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Q & A: Climate Change Predictions 2017

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Climate Change Predictions: Your Questions

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions about climate change predictions, as well as US and Global News. If I didn’t get to your question, I either didn’t pick up on an answer, or it might be included in a future post. I look forward to hearing more of your questions.

Since many of your recent enquiries have revolved around climate change, this Q & A post focuses on the future of our environment.

Ana, I don’t see Trump being in office for long, which means he won’t have a chance to follow through on much of what he’s started. While last week’s withdrawal does have potentially damaging implications, it is also a temporary condition and I don’t see it going into full effect by the time Trump leaves office. Recent events regarding the Paris Accord will serve as an alarming warning that brings more attention to the importance of reducing climate change.

This withdrawal action also establishes the power of local businesses, individuals, and states to join international movements without requiring the consent of the federal government, as we’ve seen with those who have pledged to abide by the Paris Agreement regardless of any statement made by the Office of the President. Withdrawal from the Accord will also provide incentive for dividing the Presidency into a position of more than one leader, although that metamorphosis might be occurring decades from now. Similarly, concern over nuclear decisions will result in the eventual establishment of a stronger international government in order to secure a safer planet. As problems become increasingly global, borders between countries will be perceived as less relevant.

climate change predictions

This painting, “Stops Signs”, is intended to be about the signs that will warn us to stop what we’re doing so we can minimise or delay the rise of sea levels. But, of course, interpret it however you like. (“Stop Signs”, Kyra Oser, 2009 [Acrylic, 30″x48″]).

Q. What is Happening to the US? Is this country falling apart? Please explain.

A. Perhaps the answer to this would be best described with a dream I had a last week. An eagle was soaring over the “freeway of America”. This bird had a large, black, flat, rectangular net or screen irrevocably bound to its back.

“The eagle”, I was told in the dream by an invisible voice, “is the US, but the rest of what is attached to it is part of what’s it’s become.” It was a big, scary, uncontrollable bird because of the net being stuck to it, but that eagle was still present and it never stopped soaring. This was a long dream, and scene after scene I saw the eagle flying above arid lands that mostly looked like dried-out wheat fields. It’s almost like I had to watch the bird go on a cross-country road (air) trip. “The eagle”, I was then told by this same dream voice, “will be the freedom that remains despite the net that tried to trap it”.

Even though the dream began above a crowded freeway, continuing with an aerial view of a land without rain (“amber waves of grain”?) for what seemed like an entire summer, the eagle eventually found its way back to the “purple mountains majesty” of that sentimental patriotic song “America the Beautiful”…and that was when I woken up by a lawnmower.

climate change predictions

The image above is something I created to convey what the eagle with a permanently affixed net from my dream looked like. The net, or screen, couldn’t ever be taken off, but it didn’t stop the angry eagle from flying for one moment. I felt exhausted just watching it keep going across the country with that thing on its back. (“Eagle Screen Dream Scene”, Kyra Oser, June 2017).

Q. Any predictions of what you see coming in the next month or so in future news?

A. In global news, I sense security problems with Iran. I see more instances of people suing their own government, not just in the U.S., but in multiple Western countries. I also see a trend of governments suing each other. This week is just the beginning of multiple versions of trials about Russian collusion in the US presidential elections. I see a magazine cover with an image of a fake crown (like the Burger King paper crowns that used to be included in Kid’s Meals) being placed on Trump’s head with his own hands.

In the next week or two, I see an abrupt, unusual change in the stock market and the beginning of a week soon to be referred to as a “Manic Monday”, so get ready to hear that Bangles song on replay in the background of near-future radio, TV and online news reports. This stock market incident will also be called “a first”.

I see a physical attack on news stations such as CNN and an attempted attack on a station MSNBC. This will be generated by email and social media propaganda coming from the current administration. There is an attempt underway to undermine the press so that media reports on investigations into Russian collusion will be dismissed. In other words, propagandists are trying to make it look like what you’re seeing from credible, factually-based sources isn’t real. Propaganda Ministers like Stephen Miller will mention to the public that news is propaganda, and propaganda generated by the administration is news. This attempted brainwashing creates a clash between the public and media, unfortunately resulting in occasional future violence.

When Comey is set to testify before the Senate, Trump’s spokespeople will say “the President” is “under attack”, and imply that those who support Trump are being “attacked” too. He will encourage his supporters to retaliate, although it will be done through a hired third party campaign so that Trump can deny any personal responsibility. He will be able to say that he can’t control what other people choose to do, meaning he didn’t force any of his supporters to attack members of the press and their facilities. I also see the marching of military police in the streets and Trump giving a speech with his face turning bright red, causing concern for the state of his heart health.

Another dream I had in the past week involved being in the White House late at night. The interior upper level was shadowy and felt ominous. There were administrative officials in the building (mainly Kellyanne Conway) even though it was past work hours. Trump was feeling sullen and depressed, having suffered some side effects from a prescription medication he was taking for a medical condition having to do with the disruption or malfunctioning of an internal organ such as his liver. The end of his position as “President” felt near, but Kellyanne and another consultant who looks like Steve Bannon had a plan to draft a couple of Threat Letters with the help of one of Trump’s attorneys. Other than a consultation with an attorney that same day, I didn’t see anyone besides Conway and Bannon involved in writing these letters. While I couldn’t read them completely, they felt crucial to the future of the Presidency. The second Threat Letter looked much more consequential and momentous than the first one. I didn’t get woken up by a lawnmower with this one, but I would have liked to. The Threat Letter dream felt uncomfortable, desperate, and sad.

Q. Those are some scary predictions! Any advice on how to survive? 

A. Suzanne’s question refers to a previous post addressing “Future Life on Earth”, including climate change, the threat of nuclear war, and ongoing development of artificial intelligence. Suzanne, I believe we will have the opportunity to experience warnings prior to the intensification of environmental conditions. Inciting incidents will increase our insistence on acting.

A question to anyone who is reading this: Have you ever been in a relationship with someone where it became toxic, but you ignored the signs because you were hoping they might go back to the way they were before? In many cases, those relationships become more painful until you approach the conflict a different way. You might seek out advice from a new source, accept the reality of your relationship’s problems, or move on and start dating someone else. However, there is no other Earth to date, just like you can’t trade in or upgrade your planet for a new model phone.

By ignoring the signs of climate change, we only make it more painful for ourselves. My prediction is that many will stay in denial, therefore some environmental conditions will become more problematic before they improve. Human denial is strong, but human survival is stronger. Survival has outlived denial so far, and continues to in future times. When the signs get big enough, more substantial actions will be taken. Of course, the longer the wait, the harsher environmental conditions become. Climate experts such as science professors and climate scientists might be some sources to consult about how to prepare. But I can tell you a few initial images I get when I meditate on your question:

*I have a vision of people becoming more informed about their environment and learning additional skills for self-sufficiency. The first step seems to be education of the self, then educating others in your community about what you have learned. There are organisations such as International Red Cross and UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction where you might be able to enquire about training for possible natural disasters. If there isn’t a class near you, consider asking around at organisations like those I mentioned above to find out if there is online training.

*The second step looks like planning. I see people memorising individual, step-by-step plans for what to do in every possible circumstance.

*The third step I see is practise. People will develop self-sufficient homes with indoor, above-ground, and possibly underground greenhouses with vegetable gardens, complex refuse systems, meetinghouses, and waterways. I don’t see the practise as being solitary, as most of this looks community-based. Even individual plans also have an overriding local community plan that most people in each town will know about and agree to. There will be local deputies to call upon for every possible natural conflict, and these township deputies will have state, national, and international connections that meet online for further education and collective problem-solving.

Overall, the initial steps toward survival look like: learn, plan, and practise. I also see some sophisticated machine-powered boats made mostly of metal, capable of converting into high-towered, multi-level science labs and hospitals that have the ability to move upon the ground or retract its wheels and travel by air or, someday, into the traffic of space.

Trump Impeachment II

Q. Who will be put in prison? Will there be charges of treason?

Q. I started to answer Bart’s question in another post, and mentioned I’d be continuing the rest later. While I don’t have a complete answer about every person who will face prison charges, I do see Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepping down, along with many more officials over the next five months. Trump ends up isolating himself, completely shutting out advisors, and refusing to show up for media interviews and Senate hearings–the latter of which will request his cooperation. Meanwhile, pressure mounts, and historic protests throughout June and July will feature broadening demands for him to resign. I don’t see Trump being able to go on in his position much longer without facing legal consequences. He will be forced to make a choice, with the word “threats” showing up in August, then a meltdown in September. This summer, many of those who supported him within this Administration and the Senate will be withdrawing from their association with him. Some Senators will ignore questions about Trump in interviews, saying they would rather “focus on the issues”, then will change the subject to discuss a social, economic, or military issue of choice.

I am seeing a trial at the Hague Court in the Netherlands that somehow involves Putin, but this will not be in media as much for perhaps 3-4 years. After the current US presidential term, criminal investigations will escalate for additional individuals in multiple countries who were involved in disrupting US and other elections. Some of the accusations will involve crimes against humanity and, in an entirely different upcoming case against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, war crimes.

It will soon become common, accepted knowledge that Trump was involved in disrupting the 2016 presidential elections and that his actions were illegal and in the realm of treason. He talked himself into believing it wasn’t treason but more of an “alliance” with Russia and other foreign powers; a friendly gesture of building an international community. However, it was a business transaction for Trump, and coming from a corporate culture he’s used to making deals in other countries without having to worry about the moral ramifications of any decision-making. As a public official, he’ll be under more scrutiny. The term I hear being used often in future news around the words “Trump” and “treason” are: “He Knew”. The question will come down to whether or not he was aware of the disruption or intent to disrupt, and he will deny all charges.

Further into the future, you will hear people looking back on this period we’ve been going through as “four months in, and it wasn’t a win”, because, very soon, the presidency will have been declared a non-win for Trump, as the election results will be invalidated. He will be looked back on as a reality show actor who became a “Pretender to the Throne”. But be prepared for some drama–he won’t be willing to leave without a fight.

Q. What will the division over climate change, with some still not believing it’s real despite despite scientific evidence, do to the relationships of states with one another? Will the US survive as one country, or split off into more than one nation?

The notion of states and businesses branching off from the federal government will create a simultaneous interstate unification and intrastate division. If you’re interested in the history of regions developing within the US, you might want to check out Colin Woodard’s American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America.

I predict that some states, mostly coastal but also including more densely populated cities between the coasts, will create an alliance with each other and with the world. Many (but not all ) of the more rural areas will withdraw further from larger US cities, eventually identifying themselves as a separate country. In about 13 years, there is a more unifying shift, but not until after “The Great Divide” occurs. There will also be states content to stay as they are, with the same geographical borders and names. There will eventually be alternate Native American names given to each state, which I see appearing on future maps in parentheses underneath the English state/province names. Some of these will be approximate translations of state names, and others will be Native names based on an historical event or a tradition within one of the local tribes.

Even if it seems like the US is going through a phase of polarities and divisiveness, we are not far away from an era of greater acceptance and unification. Climate change will be a catalyst for the reconnection of the human species, inspiring us to become globally tribal in order to increase our long-term survival.

Preview Question

Q: What do you see happening with North Korea and the missiles they keep launching?

A. Please check out future blog posts for answers to Helen’s question…

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  1. Jesse J. Tripp on June 13, 2018 at 3:03 pm said:

    I saw a cover of Time Magazine just a couple of minutes ago. It had Trump with a crown on his head. I was minding my own business at a convenience store when I saw it. I remembered reading what you said. I think I saw him looking into a mirror with a royal look in it. I think it’s close to that prediction. …right?

  2. essay writing on June 6, 2018 at 3:09 am said:

    great and nice post

  3. Very interesting points you have remarked, appreciate it for putting up.

  4. Beth on June 16, 2017 at 9:30 pm said:

    I’ve been wondering if Trump will fire everyone who’s investigating him? Will Mueller be able to complete his investigation?

  5. I’m wondering about the “Tiny House” trend in housing and how that may impact the real estate market? Are these types of homes a good investment for people who care about the environment and climate change? In some parts of the U.S. housing prices and rents are so high that many people can’t afford to live where they work or want to retire and are looking for alternatives to live more simply. Can you give any suggestions for those of us in that situation?

  6. This week we watched as the intel heads, Dan Coats and Mike Rogers, refused to answer Senators questions about Trump asking them to stop the Russia investigation. What can you see about this? Are they protecting Trump?

  7. Linky on June 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm said:

    If the US Election was proven to be stolen, who would take over? Pence? Ryan? Someone unexpected? Or could there be a possible re-election?

  8. Joey on June 7, 2017 at 5:21 am said:

    Thanks for your predictions! Regarding Iran security I just saw the Iran parliament was attacked: http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/07/middleeast/iran-parliament-shooting/index.html

    As for preparation for survival thank you I have been looking into indoor gardening and might as well start learning about it before I absolutely need it.

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