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News of the Future Q&A: The Madness of King Trump Predictions & The Fate of the Republican Party

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

3:55 am PST

In today’s News of the Future, I’ll be making short-term and long-term Trump Predictions and answering some of your questions about what’s to become of the Republican Party and the future of the United States.

Your Questions

Thank you for submitting your questions and comments. If I didn’t get to yours, it most likely means the answer wasn’t clear. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your insights.

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US Trump Predictions

Q. Will Donald Trump be convicted of crimes related to colluding with the Russian government to throw the 2016 US elections in his favour?

Once it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Donald Trump’s campaign stole the 2016 elections, I see Donald Trump being tried after he is ousted from office. You will notice him leaving the US as much as possible to avoid or delay any charges, along with other members of the Trump Dynasty (aka Ivanka and Jared). Donald Trump is not the only one who will be tried. You can check out my previous post if you’re interested in more details on charges of treason.

Q. If Trump wasn’t the true winner of the election (as you’ve predicted before), then why does most of the press act like he was?

We will continue to witness a schizophrenic press. There are reporters and then there are journalists. Reporters will continue to publish articles discussing Trump’s next steps as “President”, as we witnessed today with his visit to the UN. But true journalists will insist that something isn’t right, investigating nearly ceaselessly and increasingly questioning his right to hold office. Donald Trump is not the legitimate holder of the office of President of the United States, and never was. The truth will come out in the end, and it won’t be long before we’ll have evidence of what really happened when the 2016 elections were stolen from its rightful winner.

By the way, I am talking about the general Presidential elections, not the primaries. For more on issues of tampering in earlier elections of 2016, you can read my previous post that answers reader Bob’s question about collusion in the Democratic primaries.

Q. I’ve been a devout conservative all my life, and so has most of my family for the last three generations. My grandfather fought in World War II and ran for local and state offices as a Republican. I think he would be shocked to hear the rhetoric of some of the Republican politicians in power today. I miss the values that our party used to stand for. I honestly don’t know how I will vote in the future, and if I will join another party or wait it out and see if things get better. What do you predict will happen to the future of the Republican party? Will it ever be the same again?


Image result for republican 1940sA. No, it won’t be the same again, but another organisation will take the place of what once was. That organisation will eventually develop into a political party that shares many of the same economic values of the Republican Party of decades ago. This isn’t only a Republican issue. Intraparty division is occurring concurrently in both major US parties. The Democratic and Republican parties have developed extreme factions in reaction to acute societal problems. How we seek to overcome those obstacles may differ, but many of our dilemmas are almost identical.

But back to your question about the Republican Party. Once these changes take place and a nostalgic party that has more similarities to the Republican economic aspirations of another era has arisen by way of a rebranded Libertarian Party, we will be living in another time period. Even words take on a new meaning when spoken through the lens of a future time, and so will political parties. Nostalgia is a necessary function that allows us to continually learn from history, but change is inevitable as well. If you’ve heard the phrase “you can never go home again”, that applies here.

What happened in the first place? Some future historians will note the irony of the Republican Party (which once stood for liberty) being hijacked by aspiring authoritarians and, eventually, outright fascists. The objectives of fascism are the opposite of libertarianism. Fascists want to control a population, while libertarians advocate self-determination.

As of now, a few have risen to power primarily by 1) brainwashing financially and emotionally vulnerable religious followers and 2) conspiring to throw a major election. But, as I mentioned above, that election will be thrown into doubt before the week is out, and the end of the Trump regime is near.

Q. Will the fascists, Nazis, and KKK win?

A. No, not in the long run. But it will be necessary to keep fighting, in order to reduce the frequency and intensity of violent humanitarian crises perpetuated by hate groups and totalitarian governments.

Diagnostic Trump Predictions

Q. Kyra, does Trump have an undiagnosed physical or mental illness or is this just his personality?


Trump Predictions

Trump “I Don’t Care One Bit Yet I Completely Need Your Approval So I’m Perpetually Conflicted” Face


Trump Predictions

Trump “Listen to Me I Have All the Answers and I Don’t Know How the Earth Even Turned Before I Existed” Face

A. It might be quicker to tell you which categories he does NOT qualify for than to list the ones that do.*** Instead of giving you my opinion about what Trump’s mental diagnoses would be, I am going to predict what I think psychological experts will diagnose him with in future online and print publications once he’s left office.

Beth, I don’t want to give you or anyone else vertigo while scrolling through the list, so I will try to keep it as brief as this Presidency is likely to be.

Trump Predictions

Trump “Don Mess With Me” Face

Caution: Please wear blue-light blocking glasses or adjust the brightness of your computer screen to a lower setting if you are prone to motion sickness. Reading of the following assessment has been known to induce: migraine headaches, ocular migraines, nausea, and/or residual dizziness. Moderate to severe reactions, including Trump news-related anxiety, episodic Post-Trump-Stress-Disorder, and chronic avoidance of Google News, have been known to occur. Please consult with your physician before proceeding. 

Related image

Trump “We’re Not Gonna Let Them Get Away With This, Are We? Join Me On an Exciting Religious Cruise, I Mean Cruz-sade, I Mean Crusade That Will Help Me Increase My Ratings. Plus We Can Wear Matching Hats!” Face

trump predictions

Trump “This is What Other People Look Like When They Feel Compassion So I’m Gonna Mimic it for Personal Gain” Face

In future years, there will be much speculation as to the personality traits and disorders that may have contributed to Trump’s demise. How much of his behaviour is choice, how much is fate? Can he control his actions? Let’s discuss.

I believe Trump suffers from multiple personality disorders. He also has talents. This can be a dangerous combination. For instance, if he was not so talented at marketing, he would not have gained an audience and following which he has used to wield a distorted, destructive worldview.


Antisocial Trump Predictions

As for specific disorders, I predict it will be concluded by future psychology experts that Trump has multiple traits of Antisocial Personality Disorder, in that he doesn’t think the law applies to him, is open to committing crimes when the opportunity arises and doesn’t worry about being caught, does not experience remorse or guilt when his actions negatively affect someone else, lacks a conscience, and seems incapable of empathy. He does have an ability to mimic others’ facial expressions (see surrounding photos of melodramatic facial expressions intended to evoke a specific emotional response) in order to manipulate, deceive, and gain a desired result. But the actual emotions of an antisocial individual are shallow and limited. It’s challenging for those suffering from sociopathy to see from someone else’s point of view. Because of their fixed beliefs and a perception of superiority, it’s particularly difficult to treat someone with this illness. They either believe they’ve already learned everything there is to know, or only enter into therapy to manipulate the practitioner for personal gain.

trump predictions

Trump “Pretending to Be (Fill in the Blank) Dictator from (Fill in the Blank) Nation” Face

trump predictions

Trump “I’m a Straight Talker I’m Telling You Like it Is. Honest!” Face

Narcissistic Trump Predictions

As you’ve probably already suspected, Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which includes delusions of grandeur and superiority. Would I go so far as to say he’s he a solipsist? I don’t think he is delusional enough to believe the entire world is actually an extension of himself, but I do think he’s in the habit of behaving as if others exist only to make his existence better. So if someone can do something helpful for him, you could be his “Best Friend” (if only for a day).

trump predictions

Trump “I’m About to Blame Something on Hillary or Obama” Face

Borderline Trump Predictions

Which brings us to the next personality disorder: Borderline Personality Disorder. Those with borderline traits have weak ego strength and their confidence can plummet with the slightest sign of rejection. They rely on frequent approval to boost a fragile ego, so winning and gaining approval are essential emotional goals for those with borderline traits. If you’ve heard of the term “walking on eggshells”, that applies to those in a relationship with a borderline personality disorder sufferer. A person with borderline traits tends to put someone up on a pedestal and “hero worship” them. However, once there is a perceived betrayal or disagreement, that “hero” or “heroine” falls off the pedestal and is instantly, perhaps permanently, branded an “enemy”.

Perhaps you’ve had a friend or even an ex like this. Someone who treated you like royalty then suddenly and unreasonably decided you were against them. Or maybe you’ve had a relative who erupted into accusations, temper tantrums, or displays of public humiliation without provocation. This person may have put you through that episode just to make themselves feel superior and prop up a damaged ego. They probably didn’t even consciously know what they were doing or why they were doing it. Long-term relationships can be challenging for borderline sufferers, but those who are open to treatment can make some progress with ongoing therapy. All things considered, most cases are extremely difficult to treat, as the therapist will inevitably get kicked off the pedestal and become the “enemy”, too, potentially reversing years of therapeutic progress.

Histrionic Trump Predictions

Trump Predictions

King George III of Great Britain (1738-1820)

And, finally, in the vast buffet of personality disorders, we have Trump’s Histrionic Personality Disorder. This natural propensity for seeking out drama and mining for conflict served him well as a Reality TV Star, but is an unstable and therefore undesirable trait in a politician.

The Madness of King Trump Predictions

Overall, it may seem like Trump has been “getting away” with a lot of deviant behaviour, but his story is more tragedy than comedy, and unfortunately doesn’t end well for him.

Interestingly, King George III of Great Britain was also thought to be mentally ill, although in an even less functioning capacity than Trump. George came to be known as “the Mad King who lost America” in the Revolutionary War. While Donald Trump hasn’t lost America, he will have unwittingly helped every one of us gain the world. But how?

Long-Term Trump Predictions

trump predictions

A Glimpse of Trump’s Sadness. This photo might have captured a genuine moment of feeling empty and unloved. There are a lot of people who will look back in anger at his actions. But can you imagine a living a life without feeling compassion or love? The ability to love is the real wealth and power in life, and if you don’t have that, no amount of attention can buy the most valuable experience in life…meaningful emotion and caring for another human being. Cherish it if you have it. Not everyone is so blessed.

In the end of all this “strutting and fretting”, as Shakespeare might call it, some may thank Trump for teaching us a worldwide lesson: no amount of wealth, privilege, or status is a guarantee of a positive outcome. Happiness does not have to be contingent upon external circumstances. Perhaps you already know and live by the previous sentence, but many individuals, governments, corporations, and even some religious organisations are driven by the short-lived pursuits of money, power, or titles.

The opportunity to have a vicarious global experience of living life through the eyes of a quintessential opportunistic capitalist has given us a gift of finally rejecting thousands of years of worshiping wealth as a God. We’re so sick of seeing stories of Trump that we’re ready for a completely different way of life. Now that we’ve come to associate greed with stress, most of us would rather engage in generosity to distance ourselves from that which repels us. It’s kind of like rebelling against one’s parents by deliberately becoming the opposite, as many generations have done before.

In this future post-Trump world, the long-term needs of the many will finally trump the short-term gratification of the few. Every person has a gift to bring to life if we can but see it, and some of the bigger stories in the news today are bringing us present after present.

trump predictions

Macbeth, Act V, scene v. After Trump is ousted from office, you will see the above quote more frequently mentioned in future articles answering the question “What Happened” when it came to the rise and fall of the Trump regime.

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  1. Kyra, thanks for your updates. Can you please let us know if Trump will be indicted and go to jail after he’s impeached? If so when?
    Also, which countries aside from korea will be in world war III? Will Russia, China, Iran be involved in world war III ? When will it happen?

    I look forward to reading your predictions.

    Thank you,

  2. Great, google took me stright here. thanks btw for post. Cheers!

  3. In the past you posted that Trump would channel public funds into his own private accounts. How is he caught? How much does he take? Do they freeze his accounts? I’m so curious..

  4. Jesse J. Tripp on September 23, 2017 at 1:09 am said:

    I should thank you for this prediction. The end of the worst administration in American history is upon us. And now that it’s close to the end for them, the world will be reborn in a level not seen since mid-to-late 1945. But this time, instead of resulting in more fear and destruction, there will be hope for a better future. A new dawn. A new beginning.

  5. I always love and appreciate your incredible/articulate predictions! It’s a great relief to know our nightmare is almost over. Sending you love and light.

  6. I encountered your web site and blog just recently, and I cannot have enough of it. You display such a knowledge, wisdom, and insight, with an extraordinary gift and elegance. I am grateful to know you and to read your blog. Thank you so much.

  7. Hi Kyra, I saw your answer about KKK and Nazi that u saying “No, Not in the long run” so are u saying that they will be end of hate in down the roads? Or they might try as least one more time until they realize their President is real sick and he isn’t who they thought he would be such in way?? U did a great 👍🏾 from your predictions.

  8. Kyra, i feel very sad for our nation, there are a lot of rights and previledges taken away from us so quickly. I feel we are walking in a quick sand without any control. Can you see what will happen to our financial system, our tax reform and huge balance sheet issue in the near term? Many thanks

  9. Kyra, thank you so much for your great prediction. With all these political turmoils, how will the stock market behave for the rest of 2017? You predicted a crash (20-30%?) in Oct in your previous blog, do you still see it? Do you see the market bounce back before the end of the year? Many thanks

  10. Thank you Kyra for your predictions and insights. It is challenging when dealing with a narcissist in that they don’t think there is something wrong with them.

    I remember the big women’s march and how Donald Trump didn’t make any mention of it. Instead that day Sean Spicer only talked about the attendance claims of Trump’s inauguration. Can you be more narcissistic than that?

    I am eager to see Trump’s comeuppance!

  11. Thanks so much, Kyra. I always eagerly look forward to your posts.

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