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In today’s News from the Future, we’ll be talking about Trump Predictions 2018, as well as answering some questions about the US economy, global conflict, whether or not Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson will stay together, and how to stay focused during times of chaos.

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Trump Predictions 2018: The Cult of Personality Disorder

When it comes to US news, we are in that place where the magical meets the horrible. We’ve seen plenty of the horrible. So where’s the magic? Keep reading to find out, as we’ll get into that later in this post.

Armenia’s nonviolent 2018 sit-in protest lasted for days, and ended up being successful in bringing a corrupt leader out of power and bringing back the possibility of free elections.

The Impenitent “President” will be enacting new policing policies that prescribe increasingly oppressive punishment for disobedient citizens. As a result, I see near-future protests not only increasing, but also becoming an almost continuous force over the next several months. There will be an even louder public call for Trump to step down throughout the summer. Some recent examples of peaceful strikes that ended in ousting a leader include Armenia’s recent, peaceful Velvet Revolution in 2018 and South Korea’s 2016 Candlelight Revolution, which involved a sit-in which ended in the toppling and subsequent sentencing of President Park. There have also been successful demands for leaders to step down in Iceland in 2016 and Pakistan in 2017. In the cases of Park and former Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif, they were both charged in court with corruption. Iceland’s Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson stepped down after the Panama Papers revealed that he was hiding millions in offshore accounts. Corruption is just scratching the surface of Trump’s many crimes.

Between now and the inevitable decline of the Trump regime, though, what more can we expect? It might not be fun to be aware, but it can help to be prepared.

South Korea Nonviolent Protest: Trump Predictions 2018

South Korea’s peaceful Candlelight Protests culminated with the ousting of President Park, and her eventual sentencing on charges of corruption.

Searching of phones at the border will increase, with Customs claiming that there is a concern for the “safety of the President”, and in an attempt to avert “conspiracy against the President of the United States.” Of course all this will be a ruse and an excuse to either keep out people who disagree with the regime, or to throw “dissidents” into prison camps for free, forced labour. That’s just another reason why it’s important to peacefully protest these prison camps. Not only is it cruel and inhumane punishment for anyone, but anything we allow to be done to anyone, could eventually be done to everyone. An attempt at book banning is something I’ve mentioned before. This will not last for very long, but it does get started.
Retrospective rap lyrics that look back on these times we live in will include lyrics like “…we went from Steve Bannon…to book bannin’…” There will be a list of Trump-issued book recommendations, none of which he’s read. This list will likely include the Bible, although perhaps just the Children’s Illustrated Bible. In terms of religion and an attempted return to serfdom, we will be seeing a brief reprise of the Middle Ages. Trump Predictions 2018The reckless, irresponsible situation of migrant children being separated from parents and forcibly placed into detention centres will not go exactly the way of the previous prison camps–and that is only because of the First Amendment that will be exercised as upcoming sustained protests, sit-ins, and coordinated strikes. A free press will investigate, and eventually interview, many children. A female reporter will go incognito as a teen pretending to be emigrating to the US, and will live in a prison camp in Texas to report what she has found from a firsthand account. The public will be horrified to hear the depth and breadth of what’s really going on. Another migrant camp crisis will occur when a child hides the medication he’s been given to subdue him, but pretends to be lethargic and drowsy so that guards believe he took it. He will then attempt to escape from the prison camp in order to find his mom, and he will be shot as he runs away. An even sadder aspect to this story (as if it is not tragic enough), is that he wasn’t trying to escape for himself. He wanted to rescue his mom from the prison camp where he knows she is being kept.

I had a dream in March of 2017 that I recorded in my dream journal. You can read it in the image I’ve posted below. Predictive Dreams: Trump Predictions 2018“White House plans to progress from deportations to camps. Disturbing. Looks like they are eating and well-dressed. Each cell looks only slightly less well-dressed, then…full-on starvation camp. A long, wooden table, devoid of food.” The tables in my sketch look vaguely like the shape of detention centre tents from an aerial view. I’d forgotten about that dream until I was looking through my dream journal for clues about the future today. Since all of this has now happened, other than the starvation (as far as we know), it looks like there will be a gradual progression towards starvation as a way of controlling some of the prisoners. I believe Trump is mainly motivated to carry out this human rights injustice so that he can use government funds to derive personal profit. I believe he is getting a cut of the profits from these camps by owning shares in their corporations. He’s played on the fears of his supporters in order to get support for an industry that only benefits him, his family, and a few of his friends, at the astronomical price of irrevocably damaging thousands of other families. Trump Predictions 2018

Q. How can I stay focused when it seems like there are so many things to fight?

An example: My Eisenhower Matrix for this week. This quadrant reminds me about what to do first, and what else I can do on days when I have the extra time.

When we don’t know where to start, it’s hard to start at all. There are many ways, and what works for me might not be your personal preference. I’ve been posting an Eisenhower Matrix (developed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower) on my fridge to keep track of priorities. Anything in the square marked “1” is a high priority, and so on through “3”. Anything that ends up in square “4” can either be thrown out, or repurposed into a long-term goal.
1= Urgent & Important
2= Urgent & Not Important
3= Not Urgent & Important
4= Not Urgent & Not Important
But what about staying motivated? It’s too easy to lose motivation when the positive changes being implemented in the world can sometimes seem so gradual and incremental. Here’s the quick fix for motivation that we’ll be seeing–or rather hearing–more of soon: music. Music will be a major motivating and inspiring factor that will act as a driving force behind many of the upcoming protests. There will even be a reprisal of protest songs such as “We Shall Overcome”, and revised versions of patriotic revolutionary songs.

Q. Why is Trump alienating our allies?

Ally Alienation: Trump Predictions 2018

Ally Alienation

A. Putin is weakening the strongest powers that stand in his way by persuading them to become increasingly authoritarian so that people can be controlled and will not form an uprising against Russia when he attempts to become the “Supreme Leader” of multiple nations. In his Eisenhower Matrix, “world domination” would be in all four quadrants. He is obsessed. He really should consider taking up a hobby outside of work.

Putin has convinced Trump to alienate himself from allies who would otherwise advise him to ignore Putin. It’s like an abusive partnership: isolate someone from friends and family so you can control them more. Only let them socialise with your friends, who are other people you also control. Putin is leading all the dictators and would-be dictators of more influential countries to believe they will be able to join his “gang”. He’s appealing to the lost, insecure teenager in every one of these men, by making them feel accepted, loved, and part of a “special” crowd. We are basically fighting against a gang of emotionally stunted juvenile delinquents. When you think about what we’re really up against, essentially a gang of “teens” who want to be admired, do you really think we can’t defeat them? We can, and we will.

Trump has taken this “gang” mentality and imposed it on his followers, offering them the same things Putin offered to him in exchange for his loyalty. We all want to feel feel accepted, loved, and part of something meaningful. But when someone uses that knowledge to manipulate a large group of people for personal gain, it’s an act of deception. And that is precisely what Trump has been doing to his supporters. He’s promised them an image in exchange for his power. This isn’t an assessment of who is and isn’t guilty or even complicit, but more of an observation about how Trump supporters will be written about and viewed by mainstream media in retrospective articles written many years into the future.

The Distract, Attack & Retract Tactic

Trump has sold our country to the Russian mob for personal profit. Never before in the history of the US has there been a political crisis that even comes close to this magnitude, especially considering how many generations the future could potentially be affected by Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement (although I do predict we’ll rejoin that agreement in another form once many of the current cabinet members have stepped down).

Trump will use any distraction to prevent us from looking at his most obvious and troubling crimes. The tactic is to distract, and if he is still caught anyway, go on the attack by accusing the accuser of doing exactly what he is doing. Then, if the accuser continues to bring up his crimes, he retracts and says none of it ever happened in the first place, and the accuser must be crazy. Then he changes the national conversation to another topic by a dropping a different scandal of the day in the news, and the merry-go-round of distract-attack-retract continues. Can anything disrupt the cycle?

One of the next distractions will be fallwear for NeoNazis, which includes sashes for Trump supporters that resemble a beauty pageant sash version of a Nazi armband. Don’t worry, this fascist fashion fad won’t last for long. The sash will be rejected in time as it will be made fun of extensively in comedy, particularly on late-night television.

Another distraction will be a news cycle about Iran, with Trump’s news army falsely claiming there have been threats forming from the Iranian government. Yet another distraction that we’ll hear about over the next coupe of weeks and from various legitimate news sources is regarding the whereabouts of many of the teenage girls who have been abducted fro their parents at the southern border and who have been missing. It’s hard to write about this, because it’s so horrific that I’d rather not think about it. But I believe it will be confirmed that some of these children have been drugged and sold to foreign agents . Some are in coastal cities and others have already been taken abroad. More specific details about this developing story will be revealed by investigative reporters beginning in October, when Mercury enters Scorpio, and especially by about November 8th, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. By the way, November 8th will reveal many truths about the direction the US is going in, as Jupiter in its ruling sign of Sagittarius is ultimately a truth-seeker and optimist. But there will still be problems with the voting system, which is another reason peaceful protests will continue to be necessary.  Until gerrymandering is abolished and a fair elections system has been established, we’ll still be living outside the realm of a democracy or even a republic. In other words, until we have a more fair voting system, we’ll continue to be more observers than participants.


I see lines in the US in 2018, panic, and people rushing at lines to get the front. It looks like this is at an airport, but it could also be supply lines. It looks like there is some kind of resource shortage.

Around this time, media pundits will be addressing the passivity of waiting for God to take action, and how religious extremism has nurtured inaction in politics.

There will be global financial problems escalating soon*, but that is simply the old system collapsing so that a newer, better one can take its place. Over the next 2-3 years, there will be a redistribution of the priorities and government responsibilities around finance. Most of this will result in long-term improvements, but there will be a lot to adjust to. We’re about to enter a new era in finance, where transactions will be quicker and a percentage of nearly every purchase will go back to something benefiting the Earth.

What does it mean that Uranus is moving into Taurus in 2018? Once Uranus goes direct in 2019, there will be a much larger movement for egalitarianism in finance and equal representation for people without housing or jobs, especially in countries with 11th house and Aquarian aspects in their natal charts.

Some will find themselves oscillating between first and third world living within a very short period of time, but before long, even those who have experienced extreme poverty and wealth within their own lifetime will find a comfortable medium. These trade wars will cause a secondary problem of contributing to global conflict, although the world will recover.

Trump Predictions 2018

I had a dream this month of a black-and-white poster like the one I sketched here, featuring the words “United States of America” and smoke from what looked like fires. US bills were floating in the air, and coins that looked like they might be quarters were uniformly placed on the front of the image. The feeling I woke up with after the dream (emotions are important when interpreting dreams) was that something bad was going to happen to the US economy, but it felt self-inflicted. Like the US started a fire that became uncontrollable, and was threatening to consume its money in the flames.

Will the Militant Litigant President apologise once these trade wars cause damage to other economies? “Never take the credit or the blame”, as the saying goes. Or in Militant Litigant’s case, always take the credit, but never take the blame. He is taking credit for a rise in stock market values, but won’t take any of the blame when it crashes soon.

Do Something About Gun Violence, Before Gun Violence Does Something About You

Q. What do you see for the future of gun reform in the US?

This is a quick sketch of an image I saw in mediation a couple of months ago when I asked about future solutions to gun violence. The image looked like it was part of an ad campaign, featuring the slogan “Do something about gun violence, before gun violence does something about you.” The image seemed to be a facetious anti-NRA ad, and the answer about solutions was in the form of creativity. In other words, there will be multiple creative solutions. Anti-NRA ad campaigns that are crowdfunded by the people will be fighting against politicians who vote with organizations like the NRA, corporations, and banks. People will essentially be taking back the government little by little by raising their own communal funds in ways that the government itself is supposed to be doing. But that’s just one strategy for change…there will be many more ways that people will effect change with creativity in the US, some of which I will explain in future posts.

A. I see psychological studies being published in near-future news articles about people who advocate most vociferously for open carry so that they can feel more respected when carrying a gun. The question will come up of how we can help people to feel more respected without having to wear military-level artillery in preparation for a civil war every time they step out the front door. The answer, and the solution, will be in education–eventually. But that could take up to 5 years to begin to be implemented. And the US civil war sequel that I predicted on this blog in 2015 will be well underway by then. Oh, how our country loves a reboot. Speaking of boots, there will literally be military regalia soon to help Trump supporters identify one another. The hat was just the beginning of a full-fledged uniform.

Near-future studies will also include conclusive evidence of how certain prescription drugs can amplify the likelihood of gun violence. The FDA (which Trump will soon call the “failing FDA”, rename, and then attempt to dismantle) will require new labels to warn about certain combinations of prescription drugs in higher doses causing homicidal thoughts and actions.

Q. Will border patrol be doing more of these random ID checks around the country, on Greyhound busses, etc., or will they start backing off?

A. Many more temporary checkpoints have been popping up in Maine, New Hampshire, and other border states, at the same time that immigration camps have been popping up. This administration is clearly trying to capture more people. For what end, though? This administration’s motivations thus far have been almost exclusively about personal financial gain. For-profit-prisons have shown us that they are willing to take away someone’s freedom in order to procure cheap labour and support the corporations in which they own stock.

People are being captured at alarmingly higher rates so they can eventually be used for prison labour. Prison camp labour. Labour in prison camps.
Welcome to the gulags of America.
But don’t worry. It won’t be like this forever. The magic is already brewing, and the beautiful and the terrible are racing with one another other, side by side, even as you read this. Beauty will win, and the best things in life will be able to thrive even more because the horrible things forced us to run faster, go further, and do more to improve our world in a bigger way than we have ever done before.

A Revolution in Nutrition

Expect a new way of perceiving and interacting with food to be endorsed by near-future New Age magazines. The movement will be an amalgamation of mindfulness meditation, transformative thought, and abundance visualization. There will also be some 3-D printed foods that look like miniature replicas of famous buildings, national parks, and works of art.

Entertainment News from the Future

Commercials will become more like mini-documentaries, or sometimes spoofs, and less like the staged, 30-second presentations we’re used to seeing. Presentational acting and 19-century melodrama went out of style in most mid-to-late 20th-century cinema and theatre, but remained preserved in the world of commercials. But that is changing, and the trend of mid-twenty-first century commercial entertainment will be more oriented toward storytelling, education, or both, in order to keep an increasingly skeptical audience engaged.

Q. Will Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson last as a couple?

Pete will upset Ariana, mainly by being moody. I see him unfortunately falling into an intermittent irritation that eventually manifests as a depression that ends up affecting their relationship. Ariana likes to help someone in need and will be patient with him, but his rejection of her attempts to help will be difficult for someone whose nature is helpful. He will be annoyed at her well-meaning advice to seek help, perceiving it as a personal criticism. She wants to fix his depression, he will push her away when she does, she will feel rejected, he will try to get her back, and she will agree to try again. Pete will temporarily be elated at being able to win her back, so she will think the depression has been cured, but it will return again until he is able to get treatment. I see them breaking up and getting back together several times before calling it off. The separation looks like it happens soon after they’ve been married, so I do think they go through with the marriage, but I just don’t see it lasting very long. However, the breakup will be a wakeup call that helps Pete get treatment for the depression, and in the long run, he will credit Ariana with having helped him get help.

Science & Tech Predictions

I see a video filter that will recalibrate videos into “cartoon mode”, through which a video can automatically be reprocessed, “redrawn”, and rewatched as a cartoon.

DNA on an object will eventually be able to project an image of those who touched that object in the past, thus bringing back people’s legacies and stories in ways many of us never would have thought possible.

There will be talk of the ability to tap into ancestral memories via technology–and not just through hypnosis (although if you want to do it with hypnosis in the meantime, I can help!).

An affordable housing movement will develop over the next 2-3 years, with homes containing mini-ecosystems.

Q. You mentioned in your last post that it’s possible to learn to be a psychic. Do you have to start with a natural ability, or can anyone do it?

Anyone can do a lot of things. It’s more a matter of the range of ability. Some will be natural at being a psychic, others will need extra training, and others will have no interest at all. Any of these possibilities are okay. Diversity is a gateway to positivity. While it helps to have insight and foresight in order to comprehend and communicate your visions for the future, those two qualities are not enough for making psychic predictions. Psychic phenomena comes from a place beyond any single brain, so all the insight and foresight in the world won’t be enough to propel you into glimpses of future times. I am writing a book about how to develop your ability to see into the past and future. I’ll be posting some exercises to help with these abilities in future articles so you’ll have something to work on before the book is published.

Q. How long will it take the US to recover from the recent damage caused to its reputation?

You probably won’t like this answer, but I am here to tell you the Trump Predictions 2018 that I see, not what you want to hear. It could take about 40 years. The good news is…that means we’re still here by then. AND not recovering completely for a while doesn’t mean there won’t be improvements along the way. It doesn’t mean everything will be difficult for long. I believe we’ll see many signs of growth, but they will be occurring at the same time as the other, bigger problems that we now face and that are growing as well. I think there will be a simultaneous major improvement in the country coexisting alongside a massive decline. But even the decline won’t last forever. We saw the US at its heights, in some ways, and we’ll see it in its depths. Maybe being the #wealthiest country in the history of the world is more of a curse than a blessing. It seems that the system has become so consumption-based that it’s consuming itself in its own #greed. But it’s not just the US, it’s capitalism worldwide. The US is just an extreme example, and we see it happening here in a big way first, but greed run amok to the point of resulting in self-sabotage will have a domino effect in other wealthy countries. #Prosperity without #morality will never have longevity. And all things have a season, so we can look forward to great improvements following the great changes we are currently undergoing. Speaking of improvements and change, here’s some of the magic I mentioned…

The Magic

Contrary to what we’re seeing before us in much of the news, a new door has already opened for us, a door to a new era of humility, integrity, accountability, and unprecedented possibilities. The next period of all our lives will predominantly be a reaction against the social hierarchies, racism, violence, and injustice that’s attempting to make a prolonged bow onstage while many of us just want to close the curtains on the whole act.

The presence of the bad will make space for a good that’s all the better than what could have been otherwise. Near-future improvements will be forced to happen more quickly because of how large the problems are that we’re facing and fighting today.

Astrologically, it looks like legal breakthrough for children who have been detained will come around August 11th, while the Sun is in Leo and there is a solar eclipse in Cancer. The eclipse will also bring a complication, but overall there will be progress. Something about this legislative action will make it possible for many more children to reunite with their mothers (represented by the sign Cancer), although some of the information will remain temporarily hidden. In other words, there are officials who will know the whereabouts of some of the parents and children who could be reunited, but they hold off on speaking up so that these separations can continue to be used as a power play for The Wall of the Fall. Because, eventually, everything Trump is trying to do to get his wall will only contribute to his fall. And all of this will play out most clearly in the fall, when so many more unseemly crimes will be exposed that entire future history books could be full of just a list of what this family has done during its rise to power–and in its fall. Eventually, the entire truth will come out, and there will be many stories of family reunions. Ironically, there will simultaneously be an ongoing 1980’s-style soap-opera saga in news cycles about the Trump family turning against each other, turning each other in behind one another’s backs, and being torn apart by involvement in family-operated crimes. Some will say it’s instant karma. It’s not for me to judge. But be assured, eventually, a judge will be involved. And not just one. There will be many, many Trump Trials. But first, we’ll hear about these family betrayals throughout the summer, and well into the fall.

Part II of The Magic that’s yet to come will be featured in my next blog post. Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have a protest sign that I need to work on for this afternoon. I’ll be back soon!

Preview Questions

Q. When will Meghan and Harry have a baby? And will Meghan and the Queen continue to become BFFs?

A. Find out the answer in a future post!

Be a Psychic Scrivener: Submit Your Questions**

What Trump Predictions 2018 would you like to know about? You can ask your questions in the comments section or on Twitter @kyraoser. I won’t be able to get to every question, but I’ll reply to as many as possible.

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  4. Pego on July 5, 2018 at 4:45 pm said:

    Kyra, upon seeing your art drawings, several things came into my mind: 1) re your black and white, quarters, smoke: possible meaning could be: in the yearly quarter of the first, second, etc., the U.S. (areas of the country, money system, ???) will go up in smoke (be wiped out), while in other quarters of the year, the U.S. (areas of the country) will have clear skies (be spared the problems affecting the “smoked” areas.) Also, 2) your comments about who is benefiting could refer to contractor receiving payments from $1.62 per adult/per day to somewhat more per child. Not sure about those amounts. Plus related expenses. Blood money, eh?

  5. Pingback: Psychic Kyra Oser - Tarot Cards for US & World News Predictions - Psychic Kyra Oser

  6. Jesse J. Tripp on July 2, 2018 at 2:50 pm said:

    If the decline of the Trump regime could be caused by a huge mix of corruption, treason, internal sleaziness, double-crossing and a multitude of protestors, how long will it take for the government to be completely brought to it’s knees?

    Oh, and I should ask also: what do you see for Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, and her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti himself, over the next couple of months?

  7. Thank you Kyra! I’m wondering if the congressmen who aggressively attacked Rosenstein (Jim Jordan, Nunes and others) are bought off and if they will be held accountable for obstructing justice. I will vote for you to win the art contest now.

  8. What do you see for the future of cancer? Will they finally find a cure thru gene therapy/immunotherapy?

  9. Jesse J. Tripp on June 30, 2018 at 7:50 am said:

    I hope you’re right that a South Korea-like protest ruins the WHOLE stolen Presidency… and his administration.

  10. Jesse J. Tripp on June 30, 2018 at 7:38 am said:

    Congratulations, Kyra. I think you struck gold here:

    A whole South Korea-style protest finally destroys the stolen Presidency.

    One question, though: WHEN will the inevitable decline finally happen?

    I am only wondering.

    The reason for this is that I theorized what you said last year about the ousting, because if it didn’t happen last year, it will happen THIS year.

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