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Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser reports about the evolution of Fridays for Future as it moves into incorporating strikes for adults, including #workstrike, #shoppingstrike & Fasting Fridays for Future. This post also features a local article about our fasting strike by Writer Lorrie Beauchamp.

Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

Fridays for Future from News from the Future


Fridays for Future Strikes

October 4th, 2019. School strikers outside Victoria, BC Parliament

I’ll be back soon with tarot predictions, but today I’m bringing you an update on a different kind of News from the Future: the evolution of Fridays for Future.

Today was Week 4 of my Fasting on Fridays for the climate and ecological crisis. This ongoing Friday fast is a spinoff of @GretaThunberg‘s Fridays for Future school strikes. I felt it was time for us adults to follow the lead of the children and start taking action, too. The children are sacrificing school on Fridays. Subsequently, the least we can do is make our own sacrifices to support them. Bea was the first to join me in this Friday fast, beginning today from the UK. World-renowned author, astrologer, colleague, and friend Jessica Adams has been setting an example by joining the #workstrike in holding off on writing Friday astrology columns.

I was pleased to be joined by #schoolstrike4climate students today in Victoria, BC, including Sara, Jordan, and more. Many of these students bussed for an hour to get to our local Parliament, inspired by @gretathunberg’s strike. Adults can join with #workstrike, #shoppingstrike, or fasting. Importantly, please note that fasting is for adults only. Children need to eat every day. We will fast for you.


Global Climate Strike Update

The Global Climate Strike here in Victoria, BC on Friday, September 27th was attended by over 20,000 people. Furthermore, the worldwide number of strikers was 7 million. If it takes 3.5% of a population to overthrow a regime, that means it could take about 270 million climate strikers to overthrow the system that’s damaging our climate. I believe we can do this together, and we can approach these critical numbers by 2020.

We had one person striking in 2018 and 7 million (so far) in 2019, so why not 270 million by 2020?


 Fasting Fridays for Future Press Update

I was fortunate enough to meet Montréal Writer Lorrie Beauchamp at the Global Climate Strike on Friday, September 20th, and she wrote an article for local papers about the fasting strike that I’ve started. Any adult can join me in fasting, work striking, or striking from shopping on Fridays.

I’ve posted a copy of Lorrie’s article below so you can read more about what I am doing, why I am doing it, and the ways in which us adults can get involved with #FridaysforFuture. Striking is a way to feel productive, confident, and purposeful. We can only fix this together. The children can’t do it alone. We’re lucky they got this started. At this point, Fridays for Future must be for everyone. After all, every one of us needs the help. As I mentioned in the climate speech from my most recent post, there isn’t any one of us who isn’t affected now, or who won’t be affected soon.

See you again next Friday.#FastingFridaysforFuture


Fridays for Future Strikes

October 4th, 2019. Grade 8 School Strikers (and me, far L) outside Victoria, BC Parliament. (R to L: Sara, Jordan…).


Fridays for Future Strikes

October 4, 2019. I am fasting every Friday for the climate and ecological crisis. Today is Week 4 of my Friday fasts. Additionally, I am on strike from working and shopping on Fridays.


Fridays for Future Strikes

October 4th, 2019. Alan (recycling.maniac on Instagram) has been striking here on recent Fridays.


September 20th, 2019. Global Climate Strike in Victoria, BC. Source: CBC News.

We’re All in this Together

by Lorrie Beauchamp


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  1. Adults can join with #workstrike, #shoppingstrike, or fasting.

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