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Find out where and when to travel and what to avoid in 2016, including terrorist warnings and security advice. The following travel predictions have been brought to you by the channeling of Los Angeles Psychic Kyra Oser.


Northern Ireland-TIME OF YEAR: February. WHAT TO AVOID: A blast occurs, resulting in a few deaths, with a threat of more, in a place that looks like Belfast. A radical organisation is involved and is headed by a terrorist currently residing there, a young student in his 20s from Ireland. The number 3 then 113 come up in relation to those directly affected. The threat will come again in November, but it does not manifest.

London-TIME OF YEAR: May. WHAT TO AVOID: An airstrike occurs near the River Thames and close to the Ferris Wheel. One of the terrorists is in the wheel, giving information to someone on the ground as they wait for a crowd to form. The man in the Ferris Wheel gives them the signal through a cell phone of when to strike. The first attempts fails, but the second goes through and feels like a bomb, hitting and killing a 6-year-old girl. Her mother is a reporter who later gets attention drawn to this incident through the media, and the little girl becomes the new symbol of a “Fear No More” movement.

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France-TIME OF YEAR: June, but also arising at other times. WHAT TO AVOID: 5 young male students from the University of Paris and one of their girlfriends who is French are involved in a suicide bombing inside a restaurant. A parachute will somehow be involved.

Spain-TIME OF YEAR: Middle to later in the year. WHAT TO AVOID: Someone will target a small town in an attempt to instill fear so that no one feels safe even outside the major cities. This doesn’t give the terrorist group the attention they seek so they stop.

Madrid-TIME OF YEAR: Sometime in fall, possibly September. WHAT TO AVOID: The drivers of a train and a bus (and this will occur in both) are in disguise as a conductor and driver. A train, bus, and car are shown intermittently. The “conductor” is dressed in this costume as he has a low level job in a transportation organisation which gives him access to keys and clothing. that he uses to initiate a highjacking and attempted bombing.

Greece- TIME OF YEAR: November, although October is another time when it is best to avoid the city of Athens. WHAT TO AVOID: An increased admittance of refugees are being admitted with a governmental motive of procuring additional EU funding. Unfortunately there are a few people posing as family members of refugees, and some of these individuals will compromise the security of the country on a short-term basis until they are discovered. While an attack is not not indicated, there will be an attempt at mass murder in Athens which proves to be unsuccessful.

Russia-TIME OF YEAR: April to May. WHAT TO AVOID: An uprising occurs but is subdued In Moscow. There are two extreme movements- one democratic and mostly comprised of University students; the other appears to be Islamic. Both sides feel oppressed by the government for different reasons. A demonstration in reaction to encroaching University and school level censorship occurs after a tightening of free speech and restrictions that seem to  indicate a rise of totalitarianism, leading to a larger demonstration in the summer of 2017. A student is arrested at school after being reported by another student (who has their own ulterior motives) for saying something anti-Government. At this point, it is March, 2016, and anti-Government sentiment can be reported by any student and is punishable by law. The growing repressiveness of free thought is in direct conflict with the intellectual tendencies of the culture and prevailing sentiment by the majority will result in these draconian laws being inevitably overturned. In the meantime, worldwide ideologies of security vs. freedom will play on the stage of Russian politics more clearly than in most nations as oppositional ideologies continuously clash with one another in mostly verbal and printed form. Despite these upcoming sociopolitical conflicts, we’ll be surprised to see many positive changes in Russia during the next ten years, including a cultural and academic Renaissance.


Chicago- TIME OF YEAR: Winter WHAT TO AVOID: There will be fear over the spread of what is initially interpreted as tuberculosis when a flu accompanied by severe coughing quickly spreads.

San Francisco –TIME OF YEAR:  2-6 months of the year. WHAT TO AVOID: Something unusual occurs with ships in the naval area.

Washington D.C.- TIME OF YEAR: Possibly September WHAT TO AVOID: Avoid Amtrack trains, 17 derail or the number 17 is involved with tracks cross each other like an x. One is derailed and the other collides.

Philadelphia- TIME OF YEAR: Uncertain WHAT TO AVOID: There is a a small plane crash near Philadelphia. While this will initially be investigated as an attempted terrorist attack, it turns out to be an amateur pilot who has run out of fuel.

Boston – TIME OF YEAR: Already occurring WHAT TO AVOID: One of the New York attackers from the incidents described below is already living in a basement where they are renting from an unsuspecting family.

New York- TIME OF YEAR: New Year’s Eve. WHAT TO AVOID: A terrorist and co-conspirator will attack on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Right before the countdown, at the number seven. 7 pops or 7 gunshots? There is a bomb released and a shooting occurs. Many people don’t hear it at first, but with the chaos and crowd quickly scattering, some people are trampled. It will be mentioned in the media that there are some echoes of the Boston Marathon-this was planned by an American with radical religious ideas who leaves a bomb then walks away carrying a backpack. His mother is a part of this but will deny any involvement. A mentally ill person executes this but claims to be part of a larger religious organisation that is looking for attention. 15 killed. 11 injured—goes up. 20 injured. Someone landing in what looks like a parachute; this could be part of the rescue mission. The word Hampshire comes up and there is something significant about women reporting this incident while wearing a white scarf. One suspect is captured soon after the incident, partly due to the slow traffic in New York.

TIME OF YEAR: End of January/beginning of February (thwarted) and August (carried out). WHAT TO AVOID: There will be a terrorist coordination between New York and London with the intention of attacking both JFK and Heathrow airports simultaneously. The numbers 11, 6, and 12 are indicated. These numbers could mean hours or dates , i.e. they might want to carry this out between 11 and 12. Watch for Terminal 6, especially between Terminals 5 and 6. A plane arrives at Heathrow, while terrorists assemble bombs in a bathroom with what look like homemade 3-D printers disguised as laptops. The attackers appear to be visibly nervous as they emerge wearing bombs in belts they brought while holding matching leather-bound books. A stewardess and then up to 11 passengers are initially killed. When emergency services arrive, his brother detonates another bomb and emergency services are blocked. The numbers increase: 11, 12, 13, 31…31 and 34; meanwhile, another brother is pacing back and forth between Terminals 31 and 34 at JFK. He is younger, sheepish, and this is not his true nature but he went along with it out of fear but now deeply regrets his decision.


Israel- TIME OF YEAR: May WHAT TO AVOID: The north part of the West Bank goes black, could indicate electricity going out a significant area is blown up, triggering international resentment. This ends up having been one person’s decision that sets off an unfortunate chain of events resulting in 10 years of regret. for one person’s mistake that costs this country its reputation. Israel will be forgiven when it makes amends by reaching out to save a group of people, but the incident will not be forgotten. There is a whole chunk of land in Palestine which becomes barren hot and mostly unlivable. In northern Palestine, the top part is not there, it is just dark, like a cliff or a crater in the earth, like Chernobyl. May. There are little boys who will have to leave Palestine for Israel and who grow up resenting their new country of residence. Foster children orphaned by parents killed in Palestine will be taken in by Israeli families. Many of the sons remember, and some will someday seek revenge for the deaths of their families.

Egypt-TIME OF YEAR: Ongoing, beginning in 2016 WHAT TO AVOID: Border patrol is on high alert for threats of war and invasion to prevent unauthorized incoming ships. Borders are tightened. Tension builds as a drought causes land going bad, and economic issues create a vulnerability that results in a police state with increased patrols. Parts of the Egyptian government will become similar to that of Iran.

Dubai-TIME OF YEAR: WHAT TO AVOID: A young man in ISIS who is educated but suffers from mental illness is receiving financial support from his family who also owns a jewelry business back home in Saudi Arabia. This person avoids hitting Dubai as a target this is where his father and sister are living, and family is the source of his ongoing funding. It looks like there is an ISIS headquarters located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Japan-TIME OF YEAR: July WHAT TO AVOID: An earthquake on Hokkaido resulting in a Tokyo tsunami.

Phillipines-TIME OF YEAR: Summer WHAT TO AVOID: In northern Manila, girls are found to be imprisoned in cages, which leads to a sex slave trade case being solved as an international ring connecting through Eastern Europe, Russia, and some of the Middle East is subsequently exposed and dismantled. Borders will be closed during this large scale investigation.

S. Korea-TIME OF YEAR: Don’t drink the tap water until at least September. WHAT TO AVOID: A poisonous substance resulting from radiation in the ocean will be identified, but the problem will be quickly remedied upon discovery.

India-TIME OF YEAR: Ongoing WHAT TO AVOID: A violent movement begins in the Northwest and expands to the centre of India. It takes more than a year to ameliorate this violence which is mainly aimed at women who are targeted with incidents such as acid being poured on faces in public. Several women will discover and use creative, non-violent solutions to subdue this small but growing group of men who publicly threaten women. Some of these revolutionary methods of suppressing violence will soon be appropriated in other parts of the world.


South America-TIME OF YEAR: Intermittent WHAT TO AVOID: Torrential rain, floods in central regions. Pack your rain boots.

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