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Q & A: Trump Impeachment Q & A Predictions

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Your Trump Impeachment Questions

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions about US and World News predictions. If I didn’t get to your question, I either didn’t pick up on any information about it, or I might be including it in a future post. I look forward to hearing more of your questions. The theme of this post is a follow-up Q & A about Trump impeachment predictions.

Trump Impeachment II

Q: What will happen with the future of voting rights in the US? Will elections become more fair?

A: The movement to allow equal access to voting in all districts will gain more momentum, changing one state at a time. There will be a series of protests demanding the removal of the electoral college, superdelegates, and gerrymandering during the midterm and 2020 US elections. There will be a consensus that a decrease in voting power leaves loopholes for authoritarian regimes to take hold. Recent experiences (or some will call them “experiments”) will serve to bring a more democratic voting process to future elections, although it will take years before these changes happen and some gerrymandering will increase before it subsides.

While there will be campaign finance reform, it takes some years and effort on the part of multiple groups to overthrow this system due to the potentially significant economic loss to several parties. It took years to build up the current US system of campaign contributions and it will not go away overnight. But go away it will, and campaign finance and lobbying will be noted in future history books as forms of legalised bribery.

Trump Impeachment II

Q: Where does the attack on US soil take place?

A: Bill, I’ve seen repeated images of an invasion coming from the Gulf of México, although not an attack by México or any country in Central America. It looks like it will be a failed attempt, but later will be used as an excuse to increase US military spending. I’ve had images of increased naval and Air Force defence on the West Coast in the near future, and something about “military defense strategies” being discussed about 16 months from now.

I’ve mentioned an attack on Japan and South Korea and it looks like it will involve North Korea, but I didn’t see it involving the US, as I know some of you had asked about the West Coast region of the US. When conflict intensifies in Asia, China will want to appear neutral at first. China will want to protect North Korea from retaliation while securing its own borders. At the same time, China will not want to condone and thereby further escalate North Korea’s actions toward South Korea or Japan.

You may wonder why I’m bringing up Asia when you asked me about the US. An intensification of bellicose rhetoric coming from North Korea will result in a serious debate about whether or not the US should prepare for impending attacks itself.

The third image I saw that was associated with invasion involved Washington DC, but it looked like the attack was coming from a hostile foreign power attempting to invade somewhere in or around New York before launching a missile into the DC area. I don’t know when this third image would take place, as it has a distant feeling and therefore could be many years into the future. This year looks like it will be one of many failed missile launches, especially during the month of November.

Q: Is the US involved in a new war or a continuation of the current one in Iraq and Afghanistan?

A: Both. Once the presidential ratings drop down several more points, an overseas attack “for the safety of the nation and of the American people” will be initiated. But the war will only be a temporary distraction from investigations into Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential elections.

Trump Impeachment II

Q: What healthcare changes from the government do you see coming? 

A: By not making healthcare affordable for everyone, it allows for a ravaging disease to take hold. No amount of insurance coverage or wealth will guarantee immunity for this impending epidemic that could be taking place sometime around 2018-2019.

The question below asks about universal healthcare, so Lily and Dave, I will combine the answers to your similar questions here. Although it will take some time, universal healthcare is the direction the US is headed in, and is part of the reason for so much interest in and subsequent resistance to the topic of healthcare. I see the changes happening state by state, with some states being left behind until it becomes a federal mandate. Inevitable change inspires extremes. The more extreme the resistance and insistence, the bigger the change that is to come. Which means we’re headed for a very different kind of world and way of life, and many of us who feel intensely about the state of the world (whether it’s local healthcare or global warming) are sensing that we’re in a time of unprecedented upheaval. You’ve probably noticed an increased use of the word “unprecedented” in 2016-2017 vocabulary. The introduction of formerly neglected words into everyday language reflects a mass connection to the meaning of that word on many levels. Think of the words that people are introducing and reintroducing into language lately…even the word “trump” as a verb. These revived words, when combined, can tell you a story of the mass consciousness that we collectively sense we’re going through, and also what we feel we’re about to encounter. We are experiencing the next major revolution in world history, not just in the US, but on a global level. Countries with deeper or more long-standing problems will participate more heavily in the revolution that is already underway.

When it comes to changes in universal healthcare, I am envisioning a transition period of about three years. Costs may increase and coverage may decrease before that time. The more disparity we see, the more demand there will be for equal coverage as a birthright. Part of these changes in healthcare will come about not just because it’s inevitable, but due in large part to a future increase in action, organisation and persistence. Global awareness will increase demands for care that is consistent with what is being received in other parts of the world.

We are entering into a time where events from the 1950s-1960s US civil rights movement will serve as a model for demanding universal equality beyond nationality. In other words, why should someone born into a certain country be expected to receive more or less healthcare, privileges, and rights than someone else who just happened to be born onto a different longitude and latitude of land with a different name? The current global refugee crisis is further highlighting problems that can arise from assigning nationalities at birth and imposing limitations on migration.

Lessons learned from the civil rights movement will be applied on an international level as people from various countries will demand the implementation of a “worldwide standard”. You will see more and more iconic images of Martin Luther King, Jr. appearing soon, on posters and in subway stations and as part of art installations, and not just in the US. Excerpts from Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech will be applied to people of all nationalities and who were born into every nation being deserving of equal rights to those of the most privileged nations. Leaders of the internationalist movement will ask questions like: “Why should someone’s skin colour, which they were born into, or nation, which they were born into, determine the direction of their future?” Similarly, as Shakespeare’s lead character Shylock noted in The Merchant of Venice, ” If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?”  (III.i.) Is it fair to determine someone’s life based on where they took their first breath?

Whether the application of Martin Luther King Jr.’s work onto the context of internationalism or even voluntary multinationalism is appropriate or not, it’s what I see as an upcoming trend. Future international rights leaders will be quoted as saying that “nationality should never define destiny”. This is to become one of the great changes of our time: redefining and deconstructing the concept of “nationality”. There will be a time, perhaps hundreds of years from now, when the possession of a nationality will seem as foreign and archaic to future generations as Roman gladiatorial combats to the death for entertainment purposes would seem to us today. We will all become citizens of the Earth as regions become less rigid and more fluid. But the borders will attempt to close up before they open even wider, and that is why you hear this talk of “walls”. Future unification will be made possible by present experimentation with separatism such as you see happening today in countries retreating into self-protective isolationism.

Some examples would be what’s currently happening in the US with increased deportations and in UK with Brexit. I predict a more serious effort to create geographical divisions within each of these countries beginning next year. More than one future news media commentator will say it’s ironic that nations prefacing their names with the word “United” have become so divided.

The entire division and reunification of these countries could take up to 40 years, but you will see many regions splitting off and unifying with other countries of their own accord well before then. In another era the rest of the US and UK will rejoin the international community. As long as countries remain in separate categories from one another, people will continue to perceive themselves as separate from each other and deserving of different opportunities on an individual level. The macrocosm sets an example for the microcosm. A persistent belief in the perpetuation of an invisible caste system is what you see playing out in the current debate against universal healthcare. Yet a distant memory will often be quoted on future healthcare protest signs, and it is a portion of the Declaration of Independence which reads “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” The aforementioned quote embodies an overriding sentiment that will arise again in mainstream consciousness and enable universal healthcare to eventually become a reality in the US, no matter how far off it might seem to us today.

Trump Impeachment II

Q: What roles do Kushner, Ivanka, and Bannon play in the Russian disruption of our election?

A: Yes, I believe they all played roles to a certain extent, but not everyone’s was the same. Most of the roles involved ongoing communication and what will be referred to by the Kushners as “innocuous” socialising with Russian officials during 2015-2016. There was a lot to do with real estate, and perhaps the gifting of real estate and other assets as bribes. Jared and Ivanka were used as pawns in that they acquired some of the “bribes” so that it would look like they were given “gifts” by “friends”, but those friends were Russian officials looking to persuade Trump’s team to do their bidding. Not that Trump is entirely innocent himself, he did play a part and I intend to cover that more in a future post. Overall, the roles Jared and Ivanka played will seem minuscule compared to what other players in this administration will soon be revealed to have enabled and carried out.

Bannon is a different story from Jared and Ivanka. I see Bannon becoming involved later in the campaign, gaining Trump’s trust, then manipulating and controlling him. Bannon has caused a lot of damage and wreckage in his involvement with Trump’s campaign, convincing others to do his bidding by dominating and sometimes threatening administrative officials, including Pence (who also isn’t completely innocent, but I’ll get to that more another time). Some of Bannon’s decisions will be exonerated simply because he convinced other people to carry out the illegal actions on his behalf. Bannon likes to think of himself as a “mastermind”. But he is more of a master manipulator, although it looks like this behaviour may stem from untreated health problems that have been distorting his perspective on reality.

To get back to your question, Dave: Were Kushner, Ivanka, and Bannon involved in the Russian disruption of our election? According to what I can see, yes and no. There was a lot of indirect involvement. Bannon was neither concerned about the legal nor the moral consequences of allowing and even encouraging the involvement of a foreign power in disrupting presidential elections. Ryan and McConnell were aware and deeply concerned about the legal implications, but once they felt confident they’d covered their tracks, were not at all torn about the moral consequences. Bannon wants control, Ryan wants to be popular, well-liked, and seeks the power of titles, and Jared and Ivanka want to prove their loyalty to the family while building an “empire” for their family. Their duty could be their downfall. McConnell just wants to expand his resources and acquire more wealth. No one can dilute a person’s intentions into one sentence, but for the purpose of this brief post I’m telling you my intuitive perception of what each person’s primary motivation seemed to be in allowing the elections to be disrupted.

The ones we’re being shown did not do this alone. White House officials present us with figureheads, but there are many other players behind the curtains. More will be revealed about these other figures, including mafia bosses and convicted criminals, in near future news.

Trump Impeachment II

Trump Impeachment II

Q: Will members of the Trump administration go to jail?

A: Bart, I see a front page headline featuring a photo of Trump, with the word “Guilty” printed in large, bold type. Borne of entitlement, Trump’s periodic legal obstruction will lead to self-destruction. I see future news headlines about Trump being caught on tape, talking about being fine with accepting money from Russians in exchange for a favour. I hear Trump saying something like, “Yeah, I’ll take it” on a recording. A microphone that has already recorded something he’s said will bring him down and cause him to leave office. While it looks like he will be forced from office due to unpopularity and not wanting to face the compiling criminal charges that will be brought against him, he will play the martyr so as not to take responsibility for any of the accusations. Many of his associates and those he’s hired to work within the administration will take the blame. There will be a dismantling and rebranding of FOX News during this time, as well as the emergence of a new competitor to FOX which will be like a Resistance to The Resistance.

Most of this administration will be soon be stepping down to avoid facing impending charges. There will be a “Clearing (White) House”. Some will take some years off of working on politics, saying they are going to focus on spending time with family. Others will be forced to relinquish assets. I see some sort of criminal trial that’s beyond an independent investigation, but the criminal trial looks like it takes place after the impeachment proceedings have already been set in motion. I hear Trump saying he wants to “take an early retirement”. Any withdrawal from the duties of the presidency will be portrayed by Trump’s publicists as a need to take time off due to a health crisis caused by job stress.

Preview Question

Q. “Who will be put in prison? Will there be charges of treason?”

A. Please check out future blog posts for answers to these questions…

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  1. Can you help to provide stock market crash date in sep , oct 2017 ?

  2. Kyra, exactly what do you think the “Russians” did that interfered with the election, and how did that change anything? From what I can research, there seems to be only a lot of guess work as to who actually did the hacking, mostly from vague association. The only thing that seems to have happened was that Clinton, Podesta and the DNC were embarrassed when exposed about colluding to deny Sanders any chance at becoming president. I’m not a Trump fan, but it seems like the truth is about all this is not being told.

  3. Charita M Padilla on June 5, 2017 at 5:26 pm said:

    I hope it would be deadly wrong from other prediction that i seen in the website.. i can’t name of the person is. what i can tell you what i do read it could be quietly shock in 2019 are you ready for this that it will be a Male from Republican who will be the next President to take it over Trump. Guess who will be the next President? .. not Mike Pence, Jeff Session, Mitch McDonnell and others. one person who standing out will be left out in the Capital Building and possible be in the White House. you all have to take a wild guess. Kyra might get idea whom will be the next Male Republican will be??

  4. Jennifer on June 1, 2017 at 7:47 am said:

    If the election is invalidated, is there a possibility that Hillary will become President?

  5. Hello and thank you for your post, First when do they usually ruin? So Trump will not really get in trouble he will just leave. Will he lose money and how long before he leave office and who will take his place. Will he ever be able to run again and what about all the bills he sign will they be voided? Could you tell us if the stock market will crush badly? Thanks again.

  6. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us. You’re a gift from the Gods.

  7. Thank you so much for your predictions! It’s comforting. I was wondering, aside from Trump will point fingers and deny accusations and say that he’s retiring..will he be thrown in jail for all the damage he’s caused us?

  8. How does a person protect themselves and their family from the epidemic that you predict? What kind of a disease will it be and will this affect the entire world?

  9. Mary on May 30, 2017 at 12:30 pm said:

    In an earlier post you mentioned something about Trump’s estate suing for wrongful termination. I usually think of an estate as representing a deceased person so I am wondering if you see the death of Trump? I would like to know if you see how the election was “stolen” ? We have learned about some of the ways the Russians worked to promote this but were payments made to states or to the electoral college to achieve a win for Trump? I am thankful for your posts on all the government is doing as it gives people hope that a change for the better is coming.

  10. Jill on May 30, 2017 at 11:05 am said:

    Thank you for your insights. While it’s comforting to know that universal healthcare will come in transition in the next few years, I’m concerned for what will come in the meantime for those with pre-existing conditions like cancer and other life-threatening illnesses who could be forced to pay extremely high premiums in high-risk pools if their state does not retain community ratings for insurance pricing. Also, there is concern that older Americans will have to pay 5 times more than healthy younger people without consideration of income. Both would likely result in increasing death rates. Will these deplorable mandates pass in the Senate AHCA bill, or will rising costs be due to forced instability in the insurance markets as Trump now threatens to pull federal subsidy payments to insurance companies?

  11. lillian gaffney on May 29, 2017 at 6:02 pm said:

    Thank You Kyra for your clarity and guidance.

  12. Gary Kizzen on May 29, 2017 at 9:14 am said:

    Kyra, Good very early afternoon EDT on this Monday, May 29, 2017, Memorial Day. The one question that I am going to ask you is, “Do you have forecast on what the Stock Markets will do? Do you feel they will keep going up and up or is there going to be a Major Correction?” I was hoping and I am sure there are other followers of yours out there that would feel much better if you could shed some light on these questions. Thank you, Gary

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