.

Science & Tech Predictions

Q. With NASA’s recent discovery of 219 new planets, 10 possibly being habitable, will this change the field of astrology?
 A. The field is expanding. And so is the Universe!

Q. Will the existence of spirituality ever be proven by science?

A. In some ways, yes. Spirituality and science do not have to be mutually exclusive. Rather, they seem to work in concert with each other. There is still so much that is yet to be discovered and explained by science. In future times, we will witness an integration of spiritual concepts and scientific truths. Many future scientific discoveries will mimic spiritual concepts that have existed for thousands of years in various religions and tribal societies.

We live during a critical juncture in human history, where we will witness the discovery of beneficial scientific truths, along with the uncovering of new historical facts made possible by expanding fields of archaeology. This next decade will validate some major spiritual concepts by documenting the movement of energy and light that is transmitted from one person to another in an unspoken exchange of psychic information. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have telekinesis, moving objects with your mind? I believe that we will one day be able to identify different intentions of thought and types of emotion with some form of weighted mass. At that point, it will be possible to see our thoughts and emotion bouncing between and interacting with other minds, emotional bodies, and objects in space. Once the technology is developed for these feelings and thoughts to be observed and in studies, I predict that fashionable (and some not-so-fashionable) lenses will translate the energy someone is sending or receiving in the form of light, allowing our emotional and mental life to be documented while interacting with the physical realm in real time. I see these new lens devices as being capable of capturing photographs of physical matter tinier than the atoms we now know that can bend, move, and travel with the changing of our emotions.

This phenomenon of energy exchange already occurs, and you may have felt it when someone sends you a “vibe”. In the future, I think these experiences will become more scientifically and visually observable, opening the realm of psychic phenomena to new and more global possibilities. Thoughts and feelings directed at a particular person or intended to send encouragement to a group of people (much like prayer) will show up in this imaging as beams of light being sent to the object you’ve chosen to focus on.

An additional, meaningful part of this study will occur once we explore how ideas and emotions are capable of being remotely projected to a person, animal, or plant in another part of the world, or even galaxy. Which begs the question, what about when you think of someone who crossed over? Where do those waves of light generated by emotions end up? Perhaps this future study can even give us more clues about the Afterlife–not just in an incorporeal sense, but also, perhaps, somewhere in our observable Universe.

In Celebrity Predictions, William & Kate could be expected to be expecting soon.

Celebrity Predictions

Q. What’s the next big news in celebrity predictions?

A. I predict William & Kate announcing the arrival of a third baby, possibly announcing the news within the next couple of months.

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A. An answer to Beth’s question is coming up in a future Q & A post…

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  1. Hi Kyra, I can’t seem to find your History Mysteries anywhere except for the one about Otto Warmbier. Where can we find them, I’m really interested in the upcoming Queen Elizabeth Tudor and Biggie Smalls mysteries. Thanks!

  2. bravehassan222 on May 21, 2018 at 12:36 am said:

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  3. Jesse Tripp on September 14, 2017 at 11:31 am said:

    What’s going on right now after the hurricane and the ongoing crisis about war, you predicted that! Engage in seemingly humanitarian acts and also attempt to start a war all to increase his poll numbers. Good job as it is accurate. The end is near for him.

  4. Is anyone looking into the transmission of the voting data that you mentioned had been manipulated in the last election? You had also mentioned in a previous post that the stock market had been inflated by members of the administration. What will happen to the market once this is discovered?

  5. Frannie on July 11, 2017 at 7:30 pm said:

    Are other republicans guilty of crimes related to the election? Will they be brought to justice? Were any of them personally involved in the Russia mess?

  6. Charita M Padilla on June 30, 2017 at 5:47 pm said:

    we are waiting for Kyra’s predictions next one and hopefully, we get a good news from her and what are few bad news too. we are still waiting for her from her visions???? ..

  7. Nathan Fleischman on June 30, 2017 at 3:25 pm said:

    I was wondering what you saw regarding Morning Joe.

  8. Diana on June 30, 2017 at 9:58 am said:

    Do you see Robert Mueller being fired?

  9. Dena on June 30, 2017 at 7:00 am said:

    I also would like to thank you for sharing your predictions with us, I love reading them, they’re like reading your favorite part of the newspaper or magazine. I watch a lot of CNN and they have been talking about a Wall Street Journal article about a GOP operative that claimed to be working on behalf of Flynn in order to get Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails from who he thought could have been Russian hackers and they say the operative died a month after he talked to the Wall Street Journal reporter. The news channels nor the news websites are saying what the man died of or if they’re suspicious about his death, do you think he died a natural death or do you think he could be the the death that’s linked to the Russia colluding in your prediction? Also, I heard about three CNN reporters being fired over a story that they did in which they used bad sources, do you think that’s the story you talked about in one of your predictions a few weeks ago in which someone from the Trump administration secretly giving bad info to CNN on purpose and that leads to some people getting upset about the story and leads to an attack on CNN? Feel free to let me know if I got everything I just said backwards and if I got some of that information from other websites, it’s hard to keep everything straight. lol You really make us think beyond what we see and read, they’re so many things going behind the scenes that we don’t see or read about. I can’t wait to read your next prediction blog entry. I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  10. Nathan Fleischman on June 24, 2017 at 12:30 am said:

    I was wondering. What will happen to Trump in July?

  11. Corine Borner on June 23, 2017 at 8:42 am said:

    Thanks for the update, I always look forward to your blogs. Will you be posting your “History Mysteries” on the blog? Also I just read an article about the man in Wisconsin who has lonched his campaigh to that Paul Ryans seat. Do you have any feelings about him?

  12. Thanks for sharing your predictions and insignt into the Otto issue. I’m particularly interested about the Donald Trump predictions, it will be quite a blow to him if tapes are released. That would be some delicious irony after warning Comey about tapes.

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