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7:23 am PST-Now that we’ve looked at a few examples of how tarot cards can be interpreted when making predictions, what else is needed when you want to make a tarot reading about the future? What’s the difference between looking at cards to answer a question versus using the cards to predict the future?

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Tarot Reading: Politics, Economy, and Royalty

News from the Future Q & A

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US News from the Future

Q. Will Justices Reign Supreme? 

tarot reading The Hanged Man Reversed

A. When Donald McConald finally faces the Russian Repercussion for his actions, there will be penalties for some of those who broke the law, but not everyone will have to face justice. I don’t see Gorsuch being removed from his tenure due to a fake win.

However, Kennedy’s proposed replacement, Kavanaugh, will be mired in multiple scandals soon to be revealed in the news. These growing revelations about Kavanaugh’s pattern of dishonesty will eventually threaten his position. Future news articles will refer to Kavanaugh’s career as being”disgraced”.

The Hanged Man Reversed is the tarot card I get when I ask about the future of Kennedy’s proposed replacement. Kavanaugh will be blamed by Trump and Republicans in Congress for lying by omission before accepting this week’s nomination. Hanged Man in reverse is about outdated traditions that are no longer working. The partisan push to appoint justices on one’s own “team” instead of justices who are most likely to carry out the law in an impartial manner has exposed a flaw in the judicial system.

A bill in Congress will introduce supreme court justice term limits sometime over the next few years, although I don’t see the proposal going through. However, another term limits bill will be introduced over the next 5-10 years that looks like it would get approval from Congress.

Future of the US Supreme Court

Similarly, a major case that makes it to the US Supreme Court a few years from now will be a group lawsuit against a mega-corporation connected to Chase Bank that refuses to comply with environmental regulations. Specifically, it looks like an environmental activist group will preemptively charge this corporate conglomerate with third-degree mass murder of future unborn children. If corporations can legally be regarded as people, the case will argue, then corporations can be charged with murder for refusing to comply with environmental safety regulations in favour of personal profit.

Economy News from the Future

Q. Tarot to Every Purpose Under Heaven?

Tarot reading

A. I think you’re right about an increased interest in cards, Dorothy. I expect tarot to become more and more mainstream over time. Tarot reading can also be helpful for making sense out of nonsense, and there’s been no shortage of bizarre incidents in the news as of late. When external events are either beyond our control, baffling to the point of absurdity, or both, it’s natural to 1) seek perspective and 2) find out when and how things will change. Perspective is often helpful for giving us the gift of a more balanced and optimistic view of life.

Cards can also show us if there are actions we can take to get the changes we want, or if it’s time to accept a different outcome than what we’re seeking. I can explain more about how to differentiate between fate and free will in card readings in another post.

Deck preference is a personal choice. When I’m looking for something with straightforward images that’s small enough to easily shuffle and light enough to carry, one of my favourite decks is the Raven Blackwood/ Hanson-Roberts set:

I hope you enjoy working with the cards!

Entertainment News from the Future

Q. When will Meghan and Harry have a baby? tarot reading Ace of Cups Reversed

A. Ace of Cups Reversed can mean things won’t go according to plan. It’s an emotional time and a difficult adjustment. This tarot reading also indicates blockages, so there will likely be obstacles to pregnancy which will cause delays. Unfortunately, the Ace of Cups Reversed points to possible miscarriages and infertility issues.

When you get this card in a reading about a relationship, it can mean that any initial disappointments in your partnership can be overcome when you’re willing to make adjustments and adapt to what life is bringing you instead of trying to force someone else to be something they aren’t.

Intuitively, I see an important event having to do with pregnancy in relation to the royal couple in or around October of 2019.

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  1. Nathan Fleischman on September 7, 2018 at 8:07 pm said:

    “However, Kennedy’s proposed replacement, Kavanaugh, will be mired in multiple scandals soon to be revealed in the news. These growing revelations about Kavanaugh’s pattern of dishonesty will eventually threaten his position.” This prediction looks to be coming true right now.

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  3. Jesse J. Tripp on July 12, 2018 at 10:58 am said:

    What month do you see for the inevitable ousting of the whole administration?

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