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Poetry predictions are rhyming answers to your questions about the future.

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Poetry Predictions


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First of all, I want to thank you for your patience while I’ve been completing my first year of PhD studies. While being back in school has been an exceptionally excellent experience, I frequently thought about all of you who read this blog, and I’ve missed our correspondence. I am currently editing over 70 pages of news predictions that I’ve written since September. I’ll be posting a condensed version of these notes on this blog very soon, so please stay tuned. Previews of headlines are at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile, I promised you years ago that I would start writing poetry predictions which answer your questions in rhyming form. I’ve been practising my poetry in preparation for these predictions. Since this is a spiritual blog about future news and history’s mysteries (but we also talk about relationships and astrology!), I’ve included themes of the future, past, ghosting, astrology, and more in this first poem, “Burned”.

This family-themed poetry is brought to you by Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. Special thanks to North Node in Cancer.



by Kyra Oser

16 July 2019


Poetry, artwork, photographs of me
Three ways to delete someone’s history
But you can’t erase a future legacy
Or the gift you gave me of heredity.

Each time you burned a photo, you gave a torch to me
That lit my way to finding different kinds of family
I’ve gained more than I’ve lost, making the culpable forgivable
We lost you long ago, you’re now a poem writ invisible.

You set my art on fire in that two-story fireplace
Yet burning my self-portrait doesn’t mean you’re losing face
You never had a heritage yourself from which to see
How to preserve the future of a broken family tree.

Though we appear stone different we’re the same, just in contrast
I’m marble from your block, an ashen portrait now recast
I leave you future mysteries and memories of my face
A near-aborted pregnancy that haunts your mirror’s space. 

Your poems wandered with us as we moved from place to place
In case you’re somehow here, I write this poem to touch base
You gave me life and words with which I’ll recreate the past
Together with your influence, our legacy will last.

Bloody Mary breakfasts may no longer dress the table
That doesn’t mean the meal is done, your seat’s a family staple
You’re the poet of recovery from all our times postnatal
We three burned into memory, ’twas fated from the cradle. 


By Kyra Oser (2008) Acrylic on Canvas.


Some other poetry predictions I made were in the early 2000s. The piece below, “Watches”, began with a vision of people so obsessed with time that they spent all their time worrying about time! One possible interpretation of this poem is that it’s a warning about wasting one’s life staring at a screen. This poem was composed at a time when most people didn’t use cell phones as clocks yet.



by Kyra Oser



When youth becomes old clocks with tattered hands,
12 numbers fade by cracking leather bands.
No longer working, once my watch told time,
But batteries went dead from 10 to 9.

9 watches more were worn beneath my hands,
And every one, in turn, went dead as planned.
My watches, once fine faces that did shine,
Like mine, in time declined, and scratched with lines.

Is this where resignation now resides,
In time disnumbered by bold olden pride,
With new humility to aging hence?
Perhaps I’ll fix 10, with 10,000 pence,

And wear these old new watches, side by side,
To spend my last aghast, as others died,
In wonder at what watches really meant,
Intently watching wrists, with elbows bent.


A Wake by Kyra Oser (2009) Acrylic on Canvas.

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