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3:05 pm PST- Today’s tarot card reading follows up on subjects we’ve been making predictions about on this blog for the past few years, including: Trump, treason, & the end of the age of reason.

Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist Kyra Oser

At the end of this article, you’ll find screenshots from some of the previous predictions that relate to the biggest events that are going on today in the US and throughout the world. News from the Future reported it before it even happened.

I’ve also added a new section, Spirit of Love Q & A, where you can ask relationship questions.

But first, I’ll be answering your US and World News Questions by channeling with self-hypnosis, then shuffling cards to get further information. This is the same method I use for individual readings, where I pick up information and tell you what I sense over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime before we look at cards.

I prefer to channel before looking at cards so that I am not being led into a narrower range of possible answers based on what cards are able to show. Tarot is akin to a visual language of limited images, whereas the possible range of channeled information is unlimited.  Tarot has many benefits, though, including clarity, expediency, accessibility, and more. You also won’t get blamed for your answers as much as you would with channeling. If someone doesn’t like the answer, blame the cards! It’s convenient to have an agent that acts as a go-between. But more on Russian spy predictions later (a lot more!).

Karma Readings

A tarot card reading is similar to the reading of an illustrated book, where the story changes depending on the order of illustrations. Unlike a book, though, tarot cards offer a variety of creative spreads. A spread includes a description of how to lay out the cards and the meaning of each position.

For instance, a karma reading might include a card for the past on the left, one for the present in the middle, and one for the future on the right. The past card would represent karma you accumulated from previous actions. The present card would show what’s happening in your life now that’s triggering this karma to come to the surface in the form of feelings, thoughts, relationships, or external events. The future card would tell you the outcome of either paying off karmic debt or collecting karmic interest.

In order to keep the reading as solution-oriented and positive as possible, I would add a fourth card to that spread: action. What action can you take to lessen the debt or expedite any good karma that might be on its way to you? We can often make amends for the past by changing our actions in the present. I’ve posted an example of a Karmic Tarot Card Reading in the Helsinki Summit Q & A.

I also like using cards to answer yes/no questions, search for a common theme behind personal or world events, and explore alternative outcomes. For instance, if you have two questions, such as “what will be the outcome if I accept Job 1?” and “What will be the outcome if I invest in my own business?”, we can shuffle the cards twice, look at two separate spreads, and compare the most likely outcomes.

In situations where there is free will and you need help in making a decision, tarot card reading can be invaluable. In most cases, neither me nor the cards will be able to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do (you’ll ultimately be the one making the decision), but cards can help you become more informed about possible outcomes. Having as much information as possible can help you move forward in choosing a situation that you feel would work best for you.

Tarot Card Reading: The Age of Treason

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News from the Future Q & A: US News Tarot Card Reading

Q. What did Trump and Putin talk about in their private meeting in Helsinki?

The expandable metal arm in my vision was connected, longer than in this photo, and had an arm attached to the end. It looked like it was making a “grab” for something. At the other end was a white box, which may have held some type of explosives. Similar to the look of this photo, the extender did look slightly vintage, like a mid-century Modern Russian style from the first Cold War era.


Upon meditating, I had the following visions when I asked about the Helsinki Summit:

-Russian dolls being moved around as pawns on a chessboard. I see this as an upcoming cover on The Week or The Economist.

-A turtle sitting on top of a closed toilet (it seemed like a toilet of Trump’s).

-A gold or brass arm extender with a fake, gloved hand at the end, under which a caption was written: “The Long Arm of the Law.” This image also reminded me of an expandable but golden babygate or hat rack (that’s not what it was, but it’s the closest thing I can describe to my vision). The extender reminded me of something out of an Inspector Gadget cartoon.

I had a vision of Facts of Life TV show and Inspector Gadget making a comeback in pop culture. Speaking of Gadget and all things comical, one of my happiest childhood memories was spending time at my uncle’s comic book store in Philadelphia in the ’70s and ’80s. I never left without a pile of comics to take home as a gift, which started me on a path of being a lifelong comic reader and viewer of vintage cartoons. So I’ll be watching some Inspector Gadget myself soon.

Lanny & Ronny (Dad & Uncle), who brought many comic books into my life in the 1970s-1980s. They did a photo shoot that day to give to their mom as a Mother’s Day gift. And that is exactly what my hair will look like if I don’t use gel. (Philadelphia, 1971)

-I see Trump encouraging a division between Israel and Iran in order to justify attacking Iran. Trump asking Israel for help but not lasting long enough to follow through on getting everything he’s asking for.

-Oil shortage, gas shortage. the words “oil dependency”, “housing crisis”, and “population control” coming up in newspaper headlines.

-A weakening in the economies of South America and South Africa. Putin’s been ordering Donald to weaken the US alliances so he can control him more. It’s like an abuser who isolates his victim so none of his friends can warn him that he’s being abused.

-Tweets on a board in a room in The Kremlin, being transcribed from another office in Russia, typed into a computer, and appearing on a large TV screen before being sent out. A group of dozens of people all strategically coordinating before sending out most of Trump’s recent tweets.

-Manipulation of Twitter trends through spamming, in order to shift public focus. For example, I see hundreds of operatives sending out tweets with the same hashtag every time Trump hashtags start trending. Each operative runs multiple Twitter accounts. Some accounts have been banned, but they’re still getting through by creating new and, sometimes, impersonating, accounts.

-Revelations about an underground prostitution ring run by Trump and the Russian mob over a period of many decades, and possibly going back to the 1980s in New York.

-An avalanche of tapes. Get ready for everybody’s least favourite reality TV show, Trump Treason Train Wreck, Season something like 1000, featuring a cast of thousands (mostly troll moles).

What Makes a Heroine?

A question in media outlets that you’ll be hearing a lot in 2019 will be “what makes a hero/ine?” This topic will be inspired by the actions of real-life heroines and heroes from now through December. They won’t be able to prevent every disaster from happening, but they’ll manage to stop a lot of it from occurring. Without them, we’d end up losing a lot more freedom and security.

By the way, you’re one of those heroes. Just by virtue of protesting, speaking up, and staying informed, you’ve been part of a movement that’s been, and continues to be, necessary for the preservation of our freedom. Perhaps the state of the world or of US politics isn’t where you’d like it to be today, but the world is much better than it would have been, and continues to get better, because of the positive action of people like you. Many more protests will still be needed to topple this regime and start anew, but keep going…the peaceful protests are working. This administration has walked back on their policies before when faced with protest, and they are not immune to public discontent.

Intercontinental Insider Trading Scandal

I believe it will be revealed that Trump and Russian oil executives have recently been doing insider trading and selling off stocks that they expect to crash soon. Media reports will mention that they knew about the imminent drop in stock values because they’re the ones who manufactured the events that will make them drop. Some of these events transpire around October.*

Helsinki Summit Tarot Card Reading


Nine of Swords Reversed: Trump felt trapped. He’d been cornered and couldn’t see any other way out but to give in. This meeting scared him. It was “pay up” time for all the finance and favours that Putin had given him.


Five of Wands: Conflict, war. This means two things: conflict between what Trump and Putin want, but also conflict as in a war that’s already underway. Unfortunately, I do see a headline on the front page of the New York Times over the next couple of weeks that says “Attacked”.


Six of Wands Reversed: Betrayal, loss of a success, and embarrassment. This outcome likely points to Trump becoming irrevocably damaged at the end of all this. Putin doesn’t have as much to lose.


Nine of Pentacles: The underlying theme of the meeting was about how to accumulate a lot of money…but more for Putin than for Trump. Trump’s been bought off, but at this point Putin can just use blackmail because he knows Trump is in a lot of trouble for treason and other crimes that they’ve collaborated on. In terms of karmic action, Trump could make up for his mistakes by donating the money he made off the American people right back into the Treasury, or giving directly to those who have been suffering due to the effects of this “administration”. But he won’t. It’s not in his nature to change unless he stands to gain an immediate reward. Besides, that would be as good as turning himself in, and he’s not going to be willing to face the consequences of his actions.

As soon as Trump walked into that meeting without any oversight, he was setting himself on a course to make unilateral decisions on behalf of the rest of the country. Well Putin’s unilateral decisions, especially now that Trump has cast aside the guidance of advisors. As I’ve predicted before, he owes money to the Russian Mob and is paying with our country. I anticipate that investigative journalists will reveal how Russia has been funneling money into the RNC, and not just the NRA, even for some years prior to Trump being installed in office. Putin and his advisors observed right-wing officials accepting more lobbying money than Democratic members over the years, and concluded that the Republicans can be more easily influenced and bought by bribes.

The Helsinki Tapes

Oh, and by the way…there are tapes. Yes, of the meeting. I tried remote viewing during the meeting, and saw a device like a spy camera and back-up microphone being sewn into someone’s clothing that somehow went under Putin’s radar. The person wearing the spy camera looks like a thin journalist with dark hair, posing as security and hiding in a vent outside the room and in the next room over. It feels like he’s above or close to the ceiling, between the ceiling and the next floor up. The space is very small, almost like a metal tube that doubles as a secret passageway.

I feel like this journalist is working on behalf of a European country, perhaps something close to Finland and likely in Scandinavia. I suppose he could be considered a counter-spy, in addition to being a journalist. While the tiny camera hardly picks up anything, Trump and Putin’s conversation can be heard and recorded through the microphone.

When the Sun moves into Scorpio in late September through October (and especially by the time Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius this November), multiple tapes such as these will be released to the public via TV news and online leaks.

World War “Me”

As you know, it’s “all about me” when it comes to narcissists. A near-future American magazine cover will bear the title “Enemy of the People” and features an angry-looking photograph of Donald Trump.

It was inevitable that the legalised bribery practise of lobbying would lead to increased corruption. Allowing corporate lobbyists to influence Congressional votes has set the tone for a culture where other forms of bribery eventually became more accepted as a practise. Lobbying has acted as one of the major gateways allowing a foreign power to influence the US government from within.

Putin and Trump are planning an even bigger takeover-some kind of manufactured war-before the mid-term elections. Putin’s Halloween Horror trip intends to stoke more global instability by gaining access to US top secrets and making his takeover “complete”. He also wants to normalise his involvement in the US government so he can gain more power, influence, and free media coverage.

Conman-in-Chief Gets Karmically Conned at Kremlin Comic-Con

Putin one over on Trump

More importantly, get ready for the Conman-in-Chief’s threats to increase in intensity in direct proportion to accusations made against him. One reason Trump is fine with committing and admitting to treason on live TV is because he knows the evidence will come out publicly soon anyway. He’s willing to hedge his bets on a risk in exchange for protection from Putin. More importantly, Putin required Trump to pledge his loyalty and give him more access to the American government. Remember how Trump used to ask incoming administration officials to pledge their loyalty to him? Well, Putin’s demand for unending loyalty (or else!) is Trump’s karma for that. In Putin’s case, his position in the Russian mob means that Trump is in a lot of danger right now.

Putin knows that Trump is about to be caught and will be called to testify before a grand jury (although he will never show up). Putin is rushing because he knows he has to seize power before the window of opportunity closes.

Support Senator Lieu and Senator Markey’s HR 669 Bill

I saw the words “a crash that shook the world” during meditation, followed by the feeling and sound of something like a missile that hit the earth with a thud. There will be distractions, but they are meant to scare more than cause real damage.

Another fear tactic was being employed when Putin positioned Kim Jong-Un as an ally and has propped up his regime to make Americans feel threatened. There are Russian operatives in nearly every powerful country right now, actively and continuously attempting to take over governments from within. There is something of a World War already underway, but most of it’s been online.

I’ve had dreams over the last 3-4 years about war and political conflict. Keep in mind that while some dreams are literal, many are symbolic, or a hybrid of reality and symbolism:

  1. I was running into a church for refuge. The Nazis were on their way. I hid in a bathroom stall, but they were coming toward the bathrooms. Two other people were sliding floorboards over their heads as they hid under the floor. I grabbed a third floorboard and reluctantly hid underneath the floor. The Nazis were looking for people of various descents, including Jews.
  2. I mentioned a 2016 dream about the US bordering on Russia before, with people escaping through tunnels. Those who stayed behind were dressed as early twentieth-century peasants. This was connected to a war dream that I had the morning following elections.
  3. I had a particularly vivid dream about an attack on CA, an attempt to overtake the state government and economy, people fighting back, danger, war posters, rations, hiding out in a shell in a department store, falling down that shell, and ending up in a hotel in another city. The dream was a lot more detailed than that, but I felt I was in Los Angeles. I didn’t know at that time of the dream that I would be moving to another city. The last hotel I stayed at before leaving the US was quite similar to the one in my dream.
  4. I believe that part of dream #3 is about attacking and attempting to control the economy of California, which is bigger than all of Russia’s. If Putin controls the California economy alone through cyber wars, he will have caused a lot of damage to the US economy overall. Trump would do whatever it takes to help give him access to American computer technicians, but they won’t be able to gain much access due to state and private corporate restrictions. I don’t fully understand the strategy behind this yet, but I’m going to channel some more about it and get back to you if I pick up anything else. Overall, Putin hopes to take over the US from two points of entry: DC and California (primarily Los Angeles and the Bay Area). This may sound insane, but Putin is crazy enough to try. The only thing stopping him before was a fear of nuclear attack. Trump has taken away that fear by pledging his loyalty and kowtowing to Putin’s every whim. Besides having damaging material on Trump, Putin has also threatened to hurt Trump’s children if he falls out of line. But let’s go back to that damaging material. One piece of evidence will be gruesome…it looks like a video of Trump and then another man beating and raping an underage girl. This girl looks like she could be as young as 12 or 13. It’s not clear if she’s alive by the end of the video because she ends up at least unconscious. Despite this abhorrent child abuse, Trump seems protective of his own children and would rather not see them hurt by someone else (although he would let any one of them go to jail in his place if given the chance).
  5. I’ve had other dreams of floods and fires, but dream #2 (above) wasn’t a natural disaster-it was man-made. There was white dust on the ground and on many buildings. But the threat had a temporary feeling to it, and I saw the words “three years”, which could mean that a California Conflict arises and is subdued within three years’ time.
  6. I mentioned in a previous post from March, 2017 that “I’ve now had three disaster-related dreams involving a gas station.” The most vivid dream involved a gas station that was blown up, followed by a quickly rising sea and houses that ended up permanently underwater. The gas station connection didn’t make sense at the time, but I think it does now. Russia’s wealth is in petroleum, and they are one of the biggest oil producers in the world. Oil production continues to accelerate climate change, which might explain the presence of flooding and rising sea levels following the gas station fiasco. Another reason for Putin’s power grab is that he likely anticipates a decline in petroleum production, which would impoverish his country. This fear drives him even more urgently toward dominating other countries in order to pilfer as many of their resources as possible.

The Russian Phenomenon

I was doing a reading about four years ago, and the querent (person being read) asked me what some of the most important world influences would be over the next 10 years. I said “Russia”, and mentioned that Russia would become more like “us”. I said that Moscow transforms into a more celebrated cultural centre and vacation destination. The positive feeling of this image doesn’t match up with the current tone of world affairs. Why is that? How will Russia’s relationship with the world transform over the next decade? I’ll explain more about this “Russian Phenomenon” in another post.

Q. 2020 Vision?

I don’t see Donald McConald being able to stay in office for much longer, Rita. He and Putin will manufacture wars for as long as they can manage to, but Trump himself won’t be able to last that long. His days in office are numbered, and I still see him being ousted.

Even more concerning in an immediate sense are the midterm elections, as there will be an even bigger coordinated attack coming from Russian operatives, as in 2016. Part of Putin’s strategy is to come to the US in person to threaten the Republican government officials he’s already paid off. He plans to meet with compromised Congressmen to remind them about the material he has on them, much like he did with Trump in Helsinki. He will then instruct these Congresspeople to help rig the 2018 midterm elections, both directly and through the hiring of third-party companies.

Nonetheless, it’s still crucial to vote, particularly because there will be two tallies. One tally will include the initial, “tainted” results that go to television, and the other will be results that are more controlled by a separate department and revealed some days and weeks later. It’s going to take a lot of subterfuge to battle the subterfuge, but there will be good news and victories along the way. For those of you who have been wondering, yes, paper ballots would be better in some ways, but there would also need to be cameras and a lot of oversight at election centres.

There are still Russian operatives in the US who haven’t been captured yet, and there will inevitably be some poll workers who could be paid off to throw out Democratic votes. I also see Russian “actors” who will practise identity theft, pretend to be citizens, volunteer as poll workers, and attempt to throw out ballots. However, I see one or two being caught. The battle for the midterm elections will have to be an intensive, multi-pronged effort.

Please check the answer to the following question for more details…

Q. When’s the end?

It won’t be long now. Putin’s trying to grab the spoils before the Trump Plane goes down in flames. I’ve mentioned a “fall of Trump” in previous posts, and I believe this will be the fall when it all falls apart. He will be entangled in a September spider web he can’t get out of, and he and Putin will be desperately trying for a total takeover of the American government by October. Threats of war, outright attacks, and counterattacks can only prevent the inevitable for so long. Trump will have very little to lose very soon, and will ask Congress to declare Mueller’s investigation “null and void” by trying to force Mueller to step down. I see people in the streets in August with signs that say, “No, YOU step down!”, and “You’re Fired!”

I still have a vision of a swivel chair in the oval office in the fall. Initially it looks like Pence from behind, but when the chair swivels around one more time, it’s Paul Ryan with a creepy smile. The incongruity between Ryan’s actions and impersonated facial expressions seems haunting in this vision (as in real life). Ryan has already announced he’ll be stepping down by next year, but I think he’s hiding crucial information about these FBI investigations. It looks like he will be hoping to help get Pence in office and thinks of Trump as a headache, babysitting, and extra work, so perhaps Ryan has already betrayed Trump to the FBI but is keeping quiet about it. Paul Ryan may take some secrets about this administration with him to the grave. But not to worry, we can channel those secrets in a future tarot reading!

I agree, Jesse. I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes in a reading about timing, it’s possible to see the month, but not the year, or the year, but not a month. There are times when predictions can be off by a month or year, but to the day.

I find it can be easier to see future dates right down to the week when I’m doing a general channeling, rather than being asked a specific question. In 2014, I was channeling about general predictions for the new year, and I predicted a stock market crash in Asia that would be acknowledged by the media in July. The market crashed in July, 2015 in China.

I’ll talk some more about psychic timing in one of the questions below.

The Mental State of Trump: Tarot Card Reading

Q. Trump’s statements in the Tucker Carlson interview after the Helsinki Summit about how defending Montenegro would lead to WW III was downright bananas. Has he totally lost it?

1) Putin wants to break up NATO and has instructed Trump to broadcast this message. Montenegro recently joined NATO. That’s the content.

2) Now let’s talk about form. When Trump’s delivery sounds deranged, that’s because he’s building a case for himself on national TV so he can plead insanity once he’s indicted.

He does get Strength reversed, which means not being in the best (mental) health. So while Trump isn’t totally in his right mind, he’s exaggerating the mental collapse so he can play the victim. He’ll do almost anything to avoid paying the price for his actions. He’s also genuinely anxious because he knows he’s about to get in trouble in a bigger way than he ever has before.

 Q. What’s the next news for indictments?

A. Based on a recent dream I had, shoes become an essential link in the FBI investigation. I was temporarily trapped in a Macy’s shoe department that was being used for the exchange of top-secret information. I took off a pair of old shoes that were falling apart and made of paper, but was horrified to see that Ivanka’s were the only ones being sold on the shelf. They looked like high heel shoes for military uniforms. I looked around and every pair was exactly the same. At that point, the dream turned into a nightmare, and luckily I woke up before I had to try anything on.

Additionally, it’s possible that spies have been stealing and hiding sensitive government materials inside shoes by popping the soles on and off in the Oval and surrounding offices in the White House, or hiding evidence in shoes before walking out the door to go home for the day.

Sometimes one dream or even a single symbol can have multiple meanings.

I’ve been having visions of Ivanka and Jared Kushner packing in case they have to leave the country quickly. I see Kushner caving in and confessing to the DOJ in exchange for partial immunity. I believe this will be happening over the next couple of weeks, around the time when Trump Jr. is brought in for questioning in Mueller’s DOJ case. They’ll keep a low profile until then. Although when Ivanka and Jared do travel, they’ll claim the trips are for for diplomatic purposes, rather than the escape route they really are.

I see Trump Jr. in the news a lot more in the near future. He will be a in a lot of legal trouble for many years of active and compliant mediation between Russian agents and his father.

Revelations about Manafort having worked directly for Putin will be making front page headlines around the world during the next few weeks or so.

Sergey Kislyak will fit into this plot in unexpected ways. Expect to hear more about his part in the collusion soon.

Sessions will be found guilty of contact with foreign agents and some other, lesser charges. It looks like he will manage to evades many other charges, including something related to collusion.

US Treasury & Economy Tarot Card Reading

Q. Dash Before the Crash?

I’m expecting unusual stock market activity this week, and a temporary slump by the following week or two.* I see a dark hole in the middle of August.

I pulled a card on your question, Dawn, and I got The Sun. The Sun represents Leo and is a Major Arcana card, which indicates that you can expect a major change in the world economy by August. The 22 Major Arcana cards in a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck (as pictured in the image above) represent major or more lasting events. The 56 Minor Arcana cards can indicate either shorter or less significant events, or both. Major and Minor Arcana cards combined in one a reading will tell a mixed story about the importance, time period, and duration of a psychic answer. The ultimate meaning of an answer will often depend on how all the cards in a spread relate to each other.

I’ve been having visions about a manipulation of polls which have been inflating public approval of Trump’s “Presidency”. I see this being done with machine parts from Russia that were installed during multiple break-ins where American machines were compromised overnight, much like the manipulation of election transmission information that I predicted in March, 2016. I mentioned that a “Watergate-like Scandal will erupt in June and more will be revealed by fall and winter.” I believe the general elections weren’t the only ones that were rigged. There was collusion in the primaries, too, which made it look like Trump won. He didn’t. He’s felt the need to frequently brag about winning because he knows he never did, and he’s known it all along.

Over the next 3-4 weeks, I see news headlines revealing that Trump has been stealing from the Treasury through more-than-willing-play-for-payer Steve Mnuchin, then splitting the money with Putin through wire transfers involving a Russian bank and an account Trump had under a fake name at Deutsche Bank.

These financial crimes were arranged online with multiple helpers, including Mnuchin, Russian agents, and Justin Kennedy, the son of Justice Kennedy who was recently pressured by Trump to retire early so he could be replaced before the midterms.

I hear Rachel Maddow announcing on a future show that she’s discovered the details of how this dollar-thieving duo also funneled stolen taxpayer money into the RNC. These revelations will be part of top-level investigative reporting into the financial scandals of Donald Trump, for which she will likely win some well-deserved awards in 2019-2020.

An Era of Resignation: Tarot Card Reading

Q. When will Trump’s “presidency” be over?

tarot card reading

Victorian Faerie Deck: The Lovers Card can represent Sun Sign Gemini, either as a person or time frame. Reversed, it can indicate an event will occur during the sun sign of Gemini’s opposite, Sagittarius (November 22-December 21).

A. While this is like the “when’s the end?” question from above, I’m including it because it’s even more specific, and expresses some of the emotional fallout from what many have been experiencing throughout the last couple of years of the Mango Scandal.

You may sense you’re in a dying era and the end of an old way of life. That means we’re very close to the start of a new one. But endings can be painful, especially because there is an accompanying grief due to losing the way things were.

We all have a choice to make: fight to keep things as good as they can be, or relax and enjoy the last moments of the old world period before a series of upcoming events rapidly forces us through a major change. It’s necessary to fight, so plan on later enjoying the last moments of this period through upcoming films and themed costume parties. A love of history is about to become trendy. We’ll be seeing plenty of entertainment-oriented historical reenactments in the future, where virtual reality will initiate feelings of being almost completely transported back in time. Although I don’t know how many of us will choose to visit 2016-2018!

This is a time when we will all either 1) go into denial and pretend nothing’s changed (there will always be those who need or choose to do this as a coping mechanism), or 2) become what we need to be for the time we’ve been given. I suspect that many of you who are reading this will fall into the #2 category, because if you were in denial you probably wouldn’t be reading about current and future affairs. You’d probably be falling asleep on the couch while channel-surfing between Episode 33 of Buffy in a Bottle on The Disney Channel and the 1409th Episode of  Bachelorette. Of course, I am over here watching reruns of Inspector Gadget, so who am I to judge?

Linda, I believe Mueller has been holding back on the Trump family indictments in order to get as many confessions as possible and make this as solid and irrefutable a case as possible before closing in…which will happen very, very soon. We’ll know more by the end of this week and the following Monday. The FBI doesn’t want Trump or the MAGA brigade to panic and revolt, which is another reason why starting with the lesser criminals is effective. Mueller and his teams (I see more than one, including a “backup copy”) have been conducting the investigation completely to the letter of the law, so that none of this case can be thrown out due to a small discrepancy.

When looking at timing, Two of Cups Reversed indicates a couple of time periods. Two of Cups is similar to The Lovers card, which represents Gemini. Reversed, The Lovers or Two of Cups can indicate Sagittarius-the opposite sign of Gemini. The Sun is in Sagittarius from November 22-December 21, Mercury enters Sagittarius on Halloween, and Jupiter enters its ruling sign of Sagittarius on November 8th, two days after Election Day. This Pretend “Presidency” falls by fall and is dead by winter.

Finding Founding Fathers in a Dream

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Benjamin Franklin

I had a dream about a convention in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. The room was empty at first, then the spirits of our first Congressmen appeared in the room. After Trump leaves office, there will be a call for the revision of the Constitution.

In this dream, the spirits of the authors indicated that they would be handing the Constitution to a group of future people in charge, but Jefferson was holding onto the papers tightly while waiting for the right group to come along who could be trusted. Eighteenth-century Congressmen were there as well, and they were all floating in the air, holding papers and searching for solutions in the background.

Jefferson and Adams were in the foreground of this dream, waiting for a future group of worthy leaders to show up at Independence Hall. Both gentlemen seemed anxious, but they were also patient, knowing that it’s better to wait for the right people than to force changes with the wrong ones. They knew many of the next leaders would look different from them, and from the perspective of being in the spirit world rather than the times they lived in, they seemed okay with that.

Floating in the air, they defied gravity, and a couple of them were trying to talk to me near the ceiling. I couldn’t imagine why any of them would want to talk to me. One reason I felt this was a precognitive or spirit visit dream, or both, is because I was initially an observer from outside of this dream before I was able to be seen. I don’t know why I was on the ceiling, but it felt like it had something to do with remote viewing (yes, it is possible to remote view into the past…and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing for our History’s Mysteries Solved Series. And yes, I am still working on it!).

Everyone in the room, particularly Jefferson and Adams, seemed so overcome with emotion at the thought of losing the country and everything they had built, risked their lives for, and fought so hard to get, that their attempts to communicate eventually took on a desperate urgency and immediacy as I attempted to take notes more quickly. But they were having trouble communicating in words. It’s almost as if most of them had lost their voices. Those who spoke were mostly transmitting information through thoughts, memories, and projection, rather than words. But Adams still spoke. I’m not used to quill pens and haven’t done calligraphy in years, so I was writing slowly. Adams suddenly got upset, and suggested we use the Declaration of Independence to declare some kind of independence from “turncoats infecting the sacred law of duty!”  I think we know who he means by that.

Then Jefferson and Adams were trying to show me newly written papers to share with other people. Jefferson was holding most of the papers and was practically silent, while Adams did most of the talking. The papers were white and untarnished by the passage of time like other eighteenth-century documents, which is why these pages appeared to be a new draft and I took them to be updated material. Please check back in a future post for more details on what Jefferson and Adams’ documents said. But there is one more detail of the dream I’d like to mention before we move on.

Time accelerated forward a season. I was still inside, floating near the ceiling (which actually felt quite fun!), and everyone had gone home. Just then, outside the windows of Independence Hall in what felt like this fall, I spotted Benjamin Franklin. He was taking a break while smoking a pipe and walking his poodle over cobblestone streets. Ever the philosopher, he looked deep in thought, yet mildly amused. Behind his twinkling eyes, he seemed to be formulating a plan for the future of the American people. And he looked completely confident that it would work out well.

From Polarity to Unity

This time will end up creating an abundance of unity for American people, a unity that will eventually contribute to transcending the barriers of racism. It’s ironic that Trump’s “presidency” will inadvertently help diminish racism, when he and his followers have tried so hard to promote racist ideologies.

Within the next few months, we’ll see a movement to increase community-oriented gatherings, community centres, part-time co-ops, communal and alternative living spaces. There will be a significant movement toward more sharing and socialising, which will help people living in smaller homes or rooms to feel they have access to additional living space. We will find that the presence of people opens up a room instead of crowding it, and the tiniest home becomes a castle in an instant when good friends come to visit.

The State of Real Estate

Looking through the Window of a Time Travel Machine: Edinburgh, 1998 (Acrylic on Canvas)

Speaking of real estate, I see homes falling in value following a stock market crash.* Of course, that doesn’t mean all homes, but more of a trend. In some areas such as big cities in the US, Canada, and Europe, I see houses briefly spiking to even more unaffordable prices, then quickly stagnating due to a decrease in buyers outside of foreign investors. I see a winter crash in Asia that seems to be related to overvalued real estate. It looks like this period of stagnation in buying takes place throughout the fall, followed by a market shift spanning multiple countries sometime around December.*

Overall, this crash will bring about an eventual period of more housing equilibrium, although it could take about 5-10 years to get to that point. Affordable housing is one of the biggest movements we’ll be seeing over the next decade. Solutions to housing issues will also come to the forefront of social issues because of 1) an increase in refugees, 2) global warming, and 3) an upcoming population crisis. The good news is, more people will have access to housing. There will also be a movement over the next 20 years or so that eventually enables people to stop spending the majority of their incomes on rent. This movement will borrow its main saying from a popular healthcare slogan: “Housing is a right, not a privilege”.

Social Trends

-There will be an increasingly popular movement to remove pronouns such as he, she, his, and her, and replace them with gender-neutral words.

-I see non-smoking cigarettes that will mostly replace e-cigarettes. The smoking substitutes have a similar texture and appearance to candies, and will be offered in many unusual tastes, including plants and teas like sage.

-About 3-5 years from now, I see ex-partner replica robots on the market. Of course, for some people, their exes are already robots!

This phenomena will be highly controversial, and will attempt to help brokenhearted partners who lost their loved ones due to passing, separations, or break-ups. The development of replica robots will bring up legal issues. To what extent should people own rights to their own likeness, personality, and identity? Can the family or spouse of a deceased relative own rights over their loved ones’ identity once they’ve passed on? Some of these upcoming robot replica statutes will borrow from previous cases involving rights to use a celebrity’s likeness, whether living or dead. An even trickier question will be: who owns the rights to the identities of historical persons? And how soon can we make a replica of Ben Franklin so he can come back and save our country?

Q. There was a story this week about a boss who got a car for his employee who walked 15 miles to work because the employee’s car broke down. Why can’t people just take the bus?

College Student Walter Carr’s mother lost her home in Hurricane Katrina. When Carr’s car broke down the night before his first day at a new job, he started walking. He walked 20 miles, all through the night, to get to work the next morning. When his new boss heard the story about Carr’s determination, he gave him a car.

Unfortunately, public transportation isn’t available everywhere in the US. I’m not an expert and I’m just speaking from experience. Some rural and suburban areas have public transportation that runs on limited hours, i.e. services stop running at night. Then there are cities like L.A. where you have to take multiple busses in slow traffic to get to one destination. Passengers often wait at least 20 minutes in the heat and sun for each connection to a new bus, and might need to take several just to get to work. A one-way trip can take hours. You could fly to the East Coast in the time it takes many to get to work and home again. A lack of quality transportation continues to create an additional hurdle that younger people, students, and low-income workers have to overcome.

Q. Is it possible to predict timing in a psychic or tarot card reading?





Falling into Winter (2015)

One of the challenges in predicting timing will come up when you’ve asked a specific question. If you have previous knowledge about any details surrounding that question, it’s difficult to block out the information coming from the left side of your brain. In my experience, predictions emerge from somewhere in the right side of the brain. Any attempt to use logic when I am psychically channeling will only hinder me from seeing future. That’s not to say you won’t have a different experience. I’m just sharing the technique that’s worked best for me.

As for that technique, it helps to begin with a ritual prior to offering psychic readings. A ritual is a way of signaling to your unconscious mind that you are ready to receive information. That level of your mind then feels acknowledged, and will be more open to collaborating with you. In all forms of channeling, whether it’s from your unconscious mind, the collective unconscious, or spirit guides, you’re developing and nurturing a relationship with an alternate state of consciousness. If you treat those states of consciousness with the same kind of respect as you would like to receive from other people, you will tend to get more help from those sources.

If you were asking a question of a teacher or friend, you probably wouldn’t demand that they be on call 24/7. It’s much the same with spirit guides and the unconscious mind. Not every piece of information will include details, and some answers aren’t meant to be clear until more time has passed. That’s one reason why it can help to make a note of symbols that you pick up on during meditation or self-hypnosis. As in a dream, the information you get doesn’t have to be literal to be important.

When it comes to the initial ritual, different processes will work for different psychics. Self-hypnosis, prayer, sitting in nature, or meditation are all options. Speaking of nature, prayer and meditation doesn’t have to mean communication with something immaterial. For instance, you can meditate on becoming more aware of sending out positive feelings to others and listening to them more actively throughout the day. Having a beaded necklace or bracelet can also help you set your intentions and remind you to meditate more often. Some psychics and practitioners of meditation like to use mala beads like these:

Stay Tuned for Part II, where I will share the next part of this exercise for developing predictions about timing in a psychic or tarot card reading.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more predictions about upcoming US News from the Future, please check out these screenshots from previous posts. You can search for other parts of these articles (or any other prediction topics) by entering key phrases in the search bar on my site:

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Spirit of Love Mailbag Q & A: Relationship Questions

Q. Are there a lot of sociopaths in the US, or are we just hearing more about them recently for some reason?

In order to be a leader in a corporatocracy, a lack of empathy might be considered an asset. Yet there are definitely leaders who maintain their empathy. There’s a price to pay for caring too much while still maintaining a competitive edge in a capitalistic marketplace, and sometimes that price is burnout or being fired for not keeping up the pace. Our increasingly corporate-driven society encourages a sociopathic type of personality to rise to prominence. It’s not that America has more sociopaths, or even that the world has a higher percentage of sociopaths now than it had in the past. We’re just hearing about them because that’s the type that’s more rewarded and recognised in a self-serving societal model. While this phenomenon may be more prominent in the US due to a governmental structure which allows for it, it’s happening all over the world to varying degrees.

Sociopaths and narcissists can’t thrive without the support of empaths, so you may also notice a high percentage of empathic individuals alongside more dominating personalities. Narcissists need unconditional support to further their agenda, and empaths are some of the only people who can offer the patience and understanding necessary to maintain a long-term relationship with a narcissist.

Narcissists will sometimes be drawn to each other and can tolerate one another, but a narcissist with a narcissist is a relationship rife with conflict and arguments. Usually one partner or the other doesn’t feel they’re getting their emotional needs met, especially in the area of attention. A narcissist who leaves a narcissist will sometimes find another narcissist, but more often will seek out an empath who is willing to make the narcissist the centre of their world.

If you’re empathic and feel you’ve been drained by the needs of narcissists, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make that relationship work. There are many helpful books on the subject of setting boundaries. If you haven’t read her work, I’d recommend starting with Melody Beattie’s Codependent No More:

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  2. Jesse J. Tripp on August 30, 2018 at 12:53 pm said:

    Is toxic fandom, comicsgate, and the alt-right going to collapse sooner or later?

    Kyra, I’m only wondering. I’ve read up about them over the past while or so. Sorry.

    I hope you’re enjoying your new education and preparing a few brand-new articles on this site.

    Loved this one! God bless you.

  3. Kyra on July 27, 2018 at 2:43 pm said:

    When you do you see the Queen dying? Will Charles be King?

  4. Jesse J. Tripp on July 25, 2018 at 8:00 am said:

    This week, Disney and Fox are making their plans for merging, but since it’s in Mercury Retrograde, will there be consequences? Will the merger collapse?

    And will there be originality in movies over the next few years?

  5. tatiana hagel on July 24, 2018 at 8:29 am said:

    Could you please tell if Russia will start an open war with Ukraine and whether Ukraine will be able to return Crimea? Thank you very much.

  6. Jesse J. Tripp on July 23, 2018 at 6:25 pm said:

    Bravo, Kyra! I am so amazed that you agree with me on my theory about fall 2018 being the end of the “President,” and I hope that it’s worth it. In any case, this is going to be big!

    Do you think pretty soon filmmakers will be able to tell stories of the chaos that surrounded the administration in multiple ways and helping show social problems in differing film genres?

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