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Science & Technology Predictions: Spring 2017 Updates

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

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While not all of the science and technology predictions in this post are expected to happen by spring, here they are and it is spring. Some will take months or years to transpire. Please share your predictions and visions about the future in the comments section below or on Twitter @kyraoser

Technology Predictions

Can you think of the most recent crisis you faced? What if you could enter it into a machine and have your perspective on it changed into something hopeful? The “Positivity App”, “Happy App” or “Appy” calculates the crisis you’ve just typed in and replies with a positive spin to give you an instant upbeat perspective. It’s like an interactive “Pollyanna” version of Siri.

Science Predictions

Periodic blackouts mean more candlelit dinners! (This thought brought to you by the Positivity App [see above])

*I see an upcoming period of lighting blackouts. Great news if you have a candle collection you’ve been meaning to use up!
*Another stage of embryos being grown in labs will make it genetically possible for men to have babies with men and women with women.
*In the future, it looks like vitamin levels will be able to be checked without drawing blood.**

*A future drug designed to alter one’s sun protection internally (rather than just by using sunscreen) will produce an accidental invention: the ability to change melanin in one’s skin at will. This scientific ability to alter one’s melanin levels will inevitably bring about a debate: are we the colour we currently look like, or the one we were born with? The questions presented by this discovery about mutable melanin will prompt some future cultural historians to ask: if skin colour can be a shifting phenomenon, is cultural identity always a fixed state of being?

*I see phone numbers becoming obsolete and being replaced with codes. The coding looks like a SKU, and at some point in the future will be able to be transmitted with a mere thought of someone’s image.

Life After Death

Scientists will be exploring the transference of your consciousness software from the brain into a duplicate robot made to look like clone…in order that we might continue to exist in physical form even after the death of our own bodies. Would you do it if you had the chance?

If you’ve ever had a psychic medium reading, sometimes those who have crossed over will appear at a different age than they were when they passed. In a similar way to those who have passed on and who appear to us in dreams or through mediums, robot clones will be able to adjust their age according to mood.

Fashion and Trends

Future fashion visions include convertible outfits whose pieces can be zipped into a hood when not in use, such as the faerie here who wears a top that looks like lace (but is actually a packable material like nylon), with matching knickerbockers that can be folded down into pants. Additional items such as the skirt and long vest/overcoat can be zipped off and stored inside the hood during the daytime or in the summer. A sash with tie at the waist and other adjustable closures allow the wearer to alter sizes to allow for fluctuating weights, or just to change the look from formal to casual. Her overcoat sleeves are zipped securely inside the hood as she enjoys a cool spring evening of crystal collecting by moonlight. (Artwork by Kyra Oser, 2017)

Fashion Predictions

Mobility and convenience will be two keywords to describe the goals of near future fashion. One-size-fits-all, adjustable, multi-purpose clothing will become popular. Some of the accessories will be detachable, and a hood (that can be detached into a nylon shoulder bag for warmer days) will contain zippers for hiding some of the additional layers: knickers that can be rolled down into pants or rolled up into shorts, a skirt (which doubles as a blanket when turned inside out), an overcoat, and a pair of knee-high socks. Some of these detachable pieces are made of materials like nylon, so they are easily packable and wrinkling is not a problem. However, this new form of manmade nylon will have variety in its texture because of various illusions that allow it to look like lace, satin, velvet, or even faux fur.

Future Trends: Social Life


Imagine the joys of organic co-op farming, right before you join your crafts circle in a convertible outfit to talk about cloning yourself by candlelight. (Artwork by Kyra Oser, 2017)

*Expect to see more group crafting circles. These circles will not just be classes, but groups where people make arts and crafts in the same space and offer coffee and tea, taking donations only and working out of community centres and places of worship.

*Speaking of places of worship, we’re going to see another level of spirituality beyond religion, expressed primarily through music at first, and infiltrating into other art forms–mainly visual and theatrical.

*Farming co-ops will become more popular, and some will offer community centres with crafting and cooking circles such as the one mentioned above.

*A positive future trend will be a social elevation of people with genetic disabilities. As technology increasingly fixes genes before birth, having an intellectual or physical genetic disability such as Down’s Syndrome becomes more revered and admired in the future, due to both the rarity and extraordinary abilities associated with this and other genetic syndromes. As compassion and empathy become more valued in our future society, those who naturally have these tendencies will be interviewed more often and given additional opportunities for meaningful participation in society.

Coming Soon!

Science & Technology Predictions: 2017 Updates

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*Please consult with your stockbroker or financial advisor regarding financial choices and investments.

**Please consult with your physician regarding all medical concerns.


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  11. Charita M Padilla on April 29, 2017 at 7:13 pm said:

    okay .. i read it somewhere.. when it come 2020 .. isn’t going to looking good .. i might be wrong .. i have a strong feeling .. we will not have election in 2020 .. it would be a very first time maybe or maybe not? .. look like this way that Republicans want to keep Donald Trump again in 2020.. it will get more and more worsen that we can’t even imagine that .. Kyra.. do you see in your prediction after 2020 will ever get better ?? Please we all need to know.

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    Anything regarding wearable computers?

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